Happily ever after

For a few minutes the only sound was Taranee's gently sobbing, but soon magic sparks began to hit the ground. Taranee gasped when Appa was suddenly lifted into the air. Elyon, Aang, Irma, Sokka, Will, and Cornelia watched with wide eyes at what was happening.

Appa was surrounded by his own cloak as magic surrounded him. His hands glowed and they were turned into human hands. As were his feet. Then his body glowed and he was lowered to the ground partially covered with the cloak. Taranee hesitantly walked forward, but jumped back as the figure stood up with his back facing her. When he turned around Taranee saw a 17 year old boy with black hair, amber eyes, and pale skin. Taranee thought he was extremely handsome, but she was confused. Elyon, Aang, Irma, Cornelia, Sokka, and Will sure weren't. Their jaws dropped when they saw him.

"Master!?" They cried in shock

Taranee's eyes widened when she heard what they called the boy. "Appa?" She asked.

The boy smiled tenderly at her. "Appa was just what the servants called me while I was a bison. My real name is Zuko."

Taranee walked over to him and looked into his eyes. A smile slowly spread across her face as she realized Zuko's eyes were the same as Appa's.

"It is you!" Taranee cried tears of happiness running down her face.

Zuko laughed and gently wiped away Taranee's tears. Then he and Taranee kissed. A fireworks was sent off and it spread over the castle turning night into day and made the gloomy castle bright and happy. Aang and Elyon walked up to Taranee and Zuko, when suddenly they were turned into 21 year olds.

"Aang! Elyon!" Zuko cried excitedly.

Then Irma, Will, Cornelia, and Sokka become 25 year olds.

"Irma! Sokka! Will! Cornelia!" Zuko laughed happily. Then he hugged each of his friends. "Look at us!"

"Irma!" Chris yelled as he came in.

"Cornelia!" Lillian cried.

Suddenly both she and Chris turned into 14 year olds.

Irma and Cornelia laughed as they hugged their, no longer little, siblings.

"This is great!" Irma yelled.

"It's a miracle!" Aang yelled, grabbing his giggling fiancé around her waist and spinning her in the air.

"You bet it is!" Sokka exclaimed wrapping his arms around Irma.

Later that day, Zuko and Taranee spun around the ballroom, wearing the outfits they had worn the other night, while all their friends, including Peter and some of the villagers, watched them. Everyone went 'aw' as Zuko kissed Taranee.

Aang and Elyon sighed. "That's so romantic," Elyon said.

Aang smirked at her. "You do realized that now we can finally get married right?"

Elyon returned the smirk. "You betcha I do!"

She and Aang were about to kiss when suddenly Will and Sokka came between them.

"Well guys I think everything turned out pretty good!" Will said.

"So since everything is over, I think we should just let bygones be bygones?" Sokka said.

Aang and Elyon shrugged. "Sure why not? We did tell you that Taranee would break the spell after all," Aang said.

Sokka raised an eyebrow. "Yeah right! Will and I told you two that!"

Elyon frowned. "No you idiots! We told you!"

Will gritted her teeth. "You certainly did not, you freaking air heads!"

Aang and Elyon held up their fists. "Being it on busybodies!" They said in unison.

With that the four adults lunged at each other and became a cloud of dust as they fought with each other.

Taranee and Zuko rolled their eyes and shook their heads. Then Taranee smirked and took her lover by the hand. She led him over to Peter and gently pushed him forward.

Zuko gulped nervously. "Uh Peter. I just wanted to apologize for everything and I'm really sorry for what I put you through."

Peter placed a reassuring hand on Zuko's shoulder. "Relax it's cool!" Then he put on a serious face. "But you better take care of my little sister and if you don't I'll be the first one she tells and you will be in some seriously hot water."

Zuko laughed and wrapped his arm around Taranee's shoulder. "Don't worry. She'll be the happiest girl in the world. I'll make sure of that." Then he and Taranee began to dance again.

Irma and Cornelia smiled as they watched the happy couple, Chris and Lillian standing next to them.

"Man I'm so glad that this all over!" Irma said.

Chris nodded. "Yep. Too bad that that wood chopper's busted."

Lillian laughed. "Yeah that was pretty fun!"

"What wood chopper?" Cornelia asked, her eyes narrowing.

"What did you two do?" Irma asked her brother, placing her hands on her hips.

"Nothing Irma," Chris replied.

"All that matters is that Taranee and Zuko are going to live happily ever after, right?" Lillian asked.

Cornelia smiled. "Yes they are, Lillian."

Then Chris frowned as a sudden thought occurred to him. "Do Lillian and I still have to share a bed?" He asked his sister.

Cornelia and Irma laughed as everyone began to sing.

All: Certain as the sun

Rising in the east

Tale as old as time

Song as old as rhyme

Beauty and the Bison

Tale as old as time

Song as old as rhyme

Beauty and the Bison!

And, just as Cornelia said, they all lived happily ever after.