Disclaimer: Sauron, Finrod, Edrahil, Beren and the dungeons of the Tol-in-Guarhoth do not belong to me, but to JRR Tolkein. The paint job, is however, my own invention. There is no point in suing me, as I make no money from this anyway.

The guards threw open the door into what would be their prison, and Edrahil blinked. It was... blinding. It was lit by a blue noldorin lamp, which in and of itself would not have been so bad, but the colour scheme... The ceiling was yellow with orange, pink, purple, blue and magenta polka dots and pastel swirls of green and blue. The walls were similar, as was the floor, save that the walls also included many pieces of mirrored glass set in a stylized starburst design.

The orcish guards hauled them into the room, and set about chaining them to the walls. The chains, Edrahil noted with some astonishment, were pink with yellow polka-dots. Just what is Sauron trying to do to us? He wondered. Drive us raving mad possibly, but I would've thought total darkness and burning chains to be more his style. Werewolves too, of course. One must not forget the werewolves. I suppose this is an improvement. I hope.

The orcs left then, and Finrod opened his eyes. "Ow," he muttered and closed them again.

"Are you all right Dungalef?" Edrahil asked.

"The colours can't really be that bright," he said squinting. "This is worse than the time I came home to find my younger sister had repainted my room."

"Your younger sister?" Earion asked him in astonishment. "But she has excellent taste."

"Not when she was ten years old," Finrod answered mournfully. "My parents wouldn't let me paint it over until a month had passed for fear of upsetting her. I ended up spending most of the month visiting my cousins."

"The colours really are that bright. I have no idea what Sauron is doing. Nereb, do you know what he's doing with this?"

"Sorry," muttered Beren. "None of my information said anything about this. Perhaps its experimental. I presume it wasn't this colour when it was in elvish hands!"

"You would be correct there," replied Finrod. "Elves may be fond of light and color, but we do have some taste!"

"Quite," Beren answered. They lay still then, amidst the psychedelic colors and awaited their fate, not quite daring to wonder what it might be.