Memories and Fear.

Summery- A little one off sequal to 'Pain can lead to Feelings'. Vince hits his head badly feeding the animals and forgets everything about his life, and his love from Howard. He even becomes more afraid of the animals in the zoo. Can Howard help him remember before long?

Disclaimer- The Boosh dosen't belong to me, it belongs to two wonderful people with more talent then me.

Music I will be using in this chapter: Starz in Their Eyes- Just Jack and Angel- Sarah McLachlan (thanks radar-rox for this song idea )

Author's notes- thanks for all of you that reviewed the last chapter, short but with violence and major angst :( this chapter is deadicated to violence4 because she loves the stuff and to stars of andromeda, who's 'From London to New York' inspired this chapter


Outiside the club, Vince and Howard walked out arm in arm with dizzy grins on their faces, as the full moon looked down upon them.

"I'm the moon. I...I once lost my memory once...and I thought I was a large floating disco I floated down and made home in a local disco, hehe. A week later...they finally found out the moon was gone...cause the sea was going mad without me. So they found me at work...and begged me to go back up, but I said 'No, I'm happy here...leave me alone', so they paid me 1000 euros a month to stay up there. So now I'm the richest planet...richer then Saturn hehe. I'm the moon, yeah"

As the couple walked down the road, they never notised some young bloke jump in front of them, eyes wild with drugs as a gun shook in his hand "Give me all your fuckin' money, NOW!"

Howard took a step back in shock, pushing Vince behind him "We haven't got any, just leave us alone"

"Listen, I won't hurt you or your pretty girlfriend if you just give me your cash" The druggy promised, cocking the gun just to be prepared.

"I just said we don't have money, go bother someone else for some" Howard said, his voice wavering with fear.

"Fine, then I'll jusy enjoy myself with your woman there" The young man pushed Howard to the floor and grabbed Vince's wrist, pulling him close to him and wrapping his arm tightly around the electro poof. He kept the gun trained one Howard, as he backed away with Vince, stroking his thumb down the pale cheek "Me and you will have a good time, sweetheart, without this loser bothering us"

Vince grew angry and stomped his foot down on his captor, making him yell and loosen his grip, allowing Vince to escape "Howard, run now!" He tried to run with his boyfriend, but the attacker grabbed his ankle and made him slam to the floor, the pavement grazing his hands. Vince turned to see the drug addict dragged himself towards him, a lust filled expression in his eyes "Now, we're not playing around now, darling. You're mine now"

Howard saw what was happening to his boyfriend and ran back, kicking the addict in the face before picking up Vince, dragging him along the street, hoping to find the police or any help. The attacker wasn't giving up without a fight and aimed his gun towards Howard, Vince looking behind and seeing the gun going off "Howard, look out!" He yelled before pushing Howard down to the floor.

Howard turned to see the attacker giving up and running off, back into the alleyway he came from "We're safe now, Vince. He's gone now" There was no answer "Vince?" Fearing the worst, he turned his head down and his heart stopped in his chest at the sight. Vince was lying on his front in a small pool of blood, his face growing more pale by the second "Vince!"

The jazz mavarick knelt down and turned his friend over, wincing as he saw the bullet wound in Vince's chest, blood oozing out quickly "Help! Somebody help him!" He yelled out, hoping someone could hear him.

"H...howard?" The voice was so queit, Howard nearly missed his name been asked by Vince. He looked down to see blue eyes tinged with pain, tears running down the pale, pointed cheeks "I don't...wanna die..."

"You're not gonna die, Vince. I won't let you" Howard said, his own tears falling down, splashing on Vince's face and mingled with his tears "Don't make can't keep" Vince smiled before lauching into a coughing fit, blood escaping from his mouth and dripping down his lips "Tell everyone at the zoo...I said...bye and I'm glad...they became my second family. Except Bainbridge...he's a ballbag" He coughed again, more blood dripping out onto Howard's top (as if he cared about that at a time like this...) "I love you so much Howard, thank you for being there for me..." He drifted off as his eyes closed, his breathing getting weaker and weaker.

"Vince, you can't leave me, you can't. Not after everything we've been through" When he got no answer, he gently shook Vince, trying to coax some life into his boyfriend "Damn you Vince, I won't fucking let you go, don't let that bastard win. Please Vince, wake up..." His rant ending in broken sobs as he held Vince close to him, kissing his hair and stroking his cheek gently as sobs racked his body.

"What the hell's going on out here?" Howard thought he'd never be so glad to hear Neon's voice. He looked up to see her and Ultra's shocked faces at the sorry state Vince was in "Some drug fuelled nutter just tried to rob us, then he tried getting it on with Vince, but we got away and ran. I think he was meant to shoot me but Vince...he...pushed me out the way and took the bullet himself..."

"Ultra, go back inside and call an ambulance, quickly" Seeing her friend rush back in, Neon ripped some of her top and pressed it to Vince's chest, making him moan "Did you hear that? He's still alive...he's still alive!" Howard announced, a smile forming on his face at this infomation. A few minutes later, the ambulance pulled up and strapped Vince to a stretcher, placing him in the back. Howard climbed in, holding his boyfriend's hand as they drove off.


At the hospital, Howard nervously paced the floor waiting for news. Ultra and Neon came behind them in a taxi, while Naboo and Bollo flew on the shaman's magic carpet, all four sitting in those crap and uncomfortable plastic chairs. The jazz mavarick looked up and saw a familiar and hopeful sight walking towards him- Dr Taylor.

"Mister Moon? I have some good news and bad news about Vince's condition. The good news is that he's going to make a good recovery, but the bad news is because of all the blood loss, he's succumbed to a coma" Howard felt physically sick at his words "Will he wake up?"

"I'm not sure, comas can be like memory loss, you're never sure when the patient will recover from it. It could take a few days for him to wake, it took take a year, maybe more" Dr Taylor explained.

"Can I see him?" Howard asked, tears welling in his eyes.

"Of course, I'll show you to his room" The jazz mavarick turned to see if anyone else was coming with him, but they all shook their heads "You need to be with him, not us" Naboo said, a sad smile playing on his face.

Howard nodded his thanks and followed the doctor up some stairs and down a corridor maked 'Critical Ward', going into a small room. His breath caught in his throat at the sight of his lover- lying back with a tube inserted in his throat to help him breath and a large white bandage covering his chest, his raven hair limp and lifeless and his skin even too pale for him. Howard sat next to him by the bed and held his hand, stroking the back of it with his thumb slowly. He understood that you could talk to coma patients and hopefully they'll come back to the sound of your voice.

"Vince, I don't know if you can hear me, but if you you can please come back to me. I miss you so much, I miss your childish questions, I miss your sunshine filled smile. The others are worried about you too, even Ultra and Neon if you can believe it" He paused to stroke Vince's hair, trailing his hand down and stroking his pale cheek gently "Come on Vince, if you don't wake up, I'm putting some jazz on" He threatened, but to no avail, making tears fall freely down his face "Please Vince, you're too important to too many people, mainly me...please come back..." He broke down into harder sobs, burying his head into the sheets next to Vince's hand.


Vince awoken into a black void, pain clouding his mind "Hello?" He called out, his question echoing into the distance "Anyone here?" A flash of light blinded him and out of it walked two people- a woman with long light brown hair and blue eyes and a man with black short hair and green eyes. Vince couldn't believe his own eyes at the sight in front of him "Mom? Dad?"

He threw himself at them and held them tight, tears flowing freely down his face "God, I thought I'd never see you again...I'm so sorry...I never did anything to help you...I love you guys so much and I miss you..." He started hiccuping as his sobs took over his body, Isabella rubbing her hand slowly down her son's back comfortable-like.

"Vince, you were five, you couldn't have done anything about it. It wasn't your fault that we died, don't ever think that" She said, her soft voice soothing Vince until his sobs stopped but his body still shook with small hiccups. He lifted his head up and gave a small, but steady smile to his mother and father

"There's my happy son. You know, we've been watching you from Heaven and I must say, that Howard is good you" Micheal said, smiling down to his son.

Vince gave a dizzy smile "Thanks, I love him so much...but I left him. I've left him all alone..." His smile dropped as fresh tears welled in his eyes.

"No Vince, that isn't so" Isabella admitted.

"What do you mean? Aren't I dead and up in Heaven with you guys?" The electro poof asked, confused.

"Not really, you're having a near death experience. We just wanted to grant you your wish before you wake up" Micheal explained.

"My wish...? I wish I could see my parents one last time..." Realisation dawned on Vince "Does that mean you're going, leaving me again?"

"No, we will never leave you. We will always be watching you and will always be in your heart" Isabella gathered her son in her arms once more, Micheal wrapping his arms around the pair too "Just remember we both love you so much and we are so proud of what you've done with your life since that night, but it's time for you to go back"

Vince was reluctent to let go, but know he must, Howard was waiting for him "I love you guys so much too, I'll never forget you guys, I promise" They waved at him as they moved back towards the beam of bright light, disappearing with a flash. The flash engulfed Vince, blinding him once more.

--The first thing Vince notised when he woke up was that he couldn't swallow, the second thing was Howard asleep next to him. The jazz mavarick woke when he heard frightened whimpers coming from the body next to him and was surprised to see Vince awake, trying to work out what the hell the tubes for. Howard reached over and pressed the 'call nurse' button "Vince? Oh thank God"

A few seconds passed when Dr Taylor came in, followed by a young blond nurse "Calm down now Mister Noir, we'll take the tube out now" When it was out and the doctor and nurse left, the electro poof couldn't help but cough and splutter, Howard holding his hand tightly as he made Vince drink some water "Howard? What...happened...?"

"You were shot, you took the bullet for me you stupid prick" Howard nearly shouted, his worry and fear gathering up into a small rage. He regretted his words when he saw the hurt look on his boyfriend's face "Of course I would, I wasn't gonna let you get bloody shot, was I?" Vince nearly shouted back, but it came out as a small rant which left him coughing again.

"I'm sorry Vince, I was so scared and worrried you wasn't coming back" Howard admitted, kissing the back of the hand he was holding, tears pouring down his face, making Vince feel guilty "I'm sorry Howard, I shouldn't have shouted and I'm sorry I left you like that" Tears fell down Vince's own face as he held his lover's hand tightly "I promise I'll never leave you again, I love you too much to hurt you like that"

They sat in silence for a moment, enjoying each other's company and occasionally sniffing "I meet my parents again, they approved of you anyway" Vince giggled, smiling at the blush appearing on Howard's face "Are we going to be alright now?"

Howard gave a soft smile "Of course, you'll recover and no-one will hurt you again" He watched as Vince slowly edged away from him, gasping in pain as he made some space on the bed "Please, lie with me" Howard couldn't resist his puupy dog pout and got onto the bed, gathering Vince gently in his arms, minding his injuries.

"I love you Howard, so much" Vince said, before yawning and drifting back into a deep sleep. Howard couldn't help but smile down at Vince, his best friend, his boyfriend, his soul mate who he would never leave, would never hurt and never hate him, no matter what. He kissed the electro poof's forehead before drifting off into a light slumber, the nurse walking past didn't have the heart to tell him that visiting time was over and left the loving couple alone.


Finished I hope you all enjoyed this story and I'm sorry if the ending sucked, I didn't have any other ideas except hurting Vince again somehow lol God bless Vince sadisim from chugirl2526.