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Italics means Hinata's thoughts. The story takes place two years after Naruto lives. Hinata and Gaara are both 14. Hinata was give a mission to get a scroll from the Hidden Sand Village. Thanks for reading!

Kazekage tower Enterance

I just have to get the scroll. I won't run in to him.Hinata sighed as she was escorted in to the tower by Temari.

"So Hyuuga-san how are you?', Temari said to break the silence as they go up some stairs. "I...I've o...k...t..t...Temari-san.", Hinata shuttered out, almost triping on the stairs. Again there was silence. So silent that you could hearanything. Temari opened a door and ushered her in. So far I haven't seen him...Hinata thoughts were cut short as she stared at the man in the room behind a large desk. Gaara!

"Gaara, Hyuuga-san is here for the scroll.", Temari said. Gaara looked up looked from a book. Hinata eyes widen.Oh kami, his eyes. Those aquamarine eyes. Gaara didn't say any and only looked at Temari the whole time they were there. He nodded his head and Temari left. She winked at Hinata with a grin on her face. Hinata just shook her head and stared at the floor. What was that for. Oh now I'm alone with him. calm down just ask for the Scroll and leave.

"The floor does have nice patterns on it but you can admire it later. You came a scroll right?", Gaara said plainly, a little smirk on his face. "Huh...oh y...y...yes s...sumimasen." Hinata stuttered out. Her cheeks turning pink. Hinata slow stepped forward to the desk.

"The scr...scroll p...p...please Kazekage-sama.", she stuutered as she held out her hand. Gaara looked at the hand before taking it his own. Hinata's cheeks turned red. Ahhhh whats he doing. Gaara stood up tooking Hinata's other hand and place a white scroll in it. "Here." he simple said. Hinata was about to more away when he squeezed her hand (the without the scroll in it) pulling her closer. Nani! Hinata leaning on his desk using her other hand (the one with the scroll) to support herself. Is he gonna hurt me! No he's Naruto-kun's friend. He would hurt me, right? Gaara caressed her cheek with his free hand and leaned forward. No way he's not...gonna kiss me? Gaara lips brushed against hers then kissed her passionately. Hmm his lips are so soft and warm.Gaara pulled away but pulled Hinata into a hug.

"Good bye Hinata-san. Come back soon.", Gaara whispered into her ear. Her face a color red that was redder than a tomato's. Hinata nodded as stumbled got the door. Closing the door Hinata notices Temari sit on the floor near the door.

"So how was the kiss, Hyuuga-san?", She said with an evil smile on her face.

"You knew?", Hinata answered Temari's question with another question.

"Of course. I'm his sister, I know who my brother loves."

The End