Izzy S.

By: Vampires4eva

Chapter One


Edward's Point of view

Alice drug me home over a week ago. I just stay in my room unless I go hunting. I stay here and stare at the only pictures of her that I have. The pictures of prom. I finally decided that if I was going to stay here that I at least needed some new music. I walked downstairs and Alice popped up in front of me.

"Can I come with you?" She asked.

"Why? So you can make sure that the convict won't escape?" I replied, bitterly.

"No… I wanted another stereo… Emmett broke mine." She replied, looking hurt.

"Oh…Okay. Whatever, I guess you can come." I said, as I began to walk away. We walked past the piano and I stopped. I went and sat down on the bench. I remembered the first time that she had sat here beside me. The first time that she had heard me play the piano. Esme walked in and saw me sitting there. This is the closest I've came to the piano since we left, I realized. Esme had this hopeful look in her eyes. I couldn't disappoint her again…not after how supportive she's been lately. I hope the piano isn't too out of tune. I tapped one key. It wasn't out of tune at all. I then started playing Esme's favorite song that I had wrote. When I finished I looked up at Esme. If vampires could cry, Esme would have flooded the house,She walked over to me and gave me a huge hug.

"Thank you," She said, her voice choked with emotion. I nodded my head and shook out of her embrace ;I needed some time to think. I walked out the door and got in my car. I heard Alice behind me. I waited until she was in the car then I started the car and pulled away from the house. We rode to the store in silence. When we got there, Alice went to get a stereo while I went to pick some c.d.'s. I looked for a while randomly grabbing a few c.d.s; then one cover caught my eye. It was a cover with splattered paint, a heart broken in half, and the name Izzy S. in what I could only assume was a hateful scrawl. Weird name, I thought. I ended up grabbing the C.D. anyways. I walked over to the counter.

"Hi, you know that we're giving free tickets to Izzy S.'s concert to the people who have spent over a hundred dollars here, and you are only five dollars away from one hundred dollars." I grabbed some random C.D. and handed it to her. She scanned it and said, "Okay, your total is one hundred-one dollars and five cents, and you get a free ticket to Izzy S.'s concert." She said. I paid and got my stuff, ignoring the receipt with the cashier's phone number on it. I took my bags and concert ticket to my car and saw Alice waiting for me. I got in and randomly selected a C.D. and put it in the C.D. player. I started the car and drove off listening to what I now identified as Linkin Park . When we got to the house, Alice and I went to put our belongings away.

"Edward… Will you set up the stereo for me?" She asked.

"I guess," I replied, I had really wanted to listen to the Izzy S. C.D. that I had bought. Oh well, I set Alice 's stereo up as fast as I could and then went to my room and put on the Izzy S. C.D. The first song to fill the room was I'm Not Okay (I Promise). The minute that the singing started I froze. I heard running on the stairs, but mostly I heard my angel's voice singing. The voice of an angel, but she was singing the wrong song!! She was supposed to be happy, and okay.

Well if you wanted honesty, that's all you had to say I never want to let you down or have you go It's better off this way For all the dirty looks The photographs your boyfriend took Remember when you broke your foot From jumping out the second floor   I'm not okay I'm not okay I'm not okay You wear me out   What will it take to show you that it's not the life it seems (I'm not okay) I've told you time and time again You sing the words but don't know what it means To be a joke and look Another line without a hook I held you close as we both shook for the last time Take a good hard look   I'm not okay I'm not okay I'm not okay You wear me out   Forget about the dirty looks The photographs your boyfriend took You said you'd read me like a book But the pages are all torn and frayed   I'm okay I'm okay I'm okay, now (I'm okay, now)   But you really need to listen to me Because I'm telling you the truth I mean this, I'm okay (Trust me)   I'm not okay I'm not okay Well, I'm not okay I'm not o-fucking-kay I'm not okay I'm not okay (Okay)

Alice , Emmett, Jasper, and Esme were standing at the door. While I had sunk down to the floor. Jasper was trying to send of calm waves but nothing could penetrate my absolute terror at knowing that Bella was unhappy. Esme is the only one that attempted to speak to me.

"Edward, is that Bella's voice? She asked, trying to remain calm.

I nodded glumly. The next song was Can't Stop the Rain. I turned it up and went to my computer. I typed in Izzy S. and her website pulled up. The background was black with red skulls. I clicked on the images shortcut and pictures of Bella popped up. Can't Stop the Rain filled the background.

How, how am I supposed to feel
When everything surrounding me
Is nothing but a fake disguise
I don't know,
I don't know where I belong
It's time for me to carry on
I'll say goodbye

I can't stop the rain from fallin'
I'm drownin in these tears I cry
Since you left without a warning
I face the dawn with sleepless eyes
No I can't go on
When clouds are pushin' down on me, boy
I can't stop, I can't stop the rain
From fallin

So, tell me where I went wrong
I'm stuck inside a dream long gone
It's hard to reveal the truth
Your love,
Is nothing but a bitter taste
It's better if I walk away,
Away from you

I can't stop the rain from fallin'
Im drownin in these tears I cry
Since you left without a warning
I face the dawn with sleepless eyes
No I can't go on
When clouds are pushin' down on me, boy
I can't stop, I can't stop the rain
From fallin

I saw my Bella, my angel. Only she didn't look like my angel anymore. She had black heir now, with blood red streaks. She was dressed in black and red. Her make up was extremely dark, and I saw two tattoos. One was a heart with an arrow through it. On the arrow was E.C. That was on her lower left arm. On her right wrist were vampire 'fangs' with blood dripping from them. She was no longer Bella. I didn't help her by leaving. Not at all. I vowed that if I didn't help her by leaving then I would help her by coming back!

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