Izzy S. Dedications

I would like to dedicate this story to so many people.

First off, to my beta and friend. Mary Beth. I have no idea how I would make it through without your jokes and your help. I love you girl. You're like a best friend to me...no wait; you are one of my best friends.

To Meg, who through it all remained enthusiastic about the story and loved it. Thank you so much.

To JaQuita, my real life friend, who listened to my constant rambling about how to end this story and where to take it next.

To all of my reviewers who took time out of their busy, or not so busy, lives to review my story.

To my cousin, Sabrina, who reassures me each day that she loves my writing and that I am a good writer. (Her opinion)

To my friend, Shelby, who inspires me to keep writing every day. I'm so glad that I met you during Math or I would have never started writing fan fiction. So to all of you and much, much, more! I dedicate this story with a heavy heart. I hate to see it end, but to a close it must come. Such a long journey for such a short story. I hope you continue to read my writing, and I love you all. To the end of Izzy S. I raise a glass. Thanks for reading.



Izzy S. songs (mood music or used in the story) There are others but these are all I remember.

Don't Forget About Us by: Mariah Carey

Can't Stop the Rain By: Cascada

I'm Not Okay (I promise) By: M.C.R.

Vampires Will Never Hurt You By: M.C.R.

Say Good bye By: Skillet

The Last Night By: Skillet

The Older I get By: Skillet

Those Nights By: Skillet

P.S. I'm Still Not over You By: Rhianna

Scream By: Timbaland

Good Bye By: Second Hand Serenade

Stay Close, Don't Go By: Second Hand Serenade

Stranger By: Second Hand Serenade

No Air By: Jordin Sparks

My Bloody Valentine By: Good Charlotte