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"Well, Fuck."

A mid-teenage boy was standing in the middle of a street. Not unusual, had it been three hours ago. The entire city had fled at the approaching menace, not wanting to risk their lives to secure their property.

This wasn't what made this boy so unusual, though. What did, was the fact he was clothed in pyjamas, in the middle of a street lined with stores.

The boy turned, hearing a sound, he spun around to see a girl of about the same age collapsing onto the floor. He ran over to her, and, finding she was unconscious, he repeated his earlier statement.

"Well, Fuck."

The boy heard another sound. He turned again.

To be confronted by a gigantic wall of water.

"Well, FUCK!"

Author's notes:

So, first story. As the title suggests, this is purely experimental, and somthing I've cobbled together in about 5 minutes. So, should I continue?

Oh, and the reason it's here? For those who haven't figured it out, it's set in 2000. Figure it out from there.