Chapter 1: The Village Part 1

It was just a normal day at titan's tower. Beast Boy and Cyborg are arguing over breakfast, Raven is reading a book on the couch quietly and Robin and Starfire are at the counter trying to talk over the two yelling titans. Finally after twenty minutes of arguing over what to have for breakfast, the two decided to do what they usually do and make separate breakfasts. "Why can't you two just decide that in the beginning instead of arguing everyday?" Raven asked being ignored completely by the two titans. Raven gave out a sigh and stood up to go to her room right as the alarm went off. Raven gave another sigh and walked over to Robin.

Robin ran over to the screen to see who it was causing havoc and to no surprise, it is Slade. Then he turned around to see Raven standing right next to him unlike the others that hadn't even noticed the alarm somehow. "Ok titans;" Robin said getting their attention. "Slade is at it again. Titans, go!" Robin said as they all ran to the T-car. Raven and Starfire had decided to fly the whole way there. After about ten minutes, they reached Slade and were out of the vehicle, ready for any attack he could throw at them. "Slade, what do you want now?" Robin asked but was attacked as a response.

Before Robin said to attack, they were already on it. Ten minutes later and they didn't seem to be getting anywhere, Slade seemed to be attacking quicker, faster, and better then he used to and none of the titans could get a hit on him. Then for some reason, Slade had run off in the opposite direction. The titans including Robin followed him into an empty alleyway. After a second to think, Robin quickly turned to his team. "Titans; fallback!" Robin ordered but before they could get out, a big flash was seen. All the titans closed their eyes after whatever it was flashed and then stood there or floated there not being able to see. Then the next thing they knew, they were all unconscious. A citizen saw what had happened and called the ambulance. About twenty minutes later, the ambulance arrived and picked up the still unconscious titans and headed for the hospital.

A while later, the titans all woke up and looked around at their surroundings. They all looked in shock seeing that they all were back at the tower. "Robin, did you bring us here?" Raven asked knowing that she hadn't. Robin shook his head and told them that it must have been another titan that brought them there. None of the titans really believed that but that was the only explanation they could come up with. Then Raven got up off the floor and looked out the window for the first time and saw something that she hadn't expected to see. "Robin, you may want to come take a look at this." Robin stood up off the ground as did the rest and headed for the window. When the four looked outside, they saw nothing but a red and black sky which made the road below look like red and black charcoal. There are few buildings and not many trees at that. The water below still seemed to be blue however and it confused them greatly. The titans all got clear looks at themselves and they all looked different, not physically but they are dressed different. All the titans headed to the door that was supposed to lead to the hall that leads to their rooms but when the door opened, it revealed bow and arrows and swords. Everyone looked at each other even more confused then before.

Then someone walked into the room. He looked to be six foot and had huge muscles. On him is armor and he has a sword in his hands. Then he started speaking. "Great heroes, you're awake." The man said happily. "I am a part of you're army that you wanted. I and my army were on our way here when we found you five unconscious on the road and saw a horde of enemies surrounding you. You were outnumbered so you must have fallen in battle. You are lucky that we arrived in time. We slaughtered the beasts and brought you back to your base. My men are in the room downstairs and awaiting your orders. Please, allow me to show you five my army that will stand by your side as you fight off this evil that has threatened our world. Oh, by the way, my name is Kirlin, what are yours if I may ask?" The titans introduced themselves and they continued on. They reached a door which was supposed to lead to Terra's old room but when it opened, it led to some stairs. The six headed down the stairs and into an open area that looked to be a kitchen. "Heroes, there is a door there that is broken." Kirlin said as he pointed to the door. "Actually, the door isn't broken but the key pad is."

Cyborg looked at the key pad, made a few adjustments and typed in a new secret code and then the door opened to reveal a large room with candles lighting the room. Everyone looked in shock at the size of the room, supplies filled the room, there are beds one side of the room and food and other supplies on the other side of the room. The titans looked as far down as they could but the room seemed to be endless.

"This is excellent, my men will now have a place to stay and food to eat." All of Kirlin's men rushed into the room and started eating but they only ate so much as to not run out of food which was hard for them to imagine but they didn't want to take any chances at times like this. "Now my friends, let's head back upstairs and get you ready for battle." Then the six headed back upstairs and into the common room. Then Kirlin pointed to Raven and Starfire. "You two had the bow and arrows." He said as he handed the weapons to them, then pointed to the other three. "You three are sword fighters." He said handing them their swords. "You five are great without shields. You had an army of one thousand against you and you took out more then half by yourself. That is why you don't have shields of course the archers can't use a shield and their weapons so of course they wouldn't be able to use swords in the first place. You are very lucky that the enemies you fought were the weakest of the enemies." Kirlin said as he continued to explain everything to them seeing how the titans all have confused looks on their faces.

"What exactly did we fight Kirlin?" Robin asked curiously.

"You fought the skeleton army. They are easily killed but they fight with great strength. Now, you must go north to the village. My men will go in a different direction but you must be careful my friends, the village is big and has many dangers now. Scareth is the one in charge of this whole thing. He wants you dead and won't stop until it is either you or him. No go and there will be some friends in the village but they are hidden away so that they will not have to fight. You will have more explained to you later, now you must go." Kirlin led the five to the door and let them be on there way.

The titans walked for hours until they saw a giant gate that appeared to be the entrance to the village. "Ok titans, whatever is going on here, we will end this and get the world back to normal." Then Robin opened the gate and then saw a group of skeletons in armor. The skeletons turned around and blew a horn. "That can't be good." Right as he said that, ten more skeletons appeared. "Titans, Go!"

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