True Heroes

True Heroes

By Lisa B Green

This is a Twilight FanFic. I do not own anything but the things I add. Stephanie Meyer is the genius in the Twilight Series.

Bella/Edward pairing

Summary- Bella moves to Forks and lives with her father. But Soon, Bella finds out the truth about why her mother left Charlie. During this time, She meets Edward and he also has a certain secret.


It was only three months ago that they found the Cancer in Renee's Lungs. They told us they couldn't treat it in time and it was terminal. She only had weeks left to live… WEEKS? No, how could she not see that she was so sick? I mean I knew she was a smoker, but how could she have cancer so young?

So, I stayed with my mother in the hospital and we spent every minute we could saying how we loved our lives with each other. Several times I would try not to cry to scare her, but she wanted me to say what I had to say, because soon I wouldn't be able to.

"Baby, There is something I didn't tell you… about your father. I've been trying to avoid the subject for quite some time." She started to say as I began to listen closely.

"It's okay mom, you can tell me." I said.

"Charlie and I got a divorce when you were two. Do you remember why?" she asked.

I shook my head no, for I truly didn't remember what happened to us at my young age.

"You were unhappy?" I guessed.

"Yes, but there was something about Charlie you need to know…. Just that he was…" then she started coughing really bad.

"Mom?" I asked, trying to help her. When she wouldn't stop and the blood came out of her mouth I knew she needed a doctor.

"Mom, I'm getting a doctor I'll be right back, I promise." I told her and ran down the hall to find someone who could help her.

But the hallways were empty. I felt like the only one screaming, then I saw that al the nurses and doctors were running to Renee's room.

Sadly, When I got there they already called her death. I didn't say goodbye.

It was only three days after her funeral that Charlie took me back to Forks to Live with him.

I know this was a short chapter, but remember this is just a prologue. Next chapter will be longer.- Lisa B.Green