Chapter One

Chapter 3

I got home pretty early. Charlie wasn't home yet, but I started to make dinner. Spaghetti was best considering I was so tired and it was fast to make.

As the water was boiling, I walked into Charlie's room. It looked like he hadn't slept in his bed in years. Of course I noticed he always slept on the chair, but I always assumed that he moved into the bedroom. The dresser had a picture of he and my mother. It was beautiful, and it almost made me cry.

I heard Charlie's car and my feet told me to get out of the room. I ran out and quickly and casually walked into the kitchen where Charlie just came in.

"Hey Bella, how was school?" he asked, taking off his rainy jacket.

"It was school, nothing excited." I said, as I put the pasta in the water.

"Did you make any more friends?" he added, setting up the table with plates and forks.

"Yea I guess. It's just hard to open up to people, yet here everyone wants to know everything about me." Everyone except Edward.

"Well, I think in time you will really like it here." Charlie told be, as he gave me a little hug.

We had dinner and I went to do my homework. The clock said eleven thirty and my eyes couldn't stay open. Something had frightened me though.

A noise from outside, like someone was tapping on my window. Then as I got closer to I noticed that a tree has grown to the glass and was scrapping it.

I sighed and moved over to my bed and got under the warm covers. I leaned over to my nightstand, looked at my mothers picture, and closed my eyes letting sleep take over me.

Urgg, SNOW!

I thought as I peeked through the window and found a fresh coat on the streets. I watched the TV, waiting for any news that school would be cancelled but there was nothing about the sudden storm.

After getting dressed I got to the car and noticed that the car Charlie gave me had snow chains around the tires. It was like Charlie was my savior!!

I got to school a little later than normal, mainly because I never driven on snow before. I grabbed by books from the passenger seat when I noticed out the window was Edward Cullen leaning against his car. He didn't look at me, but I couldn't take my eyes off him. Finally I unglued my eyes off him and exited the truck.

What happened next is something I can't really explain. All I heard was a screeching noise. Edwards eyes turned to me as I looked behind to see a boy, Tyler's van skidding on a patch of black ice.

Just feet away from me, I closed my eyes to avoid the look of impact between me, my truck and Tyler's Van.

I waited for what was forever for me to be pinned between the two cars, but instead felt a cold wind knock me down. It was so sudden and so hard that I hit my head on the ground.

Then above me was the sound of metal on metal.

"Bella?" an angelic voice called to me.

For a moment, I thought I died because I saw Edward Cullen in my vision. Then a sharp pain on the back of my ear convinced me that I couldn't have been in heaven.

"Bella, are you alright?" Edward asked me, his onyx eyes making me lost with words,

"Yes, but… how did you get over here? You were by your car." I tried to explain, but he interrupted me.

"Bella, I was standing right next to you." He lied. Why was he lying to me?

"No Edward, You were by your car." I yelled.

"Bella, you hit your head pretty hard, we should take you to the hospital." He said, scooping me into his lap.

"Only if you explain later why I'm lying for you!" I said.

He looked at me with concern, but nodded." Okay" was the last thing he said before I heard the sirens in the distance.

So, What do you think??- LisaB. Green