Brad's POV

"Sennae?" The anger had left me ages ago when Sennae had crumpled to the ground in a lump. I could feel the worry circulating through me now as I sat next to her on the bed, watching her lifeless body grow more lifeless by the minute. "Sennae, come on, I didn't mean to scare you." I touched her cold hand, only to feel it jolt to life as she gasped out of her nightmare.

"Don't touch me!" She screamed as she jolted upright.

"Sennae, you're okay." As I tried to hold on to her she slapped me and punched me until she broke down into tears. "Hush Love, hush." I sang to her, if only to calm her down.

"Brad...please, don't ever do that ever again!" I hugged her tighter as she began to convulse with tears and sobs, I had done this, now it was my time to right what had been wronged.

"I'm sorry, I lost my temper, I promise I'll never hurt you again." I felt the tears slip from between my eyes. You hurt her, and all because of a promise you made when you were kids. Oh how do I make this up to her, no doubt she's already gone through shock. I could think of no other solution but to hold her tight to my chest until she calmed down. Then it hit me. "I think I know why you trained them." She looked up at me with her red and puffy eyes and they begged me to go on. "It's because of 1. your parents and 2. the new program my father set up." Her eyes suddenly darkened at the mention of my father, and I suddenly realized how much hatred she harbored for the man.

"Yeah the program he disguised as a disease: AIDS; Assassins International Dynamics System." I was shocked that she had remembered all of that, although I knew she had been scheming to shut down the system. The AIDS program had taken away a lot of the more riskier shadows of assassintry, but it had also taken away most of the freedom. Such as an assassins wishes to go work on their own, or switch companies, or to even not train their children. "I swear your father was drunk when that idea hit him, he's just covering his tracks by keeping it up."

"Sennae! Stop it you don't actually know my father." I couldn't help but agree with her though, I hated the system just as much as she did.

"Oh stop it, Brad!" I could feel the life coming back to her and the spirit was now burning in her eyes. I let go of her and she laid back on the bed. "I mean honestly, he only made the system to ensure that we trained the girls. He has no respect for your wishes let alone mine or the girls."

That sparked a bit of anger in me, but I suppressed it. "My parents...they'll grow to love you as I do." A look of disgust crossed her face, and it puzzled me for a second.

"I do not wish to sleep with your father, let alone your mother! Especially under those circumstances!" Now I understood and couldn't help but burst into a fit of laughter. Then suddenly she began to heave with laughter as well and before I knew it I was laying beside her. "You opened yourself up to that one." She stated with one final laugh.

"Oh really." The way her eyes gleamed with playfulness suddenly turned me on. She had that effect about her, you always knew when she wanted you, even though she sometimes denied it. I took her wrists in my hands and gently pinned them above her head, and then kissed her lightly. A spark of annoyance crossed her face as she realized she couldn't pull me to her. "You opened yourself up to this one." I stated, using her own line against her.

"Not cool." She said smoothly before skillfully lifting her head up far enough so that her lips just brushed mine, sending shivers throughout my body. "But don't let the situation at hand make you think that you're the dominate one in this relationship." She whispered the words in such a seductive tone that I nearly lost myself in her voice. "Now...let me up so I can go on the mission." I let her up, still unable to comprehend all of which she had just said. As I watched her strut to her walk in closet, I felt-for about the 640th time-that I was the luckiest man on Earth to have such a beautiful wife.


Sennae's POV

I could still feel Brad's eyes tracking me as I walked to the closet. If I didn't have to go on this mission, it would have so been on, but my girls were waiting and I had waisted enough time as it was. I decided rather to play with him, I would see him later tonight anyway.

If you want it
You already got it
If you thought it
It better be what you want
If you feel it
It must be real just
Say the word and imma give you what you want

As I turned the corner into the closet I heard him jump off the bed, and start running for the closet. I did a front flip just in time to catch my feet on the walls and then steadied myself with my hands. And who said I didn't have it in me anymore. I watched as Brad ran into the closet and looked around with a quick sweep.

"Where did she...oh yeah." He looked up at me and a smile smeared his face. "Does this look like a supply closet...I hope I don't look like a Senator's son?"

I tucked in my arms causing me to swing down towards the floor and when I had almost made a full rotation I tucked my feet in and stuck my landing. "No, but this is not the time, I told you I have to go on this mission."

He just shook his head and handed me my bullet proof vest. "I will be waiting." He stated before leaving me to change. "I thought you understood how provoking your voice is, it's like your secret weapon."

I smiled and slipped out of my pajama tank, and in it's place put on my bullet proof vest. "Oh really, well I'll be cautious of that next time." I slipped into my black jeans, and realized with some discomfort that-to me-they made my butt look big. "So what are you and Xavier doing today?" I grabbed my strappy heels and began to put them on.

"We're going to go on a quick scouting routine, then to the pub for a quick glass of wine, and then I'll be right back here...waiting." I strapped on my ever present knife holster, carefully slipping my sharpest knife into it. I looked in the mirror with still some disdain at my jeans.

"Brad," I called my tone wavering.

He appeared in the closet entrance. "Yeah."

"Do these jeans make my ass look big?" He broke down in a fit of laughter, and then came over to me, standing in the mirror beside me.

"No, I like your ass just the way it is."

"Okay," I pulled my hair back in a ponytail, noticing that it went to the middle of my shoulder blades. "I need a haircut."

"NO!" Now he held fast to my ponytail. "I love your hair long...please don't get it cut."

"Creepy much." I walked out of the closet and headed for the door.

"Wait," He jogged up to me before I could get the door open. "don't forget your wedding ring, God forbid you'd go missing and I couldn't find you."

Of course, the one with the tracker in it. I held out my hand and let him slip on the ring. "The girls have Isabella's sleepover, so I should be back by nine if everything goes okay. And then, it's just you and me." He took my hand and pulled me to him for one last time.

"Be careful, promise me you'll bring them both back." He wrapped his hands around my waist and lifted my up into a kiss.

"I promise." I pushed away and ran out the door and down the hall. Now I could hardly wait to get home from this mission. And then I remembered the arrangement...and that this time I would have to be too late.

After the Mission

"NO! She can't be dead, how did you let this happen Mommy?!" Anastasia's tears began to roll free from her eyes as she relentlessly beat on my back. Adele had hidden her face in my vest and I could feel the moisture sinking through.

"She was there, and then she was...oh god." I brought bothof them-Anastasia and Adele-into a hug so tight I thought they might turn purple, but they hugged me back withjust as much strength, there little bodies convulsing against mine. "'s okay, she's in a better place now."

"NO!" Now Adele tore away from me, her eyes defiant and blood shot. "Assassins don't go to Heaven...we're all Hell bound! But-" Her voice cracked and she collapsed on to the floor. Anastasia went to her side and cried with her while I doubled checked to see if there really was need for these water works.

I pressed my fingers against her neck...nothing. The look-a-like is dead! I hope you're fucking happy Furtado, my little girls are mourning, and they will be strong. If only you would have told me where you sent her. "Where are you, Helen?" I whispered under my breath.

"We...we have to carry out her legacy." I heard Adele whisper to Anastasia. "To live and unorthodox way of living, to live like the gypsies lived, live like the Bohemians."

"La vie boheme." Anastasia whispered back as she stood and wiped the tears from her eyes. "Viva la vie boheme."

"Viva la vie boheme." Adele whispered back, wiping her tears away as well.

"You girls know that you can stay home tonight right?" I asked trying to sound nonchalant.

"We're going to Isabella's." Anastasia stated, with a new sense of determination in her voice.

"If only to honor Helen for all she did." Adele added.

"Alright, then lets head out..." I picked up the limp body off the blood stained church floor. Fuck you Cardinal Bluejay, someone needs to kill you, and if it can't be me...then let it be my children.And yeah that's right, we're going after a church figure...and yes we're in France-religious capital of the world. The Cardinal is was suspected of training young children from the orphanages, how to be assassins, which just doesn't fly with Furtado. So we had come after him...Furtado also didn't like how the girls depended on Helen for just about for everything, and had chosen to send you to one of her full out training camps. She had neglected to inform me of which camp. We headed out of the church and then climbed into our awaiting limo. "Driver, vais chez Isabella Davis, merci." I watched as the girls eyes widened. "Didn't know your Moma knew French did ya?"


The limo driver pulled into the drive of the Eyre Chateau, opening the door for me. I had dropped the girls off at Isabella's and had dropped the body off at Furtado's Morgue. "Merci, Trevor." The driver tipped his hats and shut the door. I made my way into the house, slowly shutting the door behind me. I leaned against it for the longest time taking steady breaths, trying to regain my composure before presenting myself to anyone.

"Why dearie...what seems to be the matter?" The high pitched, delight filled, happily sick voice that floated to my ears made me cringe. Brad's mother, Serena, was the exception to one of the biggest french no no's, being drunk-which she was 90 percent of the time. But it gave her a happy open personality, but just as open mouth. "You look like you just got through witha Sabbath." I sighed.

"I just got done with a long mission." I picked myself up off the door, and started for the stone staircase.

"Sweet Heart, we're going to have to plan a wine date."

"A wine date..." I had promised Helen we'd have wine dates. "sure." I made my way up the stairs. As I rounded the corner to the hall/bridge to the sleeping chambers I noticed the all to familiar dark form leaning out one of the windows. I became light on my feet, trying not to make a sound. Brad's father, Raoul, was one of the darkest, meanest, men I had ever had the distaste of meeting.

"Stay away from me!" He ordered. I didn't move, but instead gave him a stare. "And wipe that bitchy look off your face, tramp!" I rolled my eyes and walked away, swaying my hips as I went. "Someday my son will regain his sanity!"

"Someday..." That's when I remembered Brad, he was waiting. I picked up my pace, making a straight dash for our room. The faster I ran the more the sadness overcame me.Tristem, they were going to get married! Although Helen wasn't really dead, it still hurt just as much. I grabbed the door handle, and that's when I felt the serene calm coming from the room. It soothed me in a way. "Brad..." I opened the door very slowly, only to be pulled in.

"Sennae...I-I heard what happened." He took me in his arms, pulling me into my castle. "She'll come back someday..." He suddenly realized what he had said. The word 'someday' held a lot of meaning for us, it meant that their was still hope.

"I know...someday." He pulled me up on to my tip toes and brought his lips to mine. The sweetness of the kiss made my mind swirl with passion. It was sad that after all this time I still had to brace myself against something when Brad kissed me. He smiled against my lips.

"Glad to see I've still got it." He picked me up off my feet and whisked me over to the bed where he laid down beside me. I stared out the sliding glass window at the lights...the life that continued on. He drapped his arm over my waist and rested his head on mine. "Are the girls okay?"

"Yeah, they're at Isabella's...such little soldiers." I rolled over onto my back. "I hope she's okay wherever she is."

"I'm sure she's fine." He leaned over me balancing himself on his elbow. "It's you I'm worried about...I know she was one of your best friends, so I'm here for you." He then amazed me by taking me up into a kiss in one arm. I drapped my arms around his neck as he deepened the kiss. He laid me back down on the comforter, glazing his hands along my sides. His touch was like fire, igniting all the desires I'd held in all day.

"Wait!" I broke away from the kiss and rolled over to the bed side table.

"What are you doing?" He asked his voice ragged and husky, oh how that combination fit him so well.

I opened up the drawer only to find a small voice recorder in it, with one tape running, recording. I picked it up and threw it at the wall watching it shatter into smithereens. "Your father is an idiot." I rolled back under him and pulled him back down to me.

"Personally I think it's kinda genius." He stated between kisses.

"Please, I'm not a sceamer." I saw the same lust fill his eyes that was pouring into mine.

"Oh how I beg to differ..."


A/N: Well, well, perhaps Brad's father has reason to be worried. So anyway where is Helen? What the hell is up with the whole la vie boheme thing? And how will the girls turn out in the end...wild and crazy like their mother...or prim and proper like their father? Watch as DNA collides! R&R!