The life of Kouryuu

The Downfall of Genjo Sanzo

The early years.

Tired violet eyes popped open with surprise. What had happened?

He had left the temple several months ago. He had already done some unsavory things in order save his life. Already a few of the vows he tried to honor were smashed to bits. First and foremost the taking of human life. His soul already felt old and filthy.

He heard a sound coming from his left and twisted his head to that side. An older man sat in front of a fire tending to some cooking fish and a pot of boiling water.

"Ah! I see you're awake young man." The man smiled. "Are you hungry?"

The young priest was trying to make as inconspicuous retreat as he could manage. "No sir. I just need to be moving on."

"That's not a very smart move right now." He was preparing a teapot. "I found you passed out right in the middle of the road." The man made a concerned noise.

"Well…umm. I could use some tea please." All he saw was the fish and being a follower of the Buddhist religion never ate meat.

"You need more than tea I think."

"Thank you but I don't eat the flesh of living things."

"How long has it been since you've eaten anything at all?"

Sanzo shook his head. He had no idea when it was, but the clenching and rumbling in his belly let him know it was longer then he was use to.

"Which would be worse? Dying of hunger or breaking a vow?"

The blond child gave a huge sigh. He knew he could not die now; he still had to get the missing scripture back. "Alright I'll take one but just a little one."

The man nodded. They sat silently sipping tea while they waited for the fish to finish cooking.

He tried to hide the curl of disgust that was crinkling his nose. And he wore a grimace of dissatisfaction on his lips. Taking as little a bite as he could he test the flavor and texture of the strange substance in his mouth. It was not all that unpleasant but was so foreign that for a moment he thought it might come back up. Little by little he nibbled his way through, and with a sigh of relief he swallowed the last of the tea into his now pleasantly filled stomach, so full that he felt himself drifting back to sleep. It had been a long time since he felt satisfied.

He tried so hard to keep a wary eye on the stranger but his eyes grew very heavy and he quickly nodded off. Only once his eyes snapped open in fear when he heard a rustling noise near him. Fearing it was like those men from before he slid his small had around the already comfortable handle of the gun. Keeping his eyes open just a slit he noticed that the strange man had made him self comfortable on the ground near him. The boy priest shivered slightly; never wanting to repeat that horrible episode of his young life.

At one terrifying moment he felt a hand slip across his body. He scurried away as fast as he could. He realize the man was sound asleep and it was more then likely just a reflex move. But it heightened his distrust of people just a bit more.

Early the next day they woke at the same time. Sanzo bowed politely and made his way back to his chosen path to find the missing Saiten scripture.

When the boy was out of sight the man let his disguise drop and raven hair appeared to its natural order.

"Oh my! Kouryuu you give into things far too easily."