The downfall of Genjo sanzo

The Downfall of Genjo Sanzo

The Early Years


Sanzo was not sure at all about what to make out of that kiss. Along with the first time he had cursed he had gotten kissed. By a boy. by a taboo child. By a boy. It felt strange, an invasion of his personal space, it felt…good.

"Shit! Aw shit I didn't know you were some kind of monk. I'm really, really, really sorry man." He was nervously running his fingers through that red hair. His face read as a mixture of embarrassment, amusement and something that seemed to be mischief.

Sanzo had not really been paying attention to the words. He was fascinated by the red hair. What would it feel like? It looked silky soft.

"Hey are you listening to me?"

"Hmmm! oh sorry I wasn't paying attention."

"Nah forget it." He turned to leave, then stopped and gave the stunned blond a saucy wink. "But I wouldn't mind doing that again." Then he was gone, melting into the crowd of patrons.

The old man was failing badly at trying to conceal his snickers and giggles of mirth. "You see they are bad luck." Then he caught him self saying that. It was something that he had said as one of his other disguised personas. Hoping that the boy had not caught his gaff. He feigned innocence. Sanzo shot him a suspicious glare. 'That boy's no dope, Komyou said that I reminded him of his apprentice for a reason.' And the old man had been right. The little blond kid was smart and. He did in fact remind the man of him self. That was the very reason he now decided to withdraw for the time being. So while the little smart ass was busy was when he had made his escape.

Sanzo remained seated. He was in a swirling vortex of emotions, and no idea which way was up or down any longer.

He had been kissed.

By a boy.

By a half breed, handsome boy. Who had warm lips. And a brilliant smile. Sanzo's heart fluttered a little. He was not supposed to have those kinds of feelings about someone. Monks and priests were not supposed to think of such things, at least the pious ones. The others he considered perverts in monks' robes. The ones who were no more religious then mice.