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James Sirius

"So what are we going to name this baby?" a pregnant Ginny asked her husband.

"I don't know. Whatever you want, sweetheart," came Harry's noncommittal response.

"Harry, I want to know if you have any ideas. I know you've been thinking about it, so let me hear it."

Harry had been expressing a lot of doubt in his ability to be a father, which made Ginny wish she could introduce her infamous bat-bogey hex to one Vernon Dursley. She hoped that discussing names might help Harry overcome some of his insecurities.

When he didn't respond, she continued, "Harry, I'm not doing this by myself. I know you're nervous. But we have got to discuss names. I can tell you have something in mind, but if you don't tell me, I can't consider it."

Harry took a deep breath. "You can say no if you want, I'd understand…"

"Out with it."

"Well, you know, with my father and all, I was thinking James." He appeared to be holding his breath as he anxiously awaited Ginny's reaction, fully expecting it to be negative. He was surprised to see Ginny smiling.

"I thought you would say that."

"What are you talking about?"

"Well, I just figured, knowing you, you would want to name your son after your father."

He glared at her and her smugness. "Then why did you put me through all these conversations about naming the baby and needing to hear my opinion?"

"Because I needed you to actually tell me what you wanted to name our son. You have to get comfortable talking about these kinds of things."

"Okay, but we still need a middle name, don't we? How do you plan to solve that, all-knowing-wife?"

"Well, have I ever told you the story of how I knew you would eventually love me back?"

"No. Do you mean that you didn't know from that amazing kiss in the common room that we'd be together forever?"

"Oh, no, that is the story of when I knew you had realized we were meant to be together. See the difference?"

"Sort of, but I have no idea what this has to do with naming our son."

"It has everything to do with it. It was before my fourth-year, and you had just joined us at Grimmauld Place…"


Ginny sat at the kitchen table in Grimmauld Place, trying unsuccessfully to focus on her summer Potions homework. Her parents were doing something for the Order. Her older twin brothers were off inventing joke products and the infamous reunited trio was doing whatever it was they do without her.

"So, why the long face?" Sirius asked as he came in, grabbed an apple, and sat beside her. He took a bite and grabbed her book. "Magical Drafts and Potions? If you are looking for a prank, there are better books in the library upstairs."

"I'm sure those have already been taken out."

"True, those twin brothers of yours are really impressive. But that doesn't answer my question. What are you up to?"


"Why are you working on homework?"

"Well, it has to be done sometime."

"But now? Your mother finally gives you a break from cleaning, so you do Potions homework? What are Hermione and Ron up to?"

"Something with Harry," Ginny mumbled.

"And you don't get along with Harry?" Ginny looked up curiously at Sirius. "Hey, you could have something against my godson. Most of the wizarding world does. But I promise not to hold it against you."

She glared at him. "I do not not like Harry."

Sirius grinned. "I know, because I know you're in love with him." He took another bite of his apple. Ginny's jaw dropped.

"Uh…what…er…I have no idea what you're talking about."

"Nice try, but I know better."

"You don't know anything."

"Yes I do. I have inside info."

"What kind of inside info? Because it is obviously old, as I no longer have a crush on Harry."

"Oh but I know that's not permanent. I know that you and Harry will be together someday."

"And how could you possibly know that? You are just saying all this to irk me." She was trying to keep her voice calm, but the idea that Harry's godfather seemed to think she had a chance brought up feelings she had been working so hard to bury.

"Or I could be on to something"

"Well, why don't you spill it out, if you are so sure?" Ginny snapped impatiently.

"See, that's what I'm talking about. You want me to say something that will make you feel less hopeless."

She sighed in frustration. "Okay, why are you so sure he likes me back? He's never shown any signs of thinking of me as anything but his best friend's little sister."

"It's simple. Potter men always marry redheads."

Ginny snorted. "Ha, ha Sirius, real funny, I should have known better than to let my guard down around you. You're as bad as Fred and George." She began to gather her books and parchment. "I'm going to work in my room."

Sirius stilled her arm. "Ginny, I'm serious."

"Aren't you full of jokes today? Of course you're Sirius."

"Ugh, for once, I did not mean that, the pun part…I meant the part about Potters and redheads."

"Yeah right, you don't have to keep this up. Did Fred and George put you up to this?"

"No, and I wish you would believe me." Her eyebrows shot up skeptically, but for some reason she remained sitting. Sirius took this as a sign to continue. "I didn't believe it either when Mr. Potter, Harry's grandfather, first told me. I was wondering why James was so obsessed with Lily. He asked her out constantly, and she turned him down every time. We really didn't get along with her." He paused and smiled in memory before continuing. "I asked Mr. Potter if we shouldn't try to stop James's obsession and he told me that Potter men always marry redheads. James was just fulfilling his destiny. Lily was a redhead. I thought he was kidding just like you think right now. But James's mother was also a redhead. And his grandmother. And apparently all Potter women since the beginning of time."

Ginny wasn't sure how to reply to all she had just been told, but it turned out Sirius wasn't done.

"Harry unfortunately didn't have anybody to teach him these things, so he's a little slower in realizing what's right in front of him. But I have faith in him. He won't break tradition. And I'm pretty sure you'll be ready when he realizes all of this."

"So you're telling me I'm to wait around until Harry realizes that I am the right girl for him?"

"Not exactly, there is no reason why you can't have fun while he's trying to figure all this out. I've heard your parents and your brothers talk about you. You could easily have your pick of boys, and who am I to stifle a little youthful fun?"

Ginny had definitely heard stories about Sirius and his "youthful fun." Tonks had told her about the time Andromeda found out Sirius loved babysitting young Tonks because she helped him pick up girls. And while Professor Lupin cringes every time he hears about Tonks as Sirius's Babe Magnet, he willingly shares stories of the Marauders exploits at Hogwarts.

"Youthful fun? Yeah, well, my brothers' goal in life is to make sure that I never have any youthful fun. I had enough trouble getting them to not hex Neville last Christmas and it wasn't as if Neville saw me as anything but a friend."

"I don't believe that you will let that stop you. I'm also glad you appear to be in a better mood."

"Oh, but I'm just thrilled with all the amazing advice you've given me," she answered.

"Exactly and you know how you can thank me for my brilliance?"

Somewhat leery, Ginny asked, "How?"

"Name your first born after me."

"Jumping ahead a little ways, aren't we?" she said, laughing.

"Were you not paying attention? Potters marry redheads."

"Yeah, but I also know Harry. I think he'll want to name his kids after his parents."

Sirius frowned slightly and replied with a little less enthusiasm. "Yeah, you're right; I wish James was here telling you all of this instead of me."

Ginny felt bad for bringing down Sirius's mood after he had just brightened her day. The two of them had bonded a lot over the summer, and it really upset Ginny whenever he would get his "Azkaban look." She hoped her next comment would lighten the mood again.

"Well, I think Sirius would be an excellent middle name. Imagine that, a kid named after two marauders. Hogwarts won't know what to do."

Sirius began to smile again. "Oh I can't wait. The mixing of Potter and Weasley blood can only lead to absolute chaos. And having two marauder names…I hope to be there to see the look on McGonagall's face." They both laughed.

End flashback

"I had no idea you and Sirius were that close," said Harry as Ginny finished her story.

"Well, I remember telling you quite clearly before we went to the Department of Mysteries that you were not the only one that cared about Sirius."

"True, but still, naming our children when I was only just starting to notice girls?"

"It was hardly the naming of children. He just wanted to make sure the name of Sirius was carried on to the next generation. And I was right about you wanting to name our son James."

"You know me too well."

"The real problem will be when we have another son."

"What! Another one! Ginny, I've only just gotten used to having one. Why are jumping ahead like this?"

"Aren't you cute? I promise not to mention it until this one is born. Well, that is if we are good with the name we have?"

"Let's see." Harry reached out and rubbed Ginny's growing stomach. "How does James Sirius Potter sound to you?" He then leaned his hand down to where his hand was. He looked to be nodding. Ginny struggled to hold in her laughter. Harry sat up and looked at Ginny. "The baby agrees. James Sirius it is."