What developed from the accident in the night.

Chapter one

He walked into the break room and sighed. He banged his head to the locker door and sat down. 'First day at work and I am already bored with it.' He thought and got up after a while. He went to the bathroom and washed his face to freshen up. He tried to cheer up while straightening his clothes. 'I can't quit. Al would kill me if I did.' He put on his 'costumer-is-always-right' -smile and went back to his work.

Greed had told him to check out the new club that had opened just a week ago. He never went to new clubs unless they had been open for few months already. At the moment he was walking towards said club, Cupid 7. He didn't like the name, cupids made people fall in love and he had no desire to fall in love, it was so much more fun to mess around. 'Why did Greed insist on it.' he thought and saw a tall man waving at him. 'Speak of the devil.'

"Envy! You made it." Greed yelled at him cheerfully from the distance. Envy just glared at him. "Man, don't be like that. You're going to have a great night." Greed tried to assure him.

"I highly doubt it…" Envy answered while they went inside. After entering the club he went silent.

"So…What do you think?" Greed asked looking at his friend's amazement.

"Not half bad, due to the name I thought the colours would be red and pink, but almost everything is black. And the music…Not quite my taste but it'll do." Envy answered and gave a satisfied smile. His smile grew wider when he spotted the blond behind the bar. "And the bartender is a really cute girl!"

At the comment Greed started to laugh out loud and Envy couldn't figure out the reason for it. Greed stopped laughing and said, "Then let's start from the bar. You know…They actually have drinks that have our names." Greed told to Envy but noticed he wasn't listening. "Man! Wake up from your trance!"

"What!?" Envy asked annoyed of the interruption of his thoughts. He had been watching the bartender and making plans on how to get her.

"Try to listen when I'm talking to you! I just said that they have drinks that are named after the Deathly Sins."

Envy raised an eyebrow at this but still thought it was quite interesting. After all it's not every day you get to drink something that's basically named after yourself. And if he would like the drink he might come here more often.

"What would you like tonight, sir?" the bartender asked from Greed once they got to the bar.

"As I last night went through all the Deathly Sins and came to the conclusion that the one with my name tastes the best…It'll be what I want from now on." Greed answered.

"Then the Devious Greed it is, sir. Coming right away!"

"Please call me Greed. You don't have to call me sir since we're friends already." Greed said grinning like a madman and looked at Envy who looked slightly angry about the fact that his prey already knew the other man.

"I'd hardly say we're friends, Greed." the bartender frowned. Putting back on a smile he turned towards Envy. "And what would you like to have, sir."

"…" Envy couldn't answer when he saw the bartender's eyes. Those beautiful golden eyes captured him with a single look.

"You should stop staring, Envy. It's not polite." Greed laughed at him. "Although you're never polite."

Envy glared at Greed and turned smiling towards the bartender. "I think I have the drink with my name, too." he was able to say.

"Yes, sir!" the bartender said and turned away. He mixed Greed's drink first and gave it to him. He took a new glass and was turning away again.

"So, I was wondering why such a cute, young, little girl is working here." Envy asked. At the word 'girl' anger swept throw the bartender eyes and a few seconds later she broke the glass she was holding in her left hand.

Greed started laughing but stopped when he saw the blood tripping from the wounds the broken glass had made on the bartender's hand. "Are you alright?" Greed asked sounding worried. Envy just blinked, he didn't understand why she acted that way, and he was only giving her a compliment.

"I'll take a break, Charles!" the bartender yelled and turned around to leave.

"Sure thing…What happened to your hand?" the man, obviously called Charles, asked a little panicked.


"You broke a glass!?" Charles yelled when he saw what was left of it but the other one just walked on. "Listen to me! Ed! Edward!"

"Damn it! He never listens…" Charles muttered to himself. Envy blinked in confusion. 'Ed!? Edward!? He!?'

"I see you got your drink Greed but did you already order something, sir?" Charles said turning to look at him. Greed answered for him since he didn't get a sound out of himself.

"Edward still seems to have quite a temper, doesn't he?" Greed asked from Charles.

"Yes, he hasn't changed at all. But can't figure out what made him so angry to break the glass?" Charles wondered to himself while giving Envy his drink.

"Well, my friend over here…" Greed said pointing at Envy. "He complimented Edward for being such a cute, young, little girl."

Charles broke out laughing. He tried to control himself and when he succeeded at it he swept the tears from his eyes. "No wonder, then."

Envy still seemed confused.

"You see…You did call him a girl but you also called him little. He only gets annoyed when people mistake him to be a girl but he hates it when people address to his height." Charles explained. "And using them in the same sentence is a big mistake."

'So…The bartender is a male. I guess…I'd also get angry if someone called me a girl.' Envy thought and finally got his voice back. "Is he alright? Should someone go and check how he is?"

"Don't worry about him. He can look after himself." Charles told him. "And he's too thick-headed to ask for help anyway…Ouch!"

Edward had come back and thrown Charles with a bottle opener. He glared at his co-worker. He had changed off from his working clothes and wore now Charles' shirt since it was bigger than his own tank top. Now he probably wouldn't get any blood on the clothes.

"I think I should go to the hospital. The wounds are quite deep and Al would worry if I got home without checking them." Edward said.

"Oh…Okay…I'll tell the boss." Charles told him. "I see you borrowed my shirt."

"Yeah. I couldn't get my own on me without getting it all bloody." Edward murmured as an answer. Charles raised his eyebrow at this.

"You know…Blood wouldn't show off from black…"

"…hn…" Edward didn't comment.

"You need a ride?" Greed asked and Edward shook his head to say no. "Come on. I'll drive you." Greed insisted.

"Fine…" Edward murmured. "I was about to take a cap. Since I can't really drive myself…So I guess it is fine."

Greed snatched away the drink Envy was holding and drank it. "But…Since I've already got alcohol in me I can't drive. And it's basically your fault…You drive him, Envy." Greed said throwing the car keys to him. Envy glared at him.

"If a look could kill…" Envy whispered so that no one could hear him. "Let's go already!" Envy murmured and took Edward's right hand. 'His hand feels like…I don't know what but it's not normal. It's so hard and cold.' Envy wondered in his mind before Edward pulled his hand back.

"I am fully able to walk on my own, thank you."

Envy tried to get a better look of Edwards hand but he had a glove on it. 'Should I ask about it?' But Envy decided not to ask, it wasn't any of his business and perhaps his curiosity would be granted in the hospital where he might be able to see it.

Edward sighed in relief. He was glad that the other man didn't seem to notice his right hand or the lack of it. He didn't feel complete with his mechanical right arm and left leg. He had lost them in an accident which almost cost him his brother, too. He was 10 years old when it had happened. Thanks to his friend Winry, who happened to be a genius considering machines, he now had two mechanical limbs, automail as she called them.

While Edward was thinking they had arrived to Greeds car. They both got in and drove to the hospital in silence. Envy did try to figure out something to say. But they didn't say anything in the end.

When they got to the hospital they got out of the car and walked into the building.

"You can go back to the club. I don't need a ride back." Edward said to Envy and walked towards the reception.

"…I want to make sure you'll be alright. So…I'll stay." Envy answered. He was worried and also too curious about the small boy to leave.


Edward explained the situation to the receptionist and she told him to sit and wait. The doctor would send a nurse to call out his name soon enough. They waited. And waited. Envy was growing more and more frustrated. 'Why is the freaking doctor calling for him yet?!' he yelled in his mind. 'He's losing too much blood at this rate…'

"If you're going to be more frustrated by the minute, you can leave. I'm fine on my own." Edward suddenly said to him.

"I can wait chibi-san." Envy told him trying to calm his nerves at the same time. Edward just glared at him but was too tired to yell at him.

Soon Edward fell asleep resting his head on his own shoulder. 'God, he's beautiful when asleep.' Envy thought. 'Although he's even more beautiful when awake due to his eyes.'

"Elric!" the nurse called out after over an hour of wait. Edward woke up and looked around looking like he was lost. Then he remembered where he was.

"Elric!" the nurse called again and Edward quickly stood up and walked to her.

"Shouldn't a little kid like you have your father…" the nurse looked at Envy and decided he wasn't old enough and corrected. "…Big brother come inside with you?"

"WHO ARE YOU CALLING SO LITTLE HE NEEDS A BODYGUARD TO STOP PEOPLE FROM STEPPING ON HIM!!" Edward yelled at her. Due to his loss of blood he had to take a hold of the table next to him. He looked like he would faint but managed to prevent it.

"Calm down little one." the nurse tried but Edward just glared at her.

"Do not call me little…" Edward said to her and his voice sounded as cold as ice. "And for your information I'm already 18."

Envy chuckled when he saw how the nurse blushed embarrassed.

"I'm…I'm really sorry, sir." she managed to say. "Then your boyfriend…" she started before she saw the death glare Edward gave her. She had obviously noticed how Envy looked at the smaller boy and assumed they were dating. "My apologies…Your friend should still come with you."

"We're not even friends. I met him tonight for the first time." Edward told her. "But if you insist on it…Then I guess he can come with me"

Envy smirked and followed them to the room where the doctor was already waiting.

"Good evening, Edward. What's the matter this time?" he asked and introduced himself to Envy as doctor Watson.

"You come here often?" Envy asked from Edward but earned only a glare.

"I broke a glass at the club." Edward told to Watson showing his hand to him.

"Did you now?" Watson murmured to himself while taking out everything he needed to treat the wounds. "And I thought you just started there." He cleaned the wounds and sewed few of the deepest cuts and bandaged Edwards hand.

"You're really fast at this." Envy commented.

"Most of the time Edward doesn't have too much time to spare."

"Hey!?" Edward said annoyed by the mocking tone of the doctor.

"You know the usual. If there is anything abnormal with the wound come and see me."

"Yeah yeah…So can I leave now?" Edward asked already at the door.

"Wait a moment, please." Watson said and got a folder out of his desk drawer. "I know you have an appointment for tomorrow afternoon, but you're here now. If you're not in a hurry we could do it now."

"…But…" Edward answered and looked at Envy. Watson didn't miss it.

"Not this again." he sighed. "There's nothing to be ashamed about your condition Edward. Hell, I think most of the people would only think it's cool"

"…" Edward stayed silent.

"What is he talking about chibi-san?" Envy asked curious.

"Well… You see…" Watson started but Edward looked at him and told him to shut up through his eyes. "You don't need to hide it." Watson said and turned to look at Envy. "Have you touched Edwards right arm?"

"…Eh…Yeah…For a brief moment." Envy answered.

"Did you notice anything weird…Abnormal?" Watson asked.

"Fine…We do the check up today!" Edward yelled. He was getting more and more pissed off by the minute.

"What are you talking about?" Envy asked the doctor. He had no idea where he was getting at.

"You'll see." Watson said smiling. He was proud of himself. He had managed to persuade Edward to agree with him. Envy saw that Edward started to unbutton his - actually Charles'- shirt.

"How's your shoulder? And leg?" Watson asked.

"Just fine. Nothing unusual." Edward answered and took of the shirt.

Envys eyes widened when he saw Edwards right arm. It's was made of metal, the whole right arm right from the shoulder. 'No wonder it felt hard and cold.' Envy murmured in his mind. 'Wait! Didn't the doctor ask about his leg, too?' At the same time Edward lifted his left trousers leg all the way up to his thigh. The mechanical limb ended a little bit above his knee.

"You know… It's not nice to stare." Edward said to Envy who managed to snap out of his trance.

"What the HELL happened to you?"

End of Chapter One

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