What developed from the accident in the night

Chapter Thirteen

It had been almost three months since Envy proposed and only a week till the wedding. And Edward was panicking. He was standing outside their bedroom. Envy had moved in two months ago. Al had stayed downstairs after assuring Edward that he should just go and tell Envy. And now Edward was hesitating behind the door. 'After I've told him... What if he doesn't want to marry me anymore?' Edward panicked.

Nervously Edward swallowed and opened the door before he chickened out. Envy was lying on the bed when Edward came in. He had been taking a nap after long day of work.

"Ed?" Envy groaned sleepily. His eyes looked cloudy. Envy had started calling Edward by his real name after their engagement.

"I…I…" Edward couldn't say it. He was too afraid of what Envy might say.

"Ed? What's wrong?" Envy asked worried getting up from the bed. He walked to the blond and caressed his cheek. "Tell me what's wrong, babe." he said. Edward walked to the bed and sat down trying to calm himself.

"I-I have something I n-need to tell you…" Edward stuttered. He was trembling.

"Ed…" Envy sighed and sat next to him. He embraced the frightened blond. "You can tell me…"

"Y-you know how I've been sick every morning…" Edward started nervously.

"Yeah." Envy nodded.

"I-I went to see a doctor today…" the blond whispered.

"Oh…It's nothing serious, is it?" Envy asked worriedly. He didn't want to loose the blond.

"No!" Edward shouted but then looked away. "Or…It depends…" he whispered.

"Ed. You need to tell me. I'm getting worried here…" Envy whined. This made Edward chuckle.

"The doctor found out what caused the nausea…" Edward muttered making Envy raise an eyebrow.

"And?" Envy asked.

"…" Edward mumbled.

"I didn't hear that…" Envy said quietly.

"I-I'm pregnant…" Edward whispered looking down. He was too scared to look at Envy who chuckled lightly.

"Ed…You do know men can't get pregnant." Envy stated chuckling. Edward glared at him.

"I do know that!" he snarled. "The doctor couldn't explain it… But I think it's because of something dad did to me…"

"But…" Envy started.

"S-something dad did to me must have changed my body so I can carry children…" Edward muttered trembling. "I didn't know it either…" he continued. The blond started to cry quietly.

"You're really pregnant…" Envy whispered amazed. He hadn't thought much about children even less after he got together with Edward.

The blond was feeling miserable. Envy hadn't said anything for a while. Edward didn't dare to say anything. He didn't want the moment to come when Envy would leave him. 'Who would want to marry a freak?' Edward thought and couldn't stop the tears flowing down his cheeks.

Envy noticed how depressed the blond was. He pulled Edward into his arms startling him.

"Ed…" Envy sighed smiling though the blond didn't see it. Edward calmed down a little. "That's great!" Envy stated cheerfully.

"Eh?" Edward said pulling away to look at Envy.

"I hadn't thought about kids but I don't mind becoming a father…" Envy chuckled drying the tears from Edward's face. "Don't cry anymore…" he whispered.

"Really?" Edward's face lit up. "Y-you don't think I'm a freak?" he asked worriedly.

"Once, I thought that if I married a man I could always adopt a child…" Envy said kissing Edward's forehead. "But this is better…" he continued.

"And you're no freak." Envy said after awhile. "And if you are than you're my freak." he joked making Edward smile.

"So…" Edward muttered. "You want to keep the kid?" he asked nervously.

"Yeah…" Envy answered kissing the blond. "As long as it makes you happy. If you don't feel like you're ready for this yet we can always try again in the future…" he stated gently.

"Thank you…" Edward mumbled against Envy's chest gripping his shirt. "I was so afraid you wouldn't want to marry me anymore…" he whispered.

"Why wouldn't I want to marry you?" Envy chuckled. "You'll always be my adorably cute and sexy chibi-san." he stated making Edward blush and giggle.

"Stop that." the blond commanded playfully.

"Dinner's ready!" hollered from downstairs.

"Let's go eat." Envy said getting up and pulling the blond after him. "Did you tell Al already?" he asked.

"Yeah…He told me to tell you as soon as possible…" Edward muttered quietly.

"Then I guess I need to thank him." Envy said before pulling the blond into his arms again. "But first I need to thank you for being able to give me a child." he chuckled and gave Edward a gentle soft kiss.

"Are serious?" Envy asked from his manager on the phone. It was only a day till the wedding. Edward was nervous and couldn't stay still. Envy was taking it much calmer and he hoped that the news he heard from his manager would calm the blond down too. "Thanks!" he said and ended the call. Then he left to look for his soon-to-be-husband.

"Ed! Ed where are you?" Envy called out and he heard a silent answer from their bedroom. "Ed!" he called again as he burst through the door. He stopped in the middle of a step when he saw the upset blond sitting on the floor. 'Damn. This pregnancy made him even more emotional…' Envy groaned in his mind.

"Envy?" Edward whispered looking up and running to the other man. He hugged Envy and sighed contently.

"I have news for you." Envy chuckle hugging him back. Edward tensed a little waiting for bad news. He seemed to always be waiting for bad news. "Your father…" Envy started making the blond even more tensed. "…Has time for the rest of his life to make friends in jail." Envy said near Edward's ear.

"H-he got convicted?" Edward asked hopefully.

"Yeah…" Envy muttered and the blond embraced him tighter.

"I'm so happy." Edward sighed leaning against Envy.

"You should be." Envy stated gently holding him close.

"This is the best wedding present ever." the blond exclaimed cheerfully. "I got to find Al and tell him. You didn't tell him yet, right?" he asked.

"No. I wanted to tell you first and I knew you'd want to tell him." Envy chuckled smacking the blond gently on the ass when he ran from the room. Edward squeaked outside the door.

Their wedding was a small simple ceremony with the people who were closest to them. They had decided that Edward would walk to the front escorted by Alphonse. Wrath was Envy's best man since Envy didn't trust Greed in this kind of situations. Edward didn't really have a maid of honour since he wasn't really the bride but Jean took the job despite the lack of the name. He and Edward had become good friends during a short period of time.

They only had few guests at the ceremony. All Envy's siblings were there. Lust and Sloth sat in the front row smiling brightly. The three older brothers sat next to them. Greed was happy for his brother, Gluttony didn't care about the ceremony as long as he got food afterwards and Pride looked bored. Envy hadn't invited their mother since he wasn't in good terms with her and doubted would she have even come if she had been invited. Of course Envy had invited his manager too.

Edward hadn't invited many people either. Izumi and her husband were there and next to them sat a childhood friend of Edward and Alphonse, Winry. Envy had been told that she was the one who made Edward's automail. Next to the cheerful blond girl was her grandma. Charles had been invited but was unable to come. There was also a girl named Rose, a friend of Edward's from school.

Envy was waiting at the front of the chapel. He knew he didn't need to be nervous but still he was. Then the music started to play and the blond entered the room escorted by his slightly taller brother. Envy wasn't able to look away from his soon-to-be-husband. Edward was simply gorgeous. His golden eyes were sparkling with joy and he was smiling brightly, his face was a little flushed from excitement.

Edward had tied his blond hair in a loose ponytail and few strands of his hair were framing his face. He was wearing a black suit with a white dress shirt and a red tie. Since Edward wasn't a woman, neither he nor Envy had wanted him to wear a woman's wedding dress - though he would've looked beautiful in it - even though he was the 'bride'.

Envy was wearing a pitch black suit with emerald green dress shirt and tie. He also had his hair tied back. Envy was smiling contently at the blond offering his hand when the two brothers reached him. Envy stroked Edward's hand to calm the nervous blond. Alphonse smiled at them and Envy caught the look Wrath gave the brunette. He smirked inwardly as he remembered how close his little brother had gotten to Alphonse.

Envy didn't remember much of the ceremony afterwards. Though one thing he would never forget was Edward's content sigh 'I do'.

"You may kiss your husband." was the only thing Envy heard after it. He pulled Edward closer and gave him a soaring kiss. When they pulled apart Envy smiled softly at his now dazed husband. He silently mouthed 'I love you' earning a warm hug and a brief peck on the lips from the blond.

They were showered with congratulations and hugs from their few guests. Luckily Envy was hungry and the dinner went well but after it he still had to endure few hours of celebrating for their honour. He didn't like this kind of parties. But thanks to the happy blond smiling brightly next to him he was able to pull it through. Alcohol would've made it even better but to be fair for his pregnant husband, he stayed away from it only drinking a glass of champagne for their honour.

Envy was caught in his thoughts as he watched his husband talk with Jean whose joke made him laugh. Envy wasn't too close with his siblings and now with Edward he finally was going to have his own family. He smiled as he stood and walked to the shorter blond and pulling him into a waltz.

They finally managed to escape the party due to Edward's tiredness and had retreated to the reserved hotel room. They'd leave on their honeymoon the next day and had planned to rest the night before leaving. Though neither of them was thinking of sleeping. At least not yet. Edward sighed and fell on the bed.

"God, I need a shower." he moaned tiredly closing his eyes for a moment.

"Then you can go first." Envy murmured pulling the blond up from the bed and giving him a peck on the cheek.

"Will you accompany me?" Edward asked blushing. Envy shook his head.

"Not this time, Edo-koi." he whispered chuckling and kissing Edward's pouting lips. "I'll shower after you're done."

Edward huffed disappointed and strode to the bathroom. Envy chuckled at his husband's behaviour. He was sure Edward knew they were going to make love on their wedding night, but what he didn't know was that Envy had a surprise for him. Envy undressed and put his suit neatly into the closet. He smirked at how fast Edward got out of the shower.

"In a hurry, love?" he chuckled and walked into the bathroom only in his black silk boxers. Edward blushed but laughed suddenly and managed to grope Envy before he disappeared behind the bathroom door.

"I'm just horny." Edward hollered through the door and he could hear Envy laugh behind it. Then he heard the shower turned on.

After twenty minutes Edward was wondering what was taking Envy so long. He could still hear the shower running. 'Maybe he fell asleep in the shower?' Edward thought feeling down. Then he heard a silent curse from the bathroom. 'At least his not asleep…' the blond sighed and sat on the bed starting to play with the bedclothes. With a sigh he lay down and dozed off.

Edward woke up when a cold water drop hit his nose. Slowly, blinking he opened his eyes to see Envy straddling him.

"Hi…" Edward murmured sleepily.

"You want to go to sleep?" Envy asked softly. Edward shook his head as he noticed that his husband wasn't even wearing a towel like him.

"No…" Edward whispered pulling the other man closer. "Now kiss me." he ordered.

Envy was more than happy to do as told. He hungrily devoured Edward's mouth at the same time pulling him further on the bed and discarding his towel. Then with a growl Envy rolled them over leaving Edward lying on top of him. The blond was looking at him questioningly. He was about to ask something but Envy sealed his lips with a kiss before he could. With the furious battle of tongues and roaming hands all over their bodies they both were hardening rapidly. As Envy grinded their hips together Edward's back arched breaking the kiss. A deep moan escaped his lips.

Envy had always wondered why the blond lost his shyness after they really got into it. But he couldn't figure out the answer so he guessed he'd find out eventually or never get the answer. Envy wasn't bother by this loss of nervousness. It thrilled him.

"Can you hurry up a little?" the blond managed to ask huskily. Envy shook his head as an answer and chuckled at Edward's frown.

"I don't intent to." Envy replied and continued before the blond managed to protest. "I give myself to you as our wedding present. Our present since I want to feel you inside me."

Edward blushed at the thought. He tried to look for something in Envy's eyes to tell if he was joking or not. But managed not to find anything else except love and lust towards himself and contentment.

"Are you sure?" Edward asked almost too silent but Envy was able to catch it none the less.

"Yes…" Envy smiled pulling Edward into a soft kiss.

"But I-I don't know what I'm supposed to do…" Edward muttered once they parted their lips. "And I want to feel you inside me…Can't we reverse positions some other night?" he questioned silently.

"Edward." Envy stated sternly. "Any other night I'd do it the way you want it. But I want this and I think you'll like too." he said stroking Edward hips. "And besides I doubt that you realized to ask the doctor if it is safe for you and the baby to have anal sex."

"I-I…" the blond stuttered. Then he cleared his thoughts for a second. "Even if I would have asked the doctor wouldn't have had an answer." he explained. "Considering I'm the only known case of male pregnancy, I don't think he would have had any experience on the matter." he muttered.

"I know… But he could have been able to predict if it were safe." Envy sighed. "At least for one night let's play safe."

"Fine…" muttered the blond in response.

"You don't really need to do much." Envy chuckled at the puzzled look on his husband's beautiful face. "I already prepared myself for you." he whispered into Edward's ear seductively. Then it dawned to the blond.

"So that's why you were in the shower so long…" Edward blushed at the mental image of Envy finger fucking himself in the shower.

With Envy's guidance Edward entered his husband without hurting him. They kept moaning as their hips rocked together lifting them up into a pure bliss. Afterwards they lay together cuddling in each others embrace and fell asleep hand in hand, foreheads pressed together, a content smiles on their lips. In the morning they'd do a replay before leaving for their honeymoon.

"YOU ARE NEVER TOUCHING ME AGAIN!" Edward roared hissing because off the pain. He was spread over a hospital bed and was currently yelling at his husband. Envy stood next to him wondering what he was supposed to do now. He had meant to hold Edward's hand before he got yelled at. "YOUR DICK ISN'T GOING ANYWHERE NEAR MY ASS EVER AGAIN!"

"Don't worry he doesn't really mean it. He's just yelling out the pain on you." Assured the nurse after seeing the concerned look on Envy's face at the threat. He smiled a little still unsure if he should feel relieved or not. "Just be thankful he doesn't want you to hold his hand. Last time a mother with this much of temper broke her husbands fingers." the nurse said chuckling at Envy's expression when Edward asked him to hold his hand right after.

Later, after some more yelling, some crying out in pain, encouraging words, bruised fingers and sighs of relief, a simple cry of the new-born baby rang in room. Soon the now-clean baby was handed over to the exhausted 'mother' while the proud father watched the smile spread over Edward's lips. The blond made a little more room on the bed and Envy sat next to him on the edge of the bed.

"She's tiny." Edward whispered quickly looking at Envy.

"Yes she is." Envy murmured softly stroking her cheek. When he saw the tears forming in the corners of Edward's eyes, he smiled softly at the blond. "You did great. So don't cry." he said kissing Edward's forehead.

"Sorry I yelled at you…" the blond whispered.

"It's okay…" Envy said silently. "Don't worry about."

"Have you thought of a name yet?" someone asked but neither of the new parents noticed nothing more about them except the question.

"No…" Edward shook his head lightly turning to face the bedclothes with a thoughtful look. Envy leaned closer and whispered something into his ear making the blond snap his face towards Envy.

"Do you really…" Edward trailed off. Envy nodded chuckling at his husband's sleepy smile.

"Why not? It's a beautiful name." Envy stated. Edward faced the drowsy baby kissing her on a cheek.

"Hi there little Trisha." Edward whispered hearing the soft whisper 'welcome to the family' coming from Envy. He then gave Trisha over to her father cuddling closer to Envy and falling asleep as soon as he closed his eyes. Envy watched as the baby fell asleep to holding her close and stroking his fingers through Edward blond locks. He called a nurse to move Trisha to her own bed since Edward prevented him from moving. Envy smiled contently in the room before falling asleep too.

"Guys, I'm home!" Envy hollered as he closed the front door and hanged his jacket on the coat-rack. He heard hurried steps coming closer and prepared himself.

"Father!" yelled the little boy jumping into his arms. Trisha came to hug him.

"How was your day?" she asked politely. Envy smiled at his ten years old daughter. She resembled Edward with her blond hair and small physique but she had Envy's eyes. She behaved well and was smarter than most kids her age. Probably got it from Edward.

"Just fine." he replied looking around. "Where's Edward?"

"Daddy's in the bedroom." Trisha said looking a little worried. The four year old in his arms kept poking his finger into Envy's cheek.

"Hello to you too, Brian." Envy said turning to face the boy, who smiled brightly and hugged him. Envy chuckled heading to the bedroom to check if his husband was alright. At the door he put Brian on the floor. Brian resembled Edward, too. His hair was little darker blond than Edward's and he had golden eyes. And now he tried to make Envy pick him up again with puppy dog eyes. It didn't work.

"Could you look after your brother for a while?" Envy asked fro Trisha who nodded and dragged the resisting boy into the living room. Envy shook his laughing lightly at them. He knocked on the door before opening it.

"You alright?" he asked from the blond resting on the bed. Edward smiled as he saw Envy coming closer.

"I'm alright. Just got too tired while making dinner." was the silent answer as Envy walked to the bed. "Needed to rest for a while."

"Come here." Envy chuckled gently pulling Edward closer and giving him a sweet kiss. "You know we agreed that I'd prepare dinner for the next two months." he mumbled as they parted.

"I know. I was bored so I thought…" Edward muttered.

"You shouldn't exhaust yourself." Envy said while gently rubbing Edward's swollen belly.

"I wont'." the blond stated. He closed his eyes smiling contently in Envy's arms. "I'll be fine."

"You'd better be." Envy chuckled giving a peck on his husband's cheek. They heard a knock on the door. "Come in." Envy said and the door opened. Trisha walked into the room holding Brian's hand.

"Father, we're hungry." she stated and Brian nodded furiously as an agreement. Envy chuckled getting up.

"Well then. Let's get you something to eat." he replied helping Edward up too.

"Go get the dinner out of the oven." Edward stated pushing Envy out of the door, the kids trailing after him. Edward followed slowly after them and once he reached the kitchen Trisha and Brian already sat at the table waiting for something to eat. He carefully sat next his kids and waited as Envy finished their dinner. Edward was content living with his husband and two beautiful children and third on the way. Life couldn't be any better.


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