A short gift for a friend's birthday. Kel/Zahir, totally onesided. Zahir is a bit confused, which makes quite a lot of sense in his situation. Title is shamelessly filched from the Dresden Dolls, who are more amazing by far than this short ficlet. I don't own that either, shall we add it to the long list? Anyways. Happy Birthday May :) Enjoy!

He does not know why he watches her, besides the fact that she is different. She does not wear a veil and show off only her large, dreamy hazel eyes, she does not cover her strong, muscular body, she is a girl in a world only men inhabit, yet she is entirely comfortable here.

She should be an anachronism, out of place where she is, an oddity where she is, but she seems comfortable and (even though he hates to admit it) she has proven her place.

Zahir stops causing her trouble and just observes and wonders.

He overhears Lord Wyldon tell her that he wishes that she was born a boy. Silently, in the relative calmness of his own mind, he disagrees. A small yet noisy part of his brain tells him he might be falling in love, but the silence wins.

So all he does- all he can do- is watch.