Author: Crisy

Author: Crisy

Category: Naruto

Genre: Drama/Angst

Summary: AU; Naruto returned Sasuke after his attempt to defect to Orochimaru. Even though it was obvious Sasuke had betrayed them he barely got a slap on the wrist and Naruto is looked on with even more hatred for damaging the villages' precious Uchiha.

A/N: The first fic I've written in a long time. Probably just a one shot since I'm not overly inspired right now and rather tired to boot…maybe not actually, I just wrote the first words and got inspiration. We'll see; review and tell me what you think.

Naruto glared at the Uchiha and Kakashi as they trained. Damn Sasuke, he had everything handed to him on a silver platter. Even though Naruto had nearly died of a Chidori to the lung, everyone but a select few worshipped the Uchiha and looked down on him for breaking one of Sasuke's legs and knocking him out in order to bring him back.

"Bastard, if you won't come quietly, I'll just have to break your arms and legs and then DRAG you back!" Naruto screamed at his friend.

Sasuke just smirked, "I'd like to see you try, you deadlast."

Naruto glared and charged with a shout of 'Shadow Replication Technique'.

They were lucky he hadn't broken more than just one leg! Tsunade had been furious to find that she couldn't do more than remove Sasuke from active duty for a few months. The council of shinobi elders that were only supposed to govern domestic matters had apparently slipped quite a few decrees under Sarutobi's nose and had slowly been siphoning power away from the Hokage position ever since the Kyuubi attack.

Naruto glared harder as Kakashi congratulated Sasuke on getting a new jutsu he'd been teaching them (Sasuke had used Sharingan to copy the hand seals…). Them being relative, since Sakura was off training with Tsunade and Kakashi was too focused on Sasuke to really notice that his other student had even shown up for training that day.

The only reason he had was that the Toad-Sannin had gone on a week long 'research' trip. Naruto left the training area with a scowl on his face as Kakashi began the introduction to another jutsu for Sasuke to copy. He would go do some of his own training somewhere else…working on the Rasengan sounded appealing just then.

Days ago, after Naruto had brought Sasuke back to the village, Sakura had thanked him for keeping his promise and whisked Sasuke off to the hospital without another glance at her other teammate. Naruto had been suffering from blood loss and he'd collapsed right as Kakashi, who had been late to the battle site, had gotten back. He looked at Naruto in alarm, wondered where Sasuke was for a couple seconds, and then picked up his unconscious student to take him to the hospital as well.

Word got out that Naruto had beaten Sasuke fairly badly and a mob formed outside the hospital to 'rid the world of the demon once and for all!!1!' Tsunade had thrown a fit and punched anyone who tried to get through the hospital doors back the way they'd come and through a few houses. The civilian wing of the hospital was rather full even four days after the event.

The mob disbanded eventually, but not before the council decreed that Naruto was to be discharged from the active duty for an undetermined amount of time on the grounds that he had shown aggression towards a fellow shinobi of the leaf. Tsunade had thrown a fit about that too, but there was nothing she could do since the council had overruled her. She was still trying to figure out ways around the rules they had made that Sarutobi hadn't known about, but nothing was coming up.

The retrieval team that had gone after Sasuke was mostly healed; Neji and Chouji were still in the hospital but were recovering nicely. Everyone else was out and about, the wonders of medic-nin and healing chakra working small miracles on all of their injuries.

Naruto stopped in a small clearing far away from the village and began to practice Rasengan on a small number of innocent trees. He continued to batter the trunks for several minutes before stopping to admire the swirled patterns the attack left on the wood. Naruto was using a weak version of his attack to try to learn to control it better and use the chakra more efficiently. His goal was to drill through a tree with half of the chakra he normally used for the goal.

He trained in this way all afternoon before he sat down to look at his handiwork. All around him, the clearing had been expanded as his repeated use of the half power Rasengan would eventually fell the tree he was practicing on. The tree in front of him had a big gouge out of it in the center, nearly all the way through it. It was good progress in his opinion, an afternoon well spent. Even if he couldn't take missions, he could still train. In fact, the lack of missions actually gave him nearly triple the amount of training time.

"Naruto! There you are, Tsunade-sama wants to see you right away!" a voice said from above him.

He turned half around to see Sakura standing behind him, hands on her hips and an annoyed look on her face.

"Hey Sakura-chan. Look at this!" He exclaimed, casually forming a very small Rasengan ball in one hand, the product of his training for the day.

Sakura looked at the attack skeptically, she had heard that it was very powerful and destructive, but the ball of wind and chakra in her teammate's hand didn't look like it would do much. Though she knew better, having treated a large wound across Sasuke's forehead that Naruto had made because the Uchiha had refused to put his hitai-ate on and face Naruto 'ninja to ninja'. Sasuke had almost lost an eye; he in fact still had to wear a bandage across his forehead even though he was cleared for training. The damage was to the flesh, not the brain, so he hadn't had a concussion to keep him in the hospital.

Sakura had mixed feelings about Naruto at the moment, she smiled at him in response to his accomplishment, whatever it was, but in the back of her head a little voice was telling her that he had hurt her Sasuke-kun. Sakura was able to ignore the voice for the most part but couldn't deny that it had a point. She had initially been furious with Naruto for the state that he'd brought Sasuke back in. It wasn't until Kakashi brought him to the hospital, unconscious and leaking blood, that Sakura considered that Naruto had gotten hurt too. She knew that Sasuke had been going to Orochimaru, that was why she had been so desperate to get him back safe and mostly alive. She knew that if he'd made it to Orochimaru that they never would have gotten him back.

"Let's go Naruto; Tsunade-sama looked worried when she told me to find you." Sakura said as she tapped her foot.

"Alright Sakura-chan, let's go!" Naruto jumped up, letting the wind chakra dissipate as he went.

They dashed back towards the village in relative silence. Things had been awkward since Sasuke had come back, Sakura was grateful to Naruto but they hadn't had any chance to talk since then. Sasuke was back to normal, the cursed seal really had been affecting his mind. Naruto was avoiding the conversation all together. Sasuke vaguely knew about the Kyuubi and Naruto was afraid that he would spread it around he didn't know if he'd told Sakura.

Naruto glanced at his female teammate; she didn't seem afraid of him or hateful towards him. That didn't mean that she didn't know though, he could remember several instances where people had faked being friendly only to hurt him more when they tried to kill him or hurt him somehow. It hadn't happened since he'd become a ninja, but that didn't mean it couldn't happen again. Not that he thought Sakura was like the people that had tried to kill him, but he knew that fear could do strange things to people.

So they continued in silence, until they reached the Hokage tower and were admitted with a poisonous glare at Naruto and a smile for Sakura.

"It's about time brat, what took you so long to find him Sakura?" Tsunade demanded from behind her desk, a folder filled with documents slightly open in front of her.

"Sorry Tsunade-sama, he was out training in the woods, not in a conventional training area." Sakura said apologetically.

"It's fine, you can leave now." Tsunade said dismissively.

"What's this about Baa-san?" Naruto asked as Sakura exited the room.

"The council is trying to find an excuse to have you executed. There's only one way that I can think of for you to escape them. I can't do anything because of all the damn rules they made while Sarutobi-sensei wasn't looking…" Tsunade trailed off, letting Naruto absorb what she'd said, "I'll need you to sign these papers."

"What are they for?" Naruto said shakily.

"Your discharge from the shinobi forces of Konoha, you are going to have to leave the village or the council will figure some way to have you killed or worse." Tsunade replied grimly.

That'll be all, I'm going to edit it when I write the next chapter since I was rushed at the end. Actually, I've now edited it and it doesn't seem that bad. I actually liked the ending better than the middle.