Dear Journal,

Im calling you a journal cause diary sounds stupid. Hahaha. I got a new adopted sister Makayla, or Miki. Shes eight. She shares my room with me. Carly and Freddie didn't meet her yet and I cant wait till they do. Well I gotta go. Bye!


I sighed and sat down on my bed. Miki was going to be home from school any minute. And dad was going to be home an hour later. When she gets here Im going to Carlys. He doesn't give a crap that we aren't there. Suddenly I heard the door open and Miki's scared little voice sounded through the house.

"Sam? You here?" she called. I jumped up and ran downstairs. She smiled at me as I hugged her. "Im glad you're here Sam" she said in my shoulder. I laughed. "Come on we gotta meet Sam and Freddie for iCarly. Maybe we can stay the night." she sighed in relief. "Ok. I love iCarly!" I rolled my eyes and we headed out the door.

"YO CARLS!" I yelled. Carly and Freddie looked at me in annoyece. "Sam! You were supposed to be here fifteen minutes ago!" she yelled. I smiled. "I had to take care of someone. Freddie, Carly, meet my new little sister Makayla, or as I call her sometimes, Miki" Carly smiled softly and bent down to Mikis level. "Hey honey. Im Carly" She said. Miki smiled. "Im Miki. Sam told me Miki sounded cool. I used to go by Makayla" Freddie scoffed. "Sounds like Sam" I glared at him. "Excuse me? At least Im not a techno geek" Freddie narrowed his eyes. "At lea-" I felt water hit my face. I sqeaked. Carly was holding her water bottle at me and Freddie. "ENOUGH!" She yelled. Miki giggled. "They really seem to love e-" I looked at her in anger. "Don't finish that sentence Mik" She smirked. "Alright lets get this show on the road!"

"In 5,4,3,2,1" Freddie counted. "Im Carly!" Carly yelled. I smirked. "Im Sam! And welcome to iCarly!" Carly looked at Miki and then at the camera. "Today we have a special guest, please welcome Sams new sister, Miki!" Miki skipped beside me and smiled as I pressed the applause button on my remote. Miki looked at the remote. "Can I press the button?" She asked. I smiled and handed her the remoted. "Here yah go munchkin" She pressed the button and music came on. "Alright! Lets DANCE!!" Carly yelled. We moved our bodys twards the music.


"Freddie?" A voice asked. I turned to see Miki. "Hey Miki. Did you like the show?" She nodded. "Yeah. I watched it at the orphanage. You guys are awesome" I laughed. "Thanks" She looked at me. "Do you like Sam?" she asked. I stared at her wide eyed. "NO!" She laughed. "It looks like you do. You guys always fight" She smiled and skipped away. I sighed deeply. I dont like Sam! Do I?