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one week later

Naruto focused on the scroll in front of him, he'd relearned everything he needed to know regarding kanji in a short week and had Iruka goggling at how fast he'd picked it up. Now he spent his days after training studying scrolls. He was currently in the library reading the scroll he'd inadvertently grabbed that day after Sakura had left. He'd been catching glimpses of the pink haired woman all over Konoha but never had the time nor inclination to approach her and she didn't seem particularly keen on talking to him either. He chuckled thinking about how Ino had told him just how pissed Sakura had been after she'd been told that she'd have to talk to him herself if she wanted a reply to her 'apology'.

Naruto had finished memorizing half of the scroll when he heard mincing footsteps coming his way. He ignored them, thinking that it was probably a librarian coming to check if he'd destroyed anything, but when a familiar voice snapped at him his head came up slowly to meet sea green eyes.

"Naruto this new ploy of your has gone far enough!"

"What new ploy Sakura?"

"This new ploy," she gestured at his clothes and the scroll he'd been reading, "The change in clothes, the studying, the obviouslies you tell to avoid me, and the refusal to accept my apology, all to get my attention. It's pathetic and it's not working."

Naruto narrowed his eyes, "First of all Sakura," her eyes widened as the lack of affectionate honorific finally registered, "Not everything I am or do revolves around you. The change in clothes is to aid me in missions as is the studying. I have not been telling lies to avoid you, I've been training with several different people. If you want conformation on that then ask Kakashi-taichou, Gai-san, Kurenai-san, Ebisu-sensei, or Shikamaru. Second, my refusal to accept your apology, as you're calling it, is because you didn't actually apologize, your message did not have the words 'I'm sorry' or 'I apologize' anywhere in it and another reason for my lack of acceptance is because you didn't even have the decency to render your half-assed apology in person. Instead you had Ino-chan deliver it for you."

Naruto stood and rolled up the scroll, "You hurt me and I'm not going to go bellying up to you for approval again like a whipped puppy. I am moving on from you Sakura. While I will always consider you a teammate and friend that is all we will ever be from this moment on. Now since you've seen fit to disturb my studying, I'm going to leave and get some training in before I go visit Sasuke. See you around."

He brushed past her and she whirled to watch him with stunned eyes. 'What the hell was that?'

Naruto settled into a taijutsu stance and faced off against several of his clones in an attempt to work out the holes in the new style Gai was teaching him. As each clone was destroyed, more information about the openings in his guard entered his mind and he was able to adjust with the next clone. He dispelled the last clone and walked over to where he'd hung his jacket on a branch only to freeze when he heard a perverted giggle from the direction of the stream. He grabbed his jacket and dashed to where he knew the women of the village liked to swim. When he got there his eyes narrowed at the familiar sight of Jiraya crouched spying on the women. He stalked over to his sensei and bonked the pervert on the head, "Where the HELLhave you been Ero-sennin?"

Jiraya rubbed his head, pouted at the distressed squeals of the now leaving bathing beauties, and glared at the blond barely noticing the change in clothes, "Damn it brat why'd you have to do that? Those ladies were excellent research subjects."

Naruto growled, "We've been trying to find your perverted ass for a fucking year! Where have you been that the toads couldn't find you damn it?"

"Who said they couldn't find me brat?"

Naruto trembled in anger, "Excuse me?"

"They found me, gave me their messages, and I didn't feel like coming back to help the boy who nearly killed you three times."

Naruto's eyes flashed to Kyuubi red and his teeth and nails grew to fangs and claws as he grabbed Jiraya's haori and yukata front and snarled in his face, "You have exactly three seconds to run like hell after I let go of your clothes before I kick your ass so hard you won't be sitting for a month and then I'll deliver you to Baa-chan and Shizune-nee and tell them exactly how you got your inspirationfor your last heroine's bisexual antics. If you manage to get away from me I suggest you do some intelligence gathering on why Sasuke tried to kill me so many times."

Naruto let go of Jiraya's clothing and the toad sannin immediately shunshin no jutsued the hell away. Naruto stripped his clothes off and waded to the base of the waterfall to let the water pour over him and meditate until his fury was gone.

Jiraya gulped as Tsunade hammered why Naruto had been so pissed about his lack of communication home.

"So the curse seal controls the Uchiha's actions in moments of anger?"

A sharp nod.

"And when I didn't return or reply to the messages Naruto thought I was severely injured or dead?"

"You got it you old moron."

The Toad Sage racked his brain looking for an alternative to what he knew he had to do but after some time found no other way, "Damn it I'm going to have to apologize to the brat."

"See that you do Jiraya and afterwards take a look at Sasuke's seal."

Jiraya knew an absolute command when he heard one and he nodded, "Hai Hokage-sama."

With that the old pervert left the Hokage tower and went in search of his student.

He found said student just settling down on a stool at Ichiraku and before he could order Jiraya called out, "A deluxe bowl of ramen for Naruto on me Teuchi."

"Hai Jiraya-sama! You heard the man Ayame!"

Jiraya sat beside Naruto and the blond looked at him coolly, "What can I do for you Jiraya-sama?"

The toad sannin winced at the icy politeness, "You can hear me out brat."

Naruto turned to his sensei, "I'm listening."

Jiraya rubbed the back of his neck, "I'm not going to apologize for being unwilling to help the Uchiha brat. Influenced by the seal or not I don't like that he hurt you. However I am sorry that I didn't at least let you know I was just ignoring the summons and not dead in a ditch. I didn't mean to scare you Naruto."

The stiff set to Naruto's shoulders disappeared, "Thanks Ero-sennin, I appreciate the apology."

"So I'm forgiven?"

Naruto laughed, "After I eat that bowl of ramen you are."

Jiraya chuckled and mussed Naruto's hair, "Brat. So what's been happening around here?"

Naruto settled in to tell Jiraya all of the things that had taken place in the past year, oblivious to the pair of sea green eyes that watched him from across the street.

As Naruto wound up the story of the past week, Jiraya leaned against the ramen bar, "I'm proud of you brat, you're doing what I never could."

Naruto swatted at Jiraya, "Where's that coming from?"

"I just wonder if it's not time for me to move on from Tsunade like you're doing from Sakura."

"If you really think that'll be best for you Ero-sennin then do so but before you do talk to Baa-chan, actually talk don't just ask her out. Tell her you'd like a chance with her but if she doesn't feel the same you'll give up and move on."

"Hmph when did you get so wise brat?"

"Since I decided to grow up. Speaking of me growing up, could you start teaching me about seals?"

Jiraya smiled, "You got it brat."

Naruto and Jiraya finished their ramen and left still not noticing the pink haired, green eyed woman across the street. 'He really meant it. He's not trying to get my attention.' Sakura frowned and walked home, trying to convince herself that she was happy that Naruto had given up.

3 weeks later

Naruto and Jiraya stood in the Uchiha's cell preparing to destroy the curse seal. The raven looked at the Jiraya, "So you're going to use Naruto's Kyuubi chakra to burn the curse seal out of my system?"


"And if all goes well I'll have full access to my chakra and emotions again?"

"That's right."

"But if anything goes wrong it will kill me and take Naruto with me?"

"You got it Uchiha. Any more questions?"


Naruto jolted at the Uchiha's shouting, "Sasuke?"

"There is no way I'm letting you do this dobe. I'm sure there's more than one way to get rid of the curse seal so there's no need for you to risk your life."

Jiraya smiled as Naruto goggled at the raven, "But finding another way could take years."

"I don't care. I am not going to let the man I consider my brother put his life on the line just to get me out of a cell sooner!"

Naruto grinned stupidly, "Thanks for being so worried teme but you don't really have much choice in the matter."

"Wha-" Sasuke's voice was cut off when Jiraya knocked him out and Naruto caught the Uchiha as he crumpled and laid him on the bed. The blond looked at Jiraya, "Ready?"

The old man nodded and they began the process of burning the curse seal away.

Sasuke groaned as he opened his eyes and saw a clear blue sky above him instead of the usual cold gray stone. He shot straight up and looked around, remembering what had transpired before he'd been knocked out, he relaxed as he saw Naruto leaning against a tree teasing Jiraya. Sasuke levered himself to his feet and walked over to Naruto.

"Hey teme how ya feeling?"

Naruto's answer was a fist in the face. The blond's head snapped back and he fell flat on his ass. Sasuke turned to Jiraya only to be greeted by shunshin smoke as the pervert disappeared. Naruto sat up and wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth, "Ouch. I take it you're pissed?"

"You think? Damn it Naruto! You could have died if something had gone wrong!"

"But it didn't so what's the point in being pissed off with me now?"

Sasuke sat down beside Naruto, "Just promise me you won't do something like that again damn it."

"Teme, I wouldn't be me if I didn't risk my life for my precious people. I can't change that and I don't want to so get used to it."

Sasuke growled and gave up knowing that Naruto wasn't going to make a promise he was sure to break, "Usuratonkachi."

Naruto chuckled, "Feel like a spar?"

Sasuke raised an eyebrow, "Tell me usuratonkachi, how do you usually feel after Kyuubi's chakra goes through your system?"

"Like I've been hit by Choji's Baika no Jutsu."

"Considering that and the fact that I'm not used to the homicidal fuzzball's chakra like you are, do you think I feel up to sparring?"

Naruto chuckled, "Okay so sparring is out. I guess I should give you the skinny on what's going to happen to you now."

"Might be helpful aka."

Naruto razzed Sasuke, "You're a genin and won't be allowed to take the chunin exam for another year. Since you've been stuck in a jail cell for a year you'll be given six months of supervised training to get back to where you were skill wise. Then you'll be put on a new genin team as an extra member. You will always be watched by an ANBU until you reach Tokubetsu Jonin rank. You're also expected to find a wife within the next two years and start repopulating the Uchiha clan."

Sasuke groaned, "Please tell me my fangirls don't exist anymore."

"Sorry but absence just seemed to make their obsession grow stronger."


Naruto laughed loudly and lightly punched Sasuke on his arm before standing up and offering the Uchiha a hand up, "Hungry teme?"

Sasuke gripped the offered hand and used the leverage to stand next to Naruto, "Hn, no ramen."

The blond nodded and they walked off towards town.

Sasuke raised an eyebrow when Sakura rushed into the restaurant they were eating at. The pinkette spotted him and hurried over to stand beside the table, "Sasuke-kun Jiraya-sama was able to remove the curse seal?"

The Uchiha nodded at Naruto, "With Naruto's help yes."

The young woman shifted nervously and Naruto motioned to a free seat, "Wanna join us Sakura?"

She looked at him and nodded, "Thank you Naruto," she met Sasuke's irritable gaze and began playing with a napkin, "So um who are you going to be training with?"

He shrugged then jumped when a foot connected with his shin under the table. He caught the mild reprimand in Naruto's eyes and compressed his lips in irritation before answering the pinkette, "Kakashi if he's willing and Naruto when he has time."

"Could I join you guys from time to time?"


Naruto sighed quietly and decided to give up on getting Sasuke to be civil to Sakura as she stuttered, "B-because I thought we were friends a-and friends help each other get stronger right?"

Sasuke raised an eyebrow, "I was also under the impression that friends don't treat each other like garbage but you seem to have a different policy if the way you've treated Naruto is any indication."

Sakura looked down at the table at the stinging comment but recovered quickly, her temper heating up as is does when she's hurt. She pinned Sasuke with a look and spat, "You weren't any better Mr. Almighty Uchiha Avenger! How many times did you insult Naruto so you could keep isolating yourself? How many times have you tried to kill him? You're not a much better friend than I am Sasuke!"

She shot up out of her seat and stormed out of the restaurant. Naruto, frowning, made to go after her but Sasuke clapped a hand onto his arm, "Don't bother Naruto."

Naruto relaxed back into his seat, "She was way out of line."

"Guilt can cut deeper than anything else and you know how she is when she's hurt."

Naruto nodded, "Still. I'm not mad at her anymore but she really does need an attitude adjustment."

"She'll get her wake up call eventually. Now from what I've heard about your training schedule it sounds like you're half killing yourself on the training field."

"Nah, it's not really all that packed. A lot of it's mental work so I don't really over exert my body. Even the genjutsu training doesn't work much more than my chakra coils and control."

"Hn, just don't kill yourself usuratonkachi."

"Love you too ass."


From there lunch degenerate into a fierce battle to see who could insult the other most creatively.

Naruto frowned in concentration as he focused on his opponent then, as if a signal had been given they charged at each other, dodging lightening fast kicks and punches, jumping over sweeping legs, and attempting to make contact with their own blows. After several minutes, Sasuke dropped to the ground with an exhausted growl, "Fuck it. Three weeks and I'm still as pathetic as I was when I got out of the damn dungeon."

A not nearly as winded Naruto rubbed the back of his head, "Well teme it doesn't exactly help that everyone who you're training with doesn't want to go too hard on you. Maybe it would be better for you to train with someone who won't...um."

Sasuke narrowed his eyes, "Coddle me?"

"Well not exactly the word I was looking for but...yeah."

The Uchiha looked over to where Kakashi and Sakura stood. The pinkette had joined the training sessions at Tsunade's request, something about needing a medic anytime Naruto and Sasuke fought each other. Sasuke shook his head, admitting that Sakura hadgotten stronger but she was going easy on him just like both Kakashi and Naruto were. He sighed and stood, "You're right but I don't want to deal with someone who's intent on nearly killing me either, which is the majority of Konoha."

Naruto grinned, "Bet I know someone who'd be harsh without almost killing you."

Sasuke raised an eyebrow at Naruto's grin, "Who?"


Sasuke shook his head, "She's the first person who'd try to kill me Naruto."

"No she wouldn't. I know she likes me teme but she won't try to kill you. Kick your ass royally yeah but not kill you.

Sasuke ignored the sound of Kakashi and Sakura face planting anime-style at Naruto's words and eyed the blond suspiciously, "Are you certain?"


Before Sasuke could agree, Sakura sprang up and pointed at Naruto, "You mean to tell me you know about Hinata's crush on you?"

"Well duh Sakura-chan, I've known since I was a genin. It's kinda hard to miss."

"Then why the hell haven't you asked her out?"

"Uh hello, Hyuga heiress, orphaned Kyuubi-brat? You honestly think I could have gotten near her before her father could put an end to it? Hiashi would have forbidden her to associate with me faster than I can suck down a bowl of ramen and she'd have gotten in trouble for liking me."

Kakashi and Sasuke stared at Naruto while Sakura bit her lip and looked away as the truth in that statement hit her square in the forehead. Naruto smiled and shook his head, "Don't look like that you guys. I wouldn't be a good boyfriend for Hinata-chan anyway; I'm way to wild and rough around the edges. She needs someone who won't embarrass her at a dinner party when he doesn't know which fork to use."

The rest of Team Kakashi looked like they wanted to argue that but they managed to hold their tongues. Sasuke turned and started walking away, pausing to look back at Naruto over his shoulder, "Well let's go ask her usuratonkachi."

Naruto grinned and dashed to catch up with Sasuke. Sakura stared at the blond's retreating back as the sound of Kakashi teleporting away registered in her ears. She murmered to herself, "I'd never have guessed that Naruto knew about Hinata's crush on him. I wonder what else he knows that he's hiding?"

The pinkette trailed after Sasuke and Naruto curious to see if she could spot a tell of Naruto's so she could recognize when he's acting in the future.

Hinata looked up from the scroll she was studying when she heard Naruto's voice call out, "Hey Hinata-chan can I ask you a bigfavor?"

The Hyuga heiress turned bright red at the sight of Naruto running towards her but she managed to clamp down on her usual reaction of stuttering and passing out. She really had grown up a lot, when she'd passed out the other day it was due to the different and extremely sexy outfit Naruto had been wearing but she was used to seeing him in it now. She tilted her head questioningly, "What favor Naruto-kun," when she noticed Sasuke next to Naruto her blush faded and she nodded icily, "Uchiha-san."

Sasuke spoke politely, "Good morning Hyuga-san."

Hinata turned her attention back to Naruto, who was rubbing the back of his neck, "Uh I kinda need you to help Sasuke out."

She blinked in surprise, "What?"

Naruto blew out a breath, "Well you see it's like this. Me, Sakura, and Kakashi-sensei are all going too easy on him. We're hindering him in his efforts to regain all his strength and ability but most everyone else is so pissed at him that they'd be too rough. I think you're the only person I can trust enough to train with him and not cause him serious damage. But I understand if you don't want to do it."

It took the Hyuga a few moments to absorb everything Naruto had just blurted out but once she did a frown settled on her face. Before she could refuse, Sakura came dashing up and placed a hand on her hip to scowl at the two young men standing in front of Hinata, "Jeeze guys you couldn't wait for me?"

Hinata's frown deepened at the sight of Sakura but she whipped her head around to stare at Naruto when he answered Sakura.

"You were spacing out Sakura and we didn't feel like waiting for you to come out of your dream-land."

Sakura blushed and scowled at him, "Well excuse me for thinking, an act you don't often seem to do. I don't know why you were in such a hurry to see Hinata. There's no way she'll agree to help Sasuke-kun."

And just like that Hinata's refusal died before it was voiced and she spoke to Sakura in an freezing tone, "Actually Haruno-san, I was about to accept before you came and interrupted."

Naruto's head whipped around, "Really?"

She nodded and he beamed at her happily, "Thanks Hinata-chan! You're the best."

Her blush returned full force, "Y-you're welcome Naruto-kun."

He blinked and squinted, "Eh? Hinata-chan do you have a fever? You're all red."

"I-I'm fine Naruto-kun."

He squinted a little more, "You sure?"

She nodded, "Y-yes. Um Naruto-kun?"


"I-I think that it would be best if you and Haruno-san weren't here when I'm training with Uchiha-san."

Naruto pulled back a bit, his eyes properly open again, "You're worried we'll interfere right?"


He nodded, "Okay. Teme that alright with you?"

Sasuke nodded, "It's fine."

"Alright then. We'll be going now. RightSakura?"

The pinkette took in Naruto's implacable expression and nodded, "Uh yeah! See you Sasuke-kun. Do your best."


Hinata watched with narrowed eyes as Naruto and Sakura left, the pinkette chattering to the Uzumaki. When they were out of sight she turned towards Sasuke, stood, and placed her hands on her hips, "I want us to be clear on something Uchiha-san, I do not trust you. You hurt Naruto-kun a lot and though he may have forgiven you I am not so willing to do so yet. The only reason I agreed to help you train is because I dislike Haruno and had no desire to let her be right. You had an excuse, pathetic though it was, to be so stupid but she's always just hurt Naruto-kun without any reason."

Sasuke blanched a bit but nodded, "I understand."

The Hyuga nodded, "Then let's get started."

Sakura split from Naruto as soon as they were out away from the Hyuga complex. She walked to training ground three and sat down next to one of the stumps to go over Naruto's interaction with Hinata. She'd noticed the way he'd squinted when he was asking Hinata why she was red. 'Now that I think about it he always squints like that whenever one of the villagers insult him.' The more she thought about it the more she realized that whenever Naruto squinted he was hiding his eyes because his eyes always showed what he was feeling with startling clarity. With this revelation also came the realization that, until recently, Naruto was almost always talking to her while squinting. 'Am I really that scathing to him?'

He head snapped up as a rustle came from the bushes. She threw a kunai at the sound and a disgruntled voice yelped, "Hey watch it pinky!"

She blinked as she recognized the voice, "Kiba?"

The wild man walked out of the bushes holding the kunai she'd thrown, "You know you should watch where you toss your kunai."

She took the kunai from him, "And you should know better than to sneak around near the training grounds."

He shrugged and she noticed the lack of his constant companion, "Where's Akamaru?"

He snorted, "A couple of the bitches are in heat so there is no way you could peel him away from the compound."

She laughed and shook her head, "So why are you here and not training with Shino?"

"He's training a cousin of his to control the kikaichu. Why are youhere? Doesn't Naruto usually let you practice beating guys to hell on him this time of day?"

She looked down, "Am I really that bad?"

"Well yeah but only to Naruto. You're always beating the snot out of sunshine boy no matter how nice he tries to be. Why do you ask?"

She jumped up, "I...I just remembered that my mom needs me to help her move some stuff to the attic. See you Kiba."

He blinked, "Hey wait," he winced as she took off like a shot, "Damn. Open mouth insert foot."

He left the training ground to go home, feeling a little guilty about upsetting the pinkette. 'I really need to learn how to be tactful around women.'

Sakura was halfway home when she spotted Naruto talking to TenTen outside the dango shop. He laughed at something the weapon's mistress said, his eyes sparkling and Sakura felt a twinge of jealousy. 'He's never looked that happy when he's talking to me.'As she watched, Naruto lifted the flap of the shop's entrance and waved TenTen in. He pulled out a chair for the brunette and waited for her to sit down before he did.

Curious over what they were talking about, Sakura crept close to the stand, focused some chakra to her ears and listened in.

"So you really think Hinata won't kill him?"

"No I don't but if you you could keep an eye on Neji that'd be great."

TenTen laughed, "So that's why you told Lee that Neji wanted to spar with him. You knew that Lee would be able to stall him. Very sneaky Naruto."

"Well we're ninjas, sneaky is a requirement and since I know you are exceptionally sneaky I am humbly requesting that you help me keep Sasuke intact."

The brunette was silent for a few moments then, "How the hell do you manage to spout that bullshit with a straight face?"

"I keep it as close to the truth as I can. You really are one of the most skilled kunoichi I know and one of the prettiest too."

"Naruto has anyone ever told you that when you pull that smile and turn on the charm you're utterly lethal?"

"You're the first and you are far more charming than I will ever be."

TenTen laughed and Sakura left before she could hear anything more. As she walked home she couldn't help but wonder why she'd never noticed how gentlemanly Naruto could be. He'd always been considerate to her when Sasuke and others were harsh but she'd just ignored him in favor of the 'cooler' men she knew. Now it looked as if she'd kicked away a diamond in the rough because she saw some shiny glass. 'Damn have I ever screwed up, maybe if I start giving him more positive attention he'll give me another chance; he always has before.'Sakura completely ignored the fact that Naruto had said that he'd never give her another chance in typical fashion, certain that she'd be able to convince him otherwise.

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