Author's Note: This is my second fanfic, and it's for Bella/Jasper, and it will NOT go back to Bella/Edward. I will do that in another story, just not this one. I would love reviews to keep it going. By the way, this is just a preview.

Bella POV

Edward was always surprising me. One day I thought to myself. . .why not reciprocate it? I knew he would be surprised, I usually don't go down to his place on the count of my car, and Rosalie, who still didn't like me very much.

I think you can guess what happened next. I drove my '53 Chevy all the way to his house, the whole time I was thinking of his face when he would see me. It made me involuntarily smile. Being in love is great, I thought, looking at my ring.

I knock on his door. I hear Jasper yelling. . .something I never heard him do before. Before anyone opened the door, Jasper stormed out, grabbed my arm and. . .it was scary! His face was in such pain and anger that I felt that if I spoke, he would kill me. That's not a great feeling.

He doesn't even talk to me, only sometimes, but no physical contact was allowed at all.

"Bella, put this on." Jasper said, handing me a helmet, his jaw set angrily. I was terrified, after all, Jasper had almost killed me once. He was getting on his silver motorcycle that Edward had given him.

"Where are we going?" I asked, confused, but I obliged, putting on the helmet.

"Away from here." He said sharply, and I shut up. He started the motorcycle at vampire speed, being miles away before I knew what happened.

"Jasper, what's going on?" I asked again, growing weary.

He turned to face me, and I was saddened by the pain in his eyes. "Oh, Bella. . .I don't think you want to know."