This is a one-shot between Squirrelflight and Shrewpaw. This is a scene where Shrewpaw and Squirrelpaw are talking right before the monster came. I'm putting this imaginary scene because I can't imagine him dying because he was chasing a pheasant! I mean, come on! R&R!

Shrewpaw turned around. Squirrelpaw was behind him. "Squirrelpaw…" his voice trailed.

"Hi Shrewpaw." She said quietly. "where's Thornclaw?"

"We split up." "oh"

"Squirrelpaw, I missed you when you were gone. A lot. But when the monsters came-' "You realized I'd run off, a traitor," she said bitterly. "No!" he cried. "I'd never, ever think that! I care about you!" He blushed.

Squirrelpaw stared at him. "Shrewpaw… I'm glad to have your friendship,"

Shrewpaw gulped, then whispered, "Squirrelpaw, I have to tell you something. I-"

Suddenly, a tree fell forwards straight towards them. A monster was churning forward. Squirrelpaw stood, terrified. Shrewpaw shoved her out of the way of the tree. It fell, trapping him beneath. The monster came closer quickly.


Squirrelpaw ran up to him. "Shrewpaw!" "Squirrelpaw, go!" "No! I won't leave you to die!"

Shrewpaw gulped. "Squirrelpaw… I will always be glad to have your friendship. Lead the clan to safety. I love you." The last words came as a whisper.

Squirrelpaw gasped. "Shrewpaw…"

"Squirrelpaw, go!"

Squirrelpaw shot off. She ran past Thornclaw, who didn't notice her. He stared in shock at Shrewpaw as the monster hit him.

"Shrewpaw!" he called.

He darted down as soon as the monster passed.

Squirrelpaw stood on the slope. Thornclaw hadn't noticed the tree, as it had been rammed aside. He noticed the pheasant, however. "he was chasing the pheasant…" he whispered.

Squirrelpaw stared at Shrewpaw's limp body, then ran into the trees.

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