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Summary: What happens when the girl you've known for so long happened to be the girl you couldn't stop thinking about? Would your heart start pounding on your chest, and a wave of emotions wash over you immensely? Would you get jealous when your best friend was her first crush? Would you feel so angry when your best friend would hang out with her? You've known her for about two years, and entered Junior High School together…and somehow…Souma Kukai couldn't stop thinking about her. Her…Hinamori Amu. His best female friend.

And that's all she could be…his best female friend. And he didn't think he would've fallen for her like this. It was bad…and yet, he couldn't get enough of it.

Main Pairing(s): Souma Kukai and Hinamori Amu

Minor Pairing(s): Tadase and Amu, Ikuto and Amu, Nagihiko and Amu, Kairi and Yaya, Tadase and Rima, Tadase and Nadeshiko

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Chapter 1: Reminiscences of You and Me...
Our Memories…

xX Xx

"Ohayo gozaimasu, Amu-chan."

The girl beside the pinkette blinked, and turned to see the girl gazing out the window. The raven haired female fixed her nadeshiko hair clip giggling, and sighed. The Fujisaki dancer smiled softly. She straightened up, and waved a hand in front of her friend, and got no response.

"Amu-chan…?" Nadeshiko sighed, taking note that she was looking outside and daydreaming as usual.

Hinamori Amu watched the clouds and the bright day pass by, and carefree moments become mere seconds. This was her favorite thing to do after class lectures. Her peripheral vision looked around the room at the semi-loud and engaging conversations. Girls and guys admired her. Amu was a figure of human strength making her popular amongst others, but in weird ways. They admired her for her mind…but…

They also feared her.

She had learned that much when she was in the fifth grade, and she could remember it very much. Her foolishness, it was all long ago. Two years to be exact. She still couldn't believe what drama she went through. She pushed everything behind her, and continued to dream.

The pinkette closed her eyes, propped her right arm on the desk holding her head in her hand. She crossed her left leg over her right and sat with the insight that she didn't care. She was too clogged in the head to think.

She remembered her first crush, Hotori Tadase.

She mentally blushed, he had grown a lot since then. Her first crush had resembled the planetarium man even more. His once light blonde hair was a bit darker in some parts, giving a contrast of the bleach to dark locks. His once skinny and scrawny arms and body was bigger, and he became a bit taller.

They were now in the seventh grade, and could only curse the worlds for teenage hormones growing on her. Her crush for him seemed to get even bigger. She could remember the days that they would have together and days they wouldn't.

He seemed to have a liking in her, he even admitted it. And she spent a half hour recovering from the shock of it.

But, that was all child's play.

Later, she felt deeply for another person, Ikuto. She smiled; he was so kind, a bit "perverted" and really like a "neko-chan". All around handsome. His night blue eyes would entrance any female of any age, his deep night blue hair shimmering in the end of the day when the town was lit with only light.

He was almost an angel, and strong too. She blushed even more inside when the thought of them hanging out swept her mind. Oh, but when she had a conversation, or listened to him play the violin. She could only dream…and possibly faint of the deepness of it all.

She grimaced; they were always after the Embryo. But that was one year ago, and ended so soon, she couldn't remember every part of it.

She felt so used, she was needed to hunt down this one egg so the person would have the control and the ultimate wish with it.

What did she have to do with it, she could only fool herself.

She loved Tadase. She had a crush on Ikuto. She knew she had to choose, and she knew she couldn't. In order to get close to them, she knew she had to continue looking for this egg just to please them.

She was only lying to herself when she had admitted she really wanted to look for the egg. She wanted to do something to get noticed. Selfish of her, but she was foolish. She knew that much.

And up to this day, Amu. Hinamori Amu. Seiyo Elementary School's former Joker. Seiyo Sakura Middle School's seventh grade Joker. The pinkette that would hunt down "x-eggs" and do so many "Chara changes"…the girl who lied to herself…

Still hasn't told both boys that she loved them.

She just couldn't choose…

"Amu-chan, are you still with us?" Amu blinked. "K-Kyaa, gomenasai Nadeshiko. Was I spacing out again?"

The long raven haired girl smiled and nodded. Amu's best friend placed her hands softly on the desk, and had her back straightened. She looked so professional, no wrinkles on her vest, or her white collared shirt under it. The black buttoned vest was neatly pressed.

Amu sighed and straightened herself as well, not really giving a care that her uniform was always messy. Come on. It was her style.

"I'm so sorry, just thinking about grade school. It's been so long."

Nadeshiko could only giggle.

Amu smiled, "I'll pay more attention. I promise."

The bell rang, and the sensei excused them. As the girls walked by they were engaged in conversation passing the halls.

On the other side, the girls were headed towards another friend of theirs…

A boy with hazel orange spiked hair sighed. He had looked no older than the girls, but he was very handsome. Some of the girls that were passing by admired his broad shoulders and others admired his mature and strikingly good looks. His right ear was pierced giving him the punk edge look, and girls could only dream of him more.

His lean arms toughened, and his legs were that of a runner. He was an intense athlete running two miles almost everyday, and it certainly did a job on him…

…he was the celebrity of the school…adored by the female population.

What wasn't there to love about him? He had deep emerald eyes filled with determination almost all the time, and his trademark was a left eye wink, thumbs up, and a Cheshire grin. He was extremely athletic, and Amu could smile when she thought of the craziness of their training.

The girls neared him, stopping in front of the orange-haired brunette. He was a bit frustrated and tired, but he was nonetheless relaxed.

Amu remembered when they were in fifth grade. He was a year older than her, making her junior to him. He was her personal trainer, and they would run almost every day. She was always relaxed and amused that his energy supported them, despite the fact that they were always active. She didn't mind. She blushed whenever he'd grab her hand. She turned redder whenever he would carry her with a worried face.

Amu enjoyed being a kid once in a while.

She was the eldest of her family, after all. She needed to put the impression of an older sister towards her now kindergarten sister, Hinamori Ami.

But besides the case, back to her moment. The best part was the ice cream. Her favorite treat would be her prize he bought for her, along with a pat on the head from the older boy. They'd sit in the park laughing and telling funny stories about their days.

He was like her older brother, and her best male friend she ever had.

Amu giggled, and Nadeshiko could only smile when the boy dropped his books when he was in a rush and excitement. He was grabbing his soccer uniform.


Kukai picked up his books, and sighed again. He began to shuffle his books back into a pile, and took note that it wasn't just books that fell out of his locker.

"Mou, I need to be careful. My things almost killed me too."

"You best believe that much, Kukai-senpai."

He blinked, that female voice sounded too familiar. He grinned, and found himself drowning in amber eyes. Amu helped pick his books too, and she smiled. She neatly stacked his textbooks, magazines, and manga into a pile.

"Mou, baka desu, Kukai-senpai. What were you trying to do in the first place?"

"I was getting ready for soccer, Hinamori."

Nadeshiko blinked, and took notice of his uneasiness wavering in his voice. She looked down and noticed that one of the textbooks had a flash of pink sticking out. Making her more interested, it was his favorite subject besides P.E. It was his math textbook.

Reaching out curiously, she stealthily flipped the textbook opened. And only giggled at the sight of what she saw.

A photo of a girl with three little floating Charas around her. The girl was jumping happily and smiling brightly, while the three little Charas of her heart were around her grinning. They were obviously having fun.

There was glint of determination and general happiness emanating from the female in the picture.

She decided to go ahead, but it wasn't like they noticed. She left the photo on the book, knowing that Kukai would take notice of it sooner.

"I'm so sorry, Hinamori. Y-You don't have to do this for me." Kukai smiled weakly, and Amu stuck her tongue out childishly. "I don't mind at all."

He blinked, and grinned again. They were gathering everything, and soon the mess was reduced to stacks. He jerked his head and noticed that his math book was beside him. He blushed; and took note that her photo was on top of it.

"Kukai-senpai, we're almost done ne?" He nodded, and looked away hiding the photo and stuffing it gently in his pocket of the jacket.

He picked up his math book and placed it on the top and blinked. How'd his math book suddenly have a soft and feathery cover? He looked and noticed a hand. Amu had her hand on the math book, and he blushed a bit more. He removed his hand off hers, and looked down.

"Ahh, gomen!" said Amu. She smiled and turned pink with embarrassment. Kukai could only look at her and forcefully try receding his blush.

She stood up brushing her skirt a bit, and clutched the math book in one arm. She held her hand out to the senior grader to her graciously. He blinked, and took it hauled to his feet. He rubbed his hands on the back of his head.

"Its fine, I should apologize. You shouldn't have had to help me."

"But you helped me and still help me a lot, Kukai-senpai."

He blinked, and she turned her head to look at the ground. 'What?' He studied her very carefully, and noticed the warm feeling in his chest that he had lately. 'What is she talking about?' By the confused look from her angle, she could only giggle…

…and he felt it alluring.

"Remember? Before you graduated? You would always try and make me a stronger a tougher person. A carefree one, and on the day of your graduation, we hung out for a while? You and I worked on the signature move."

He smiled, and nodded.

She only sighed, and smiled brightly. He felt his eyes watch her movements; she truly did look like an angel. Ironic, he remembered the day that he became "Sky Jack" with Daichi. He took notice, she transformed into an angel.

"Yeah, I remember it."

She smiled, "Then, when you came back…I-I guess you could say we talked again. You patted me on the head a lot and would buy me ice cream. After, we'd sit together in the park."

He blushed a bit more at this. Why'd he do it in the first place? He fidgeted a bit, trying to keep his cool. Wait a minute. Why was he getting nervous?! Souma Kukai who was the youngest JV soccer and basketball player. Co-captain with his upperclass ninth grade captains.

Was actually starting to get nervous?

"W-Well, Hinamori. Y-You were a great student, and I-I was happy to help you out. I mean, it's not only my job…but my pleasure!" He grinned, but inside cursed.

'So lame, you stuttered the whole thing! What the hell, that was really cheesy! Embarrassed, I should be! Crap, wait…why do I care?! Gah! I'm taking to myself for peats sakes!'

"A-Arigato, Kukai-senpai!" She pinkette turned red in the cheeks. She giggled, "I'll also remember that you and I would be together for everything fun. Kinda interesting when people would s-start t-to spread rumors about u-us."

He blushed even more, the rumors were all lies. Yet, part of him at this…wanted to believe that could happen.

He shook his head, "Aa…"

She noticed his attitude change and giggled. "But, it'd never happen. You're too cool for me, Kukai-senpai. I'm way out of your league, and I already like…well…you know." Her cheeks flushed a darker red than he'd ever seen.

Somehow, his fists tightly and unconsciously.

She began to stack his books bringing him back to life. She placed the text books, and placed the math book on the top. Smiling she spoke, "Mah, I better go now. Mata ashita, Kukai-senpai."

"Hai, m-mata ne…Hinamori."

She smiled and slung her bag over her shoulders. He smiled, closing his locker. Slinging his duffle strap over his right shoulder and his uniform slung in his hands, he grinned. Kukai gave the girl a warm smile, and she turned a bit pinker.

He smirked, proud of his "work".

"Sayonara, Hinamori."

He patted her head, and she blushed darkly. She looked down embarrassed and he gave her a thumbs up winking. "Well, be seeing you soon!"

She blinked and nodded, watching the teenage boy walk ahead of her. She turned around, and shuffled her way passing the various doors until she reached the front. Amu already giggled when her Charas were surrounding her.

He walked with his hands in his pocket contently. Kukai got to see her today, and had a very engaging and long conversation with her. It just seemed just right…but…

Somehow, he knew he had to deny the fact that she liked his best friend. She liked his best friend, Hotori Tadase for a very long time. He didn't know if it was a good or bad thing. When they got older, he realized that maybe her crush developed into love…

…oh he wished the best for her, he'd suffer no happiness…he was becoming a sap.

And then there was the "cosplay cat" that constantly hit on her and flirt with her she didn't know it. She was way to naïve, and he knew he had to bring her head out of the clouds a lot.

He pulled out the picture and mentally smiled.

It was the wonderful Hinamori Amu when she first started out as a Joker. And he couldn't help but feel proud at the progress she had made since then. She got a lot stronger and at times she'd impress him at her fast learning and skill.

"Yo, Kukai."

He smiled, and looked beside him to see his Chara floating and showing his trademark too. "Yo, Daichi." They grinned, and walked inside the gym.

By three minutes, he was already on the track, smiling. He laughed when his Chara, Daichi, gave him his signature mark. Daichi grinned, winked, and stuck a thumbs up and Kukai could only laugh a bit at this. He grinned back and looked out feeling the wind come by…

…this was certainly going to be an interesting year.

"Well what do we have here? Souma Kukai-senpai and Hinamori Amu-san?" The voice said mischievously. He held a precious camera in his hands.

The news would spread quickly he could picture it all. Rumor or Truth: Hinamori Amu's dating Souma Kukai? Are they crushing or just simple friends? Well whatever their relationship was, it was complicated. The picture showed it all…

Things would definitely become more complicated.

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