An:None of the charaters are mine.Fanfic was inspired by a game of Bratz I played with a friend and my sister.Revised.

"Kakashi, Jirayah. Go and find Naruto,Neji,Temari,Garra,Hinata, Tenten,Ino and Sakura."Lady Tsunaade said.

"Okay."Kakashi and Jirayah said before walking out the door.

"You can find the boys.They are probably eating ramen."Kakashi said.

"Allright."Jirayah said as he walked towards Ichiraku while Kakashi headed towards the clothing departments.

-At Ichiraku's-

"Are you ever going to stop eating ramen?"Garra asked.

"Nope."Naruto said between slurps of ramen.

Jirayah walked in and seen Garra and Neji trying to get Naruto to stop eating.

"Come on,Naruto this is your 5th bowl of ramen.We need to train."Neji said.

"Found you 3 finally."Jirayah said.

"What do you want?"Naruto said again between slurps of ramen.

"Lady Tsunade has a job for you 3."

"Sweet."Naruto said then putting down his chopsticks he ran to the door "Come on you guys."He called.

"We're coming."Jirayah said.Everyone walked out the door then headed towards Lady Tsunade's office.

-Clothes Departments-

"Hey, what do you think Neji will say about this outfit?"Tenten asked holding up a brown and white shirt and a pair of brown capris.

"Probably nothing."Sakura said.

"Your right. He probably won't say a thing."

"Just because you like Neji doesn't mean you have to dress up for him."Ino said

"Atleast I'm not crusing on Shika."

"Well Shika is cuter."

"No he's not Sasuke is way cuter."Sakura said.

"No Naruto is."Hinata said.

"Well Kakashi is cute to."Sakura said loudly as Kakashi rounded the corner to where they were all standing.