AN: This story is dedicated to Chuushin, who suggested a few months ago I do a story from the POV of either Karura or Yashamaru. I chose Karura. Not one of my longer ones, but I wished to end my time in the Naruto fandom by fulfilling a request. Even if said author never sees it, I hope any others who do enjoy.

The story is set shortly before Gaara's birth.

Disclaimer: Don't own Naruto.

Birth of Hatred

It is another boiling day in Sunagakure. Too hot to go walking into the village and it is forbidden for me to, even if I wished it otherwise. Lord Kazekage has forbidden me to be out of his sight during this, my third pregnancy. He is being unusually solicitous of me lately, something he has never been during our marriage. Not surprising, as it was arranged, and I knew what was expected of me: to give him children he could make into strong shinobi. It is an obsession with him to prove to the Kaze Daimyo that Suna is worth more than Konoha as a place to hire shinobi from. As I am pondering this unusual behavior on my husband's part, I am distracted by a conversation between two individuals walking by my room.

"So Lord Kazekage has decided upon it, then?"

"He has. It is to be carried out as within a few weeks."

"Poor woman. Has she any idea?"

"Even if she does, she has no say in this decision. He feels she is far enough along that it will not harm the child, and besides, he would rather have his weapon."

"The man is a fool. His 'new weapon' will be our destruction."

"Hush! Someone could hear you."

The voices fade as the speakers move on, and slowly, puzzlement over Lord Kazekage's behavior fades. Now I understand his motives. He is not giving up his obsession, he merely wishes to use our unborn child. But how on Earth does he plan to create a weapon? There is no possible way. Unless…

Oh, dear Kami. He cannot be planning to use that, can he? The soul of that cursed priest, Shukaku? He is, I know he is. Slowly rage fills me. I always knew he never loved me. He married me out of duty, not love. Like a foolish girl, I hoped one day it would be otherwise. But during my first pregnancy he appeared utterly indifferent, and had only cold words when we had a girl, calling me useless. I named her Temari for my grandmother. He grunted when Kankuro was born, saying it looked like I could produce a son after all. His behavior during this pregnancy was unusual, and I believed he finally cared in spite of pitying looks I received, the sounds of whispers speaking in sad tones as I passed. Now, I understand why. It was all a façade, a deceit, and his final betrayal of me.

My rage does not subside, but rather escalates as these thoughts continue. Years of practice however, have taught me how to conceal my emotions as any love I felt for my husband transforms into hate. Then a cruel plan comes to me. He wishes to destroy me, and make our child his weapon? Very well then. I will see to it he never forgets the horror I will go through. My only regret is not living long enough to see the face of my murderer when he finally realizes what he is unleashing. I have chosen a name for our unborn son, but I will not give it until the moment before my death. It is a perfect name, one which will describe him perfectly, one my husband will learn to fear.

His name shall be Gaara.

Dangerous is wrath concealed. Hatred proclaimed doth lose its chance of wreaking vengeance. – Seneca (5 BC – 65 AD)