Chapter One:

A Party of Power.

No one really knows how The Power came to be. Not even the Book of Damnation recorded its beginning. But those who mastered it have always been hunted.

In the middle of the 17th Century, many escaped the brutal Witch-hunting in England and France by coming to America. As the brutal prosecution of those with The Power spread throughout Massachusetts, the families of Ipswich formed a Covenant of silence.

And for 300 years, it has kept them safe.

Until now.

The sky above is cluttered with dark and fluffy clouds of all shapes and sizes. Grey and black are the only possible colors to see, as the stars of the night sky cannot break through the misty clouds. The wind is strong.

Far below the nightmarish sky is an end of summer beach party at the Dells, where loads of teens from Spenser Academy are gathered for one last big bang before school starts up again soon. They probably know its illegal, but with the booze, the music and the rushing adrenaline, they pretty much don't give a shit.

Overlooking the party is a cliff, and high above, where the wind whips about in anger, carrying voices from the festivities below, three males stand above the rest. Seventeen-year-olds that are as close as brothers, they watch the party from afar, waiting for their fourth Musketeer.

"What's up fellas?" a cocky voice inquires, and the boys turn to find said fourth member approaching, his platinum blonde hair whipping around in the wind.

"Where were you?" one asks, a sliver of worry coating his words. The youngest of the group, and by far the most innocent, he carries all the childish naiveté of a young man who just turned seventeen, and who hangs out with boys nearing their eighteen years.

"We stopped by to give you a lift," the tallest points out. The de-facto leader of their group, he too is worried about his friends at times, but masks it easily with his at times brooding persona.

"Had things to do…," the blonde chuckles, passing them and nearing the edge of the cliff. "Where's the Squirt?"

"I really don't know why you call her that," the youngest teen answers. "I mean, she's older than—"

"Right, at the party, gotcha," he cuts off the brunette. "Speaking o' which, how's the party?"

"Don't know, just got here," the third answers, his long chestnut hair whipping about his face.

"Well hell, boys!" the blonde scoffs, kicking a few rocks off the edge as his eyes turn black. "Let's drop in!"

He smirks, and spreads out his arms, leaping off the edge and vanishing into the mist that hangs in the air between the cliff and the beach below. The youngest of their group, who is by far the closest to the wild card teen, grins.

"Oh, shit yeah!" he exclaims, eyes turning black as he too jumps off, arms spread out.

"Tyler!" the tallest teen yells, nearing the edge.

"C'mon, Caleb, it's not like it's gonna kill us…," his friend chuckles, getting to the edge as his eyes blacken as well, swelling with Power. "Yet."

Caleb sighs as his friend jumps, and reluctantly, he follows suit. Wind rushes past, screaming in his ears as he shoot towards the ground. And just before he hits, his eyes turn black, and he lands in a crouched position like jumping off a thirty foot cliff is the most normal thing in the world.

He gets up and finds his friends waiting for him at the top of a small hill, watching the dancing teens, blasting music and blazing fires on the beach. Together, they walk down towards it.

"So, gimme the scoop, who's here?" a blonde inquires, looking around at the crowd of people she barely knows, being new to Spenser this year. Her roommate however, is a practiced gossip girl, and looks around the group with interest.

"Okay, the first thing you have to know is that Aaron Abbott is a prick," the girl states, pushing some of her mid-back length dark brown hair over her shoulder as she turns towards a small sand dune beside a fire. There stands a short guy with shoulder-length curly brown hair, a Spenser team jacket on, and a girl with not enough clothing on and a mass of brown hair hanging off his arm. A group of friends surround them. "Treats girls like dirt."

"Okay," the blonde nods, looking elsewhere and spotting a handsome guy wearing a pale brown trenchcoat. Although he mingles with the crowd, he looks up and his eyes find hers. "Who's that?"

"New guy…"

"He's looking over here!" she whispers excitedly.

"Don't know much about him," the brunette replies, smiling. "But I intend to find out."

"Cute," she agrees.

"Yo, Caleb!" some random guy shouts, and this draws the brunette's attention as she turns to see four boys walking down the hill.

"They're here!" she smiles.

"Who are they?" the blonde inquires, eyes glittering with profound interest.

"Sons of Ipswich," is all her friend says before the tallest of the group reaches them.

"Hey, Kate," he greets, and his eyes find the blonde, even though he speaks to the brunette.

"Hey, Caleb," she grins, before flinging herself at the guy beside him with the long chestnut-colored hair and hugging him tightly. "You're late."

"I had a gig with the band," he states.

"Oh…," she nods absently, as he turns towards her blonde friend.

"Who's this?"

"My new roommate," Kate smiles. "Sarah, this is Pogue Parry." The guy she has her arms around nods. "Tyler Simms." The youngest of the four boys smiles a tad shyly. "Reid—"

"Garwin!" the partinum blonde exclaims, leaning on Caleb's shoulder and shaking her hand with his, which is clad in a fingerless black glove. "Reid Garwin. Evenin'."

"Good evening," Sarah smiles, shaking his hand.

"You know, Sarah's my grandmother's name," he tells her. "You kind of remind me of her a—"

"Caleb Danvers," the tall one cuts in, shaking her hand and smiling handsomely. "And you don't bring my grandmother to mind in any way."

"Good," she giggles slightly, feeling heat in her cheeks. "Sarah Wenham."

"Grandmother? Shit, Garwin, I knew you could put your foot in your mouth, but I didn't know it went that far," a female voice chuckles, and they turn to see a girl arrive, a teasing grin stretching across her features. Her dark red hair ripples down in waves to her lower shoulders, and green eyes dance with mirth as she examines the group. She notices Sarah, and the teasing grin fades into something warmer. "Sarah, then?"

"Yeah," the blonde nods, shaking the hand proffered to her as she looks her over. The newcomer wears a black long-sleeve shirt with thumb-holes deliberately cut out, and a silvery pattern of moons and stars dancing across the front when light catches it. Her feet almost slide across the sandy dunes in black boots that lace all the way up to her knees, where they let fishnet leggings roam until the hem of her mid-thigh length tattered jean skirt finds them.

"Samantha Sinclair," the redhead replies. "And don't mind Garwin, he wouldn't know intelligence if it smacked him across the face with a sign."

"Thanks, Squirt," Reid rolls his eyes, ruffling the hair of the girl who stands at least a head shorter than him, if not more.

"Hey, Caleb," a smooth voice purrs as the girl who Sarah and Kate had seen hanging off Aaron Abbott's arm steps in-between the new girl and Caleb. Her hands reach out and she lightly tugs on the lapels of his black jacket, grinning. His friends smirk, while Kate and Samantha exchange disgusted glances.

"Kyra," he nods.

"How was your summer?"

"Um…," he's not actually paying attention to her, as his eyes are still locked with Sarah's. She notices this, and whirls around, finding the blonde there.

"I'm Kyra," she states.

"Sarah," she replies, and they stiffly shake hands.

"Oh, right…from Boston Public," Kyra grins maliciously. "Tell me…how does one go about getting into Spenser from Public?"

"The hell you got against Boston?" Samantha inquires, lending the blonde support as she steps up, clear determination set into her face.

"Nothing, your hometown's…fine," Kyra spits, hatred burning in her eyes. "I was just wondering how she managed it. Spenser is a very high-class school, you know."

"I have been around here since I was thirteen, you know," she retorts. "If I can get in from the slums of Boston, I'm sure Sarah had no trouble transferring from Public."


"Why don't you give it a rest, Kyra?" Caleb asks, and suddenly his view is obscured by a shorter guy in a Spenser jacket.

"Why don't you give it a rest?" Aaron glares.

"I don't want any trouble, Aaron," Caleb states.

"I'm sure you don't."

"Posers make me wanna puke," his friend adds, which fires up Reid.

"Is that right?" the patinum blonde seethes, stepping forward. "You—"

"Hey," Samantha starts, placing a hand on his chest to stop him from assaulting Aaron's friend, despite her small frame. "Don't."

"I think you owe Kyra an apology," Aaron states, and the redhead whirls around, frowning.

"Actually, I think Kyra…," Caleb puts in, pointing at the brunette, and then at Sarah, "owes Sarah the apology."

Aaron rolls his eyes, looking at Kyra before shoving Caleb. He takes a step forward, about to do it again, before the new guy in the pale trench coat steps in, stopping in. "Whoa…," he grins slightly, before looking at Kyra. "You were being kinda bitchy."

Reid scoffs, his eyes flashing black a moment as he stares at Aaron's friend. As the blackness fades, the guy suddenly starts puking all over the back of Aaron's Spenser jacket. Everyone yells in surprise or disgust, and Reid just laughs.

"You idiot!" Kyra snaps, glaring at the puking teen as if he'd done it on purpose. Caleb however, notices the snickering Reid and does not look pleased.

"Guys!" the DJ on the hill nearby yells through a microphone, catching everyone's attention. "Dill just called, he said he saw three cop cars heading this way on the Old Dell Road!"

Gathering this information, teens all over the beach party cheer and scatter, and run off towards the nearby woods and street. Pogue, Kate, Caleb and Sarah walk together, quickly, with Samantha, Reid and Tyler following behind.

"Need a ride?" Caleb offers.

"No, Sarah drove us out here," Kate shakes her head.

"Yeah, besides, Caleb, Ty don't have the room!" Samantha laughs, before Tyler and Reid playfully squeeze her between them, shutting her up.

"I'll see you back at the dorms?" Pogue inquires, looking at his girlfriend.

"It's getting late, I'm just gonna crash," Kate states, giving him a quick kiss. "Call me in the morning?"

"I could use a lift," the guy from earlier catches up to them.

"No problem," Kate nods.

"Nice going back there," Caleb congratulates the guy, outstretching his hand. "Caleb."

"Chase," he returns, shaking his head. "Hah, that guy and I were about to go at it. His friend's puking sure came at an opportune time."

"Didn't it though?" Reid snickers, laughing alongside Samantha and Tyler.

The group reaches their vehicles, and split. Sarah, Kate and Chase go towards Sarah's blue car, while the guys and Samantha go towards Tyler's black Hummer.

"Good night!" Sarah waves at Caleb before getting into her car.

"Hey guys, c'mon, we gotta go before the cops get here," Kate states, getting into the passenger's seat while Chase gets in the back. Sarah nods and sticks her key in the ignition, turning it and trying to start the car, but it fails.

Meanwhile, in Tyler's Hummer, Pogue sits in the back with Caleb and Samantha sits between them, while Tyler gets in the driver's seat and Reid in the passenger's seat. Being tall, he can see Caleb over the redhead and smirks. "Sarah wants you, man."

"That's bullshit!" Reid hisses, turning in his seat to glare at them.

"Whoa, now. Don't be jealous, Reid," Pogue chuckles, nudging Samantha in order for her to join in teasing him, as it seems to be her favorite pass-time, but she doesn't seem as into it.

"My car won't start!" Sarah yells, and they all look over to see her leaning out her open door.

"Hop in with us!" Tyler offers, even though three more people probably won't fit in the Hummer.

"I can fix it!" Reid offers, leaning past Tyler to look out the window at her.

"Reid, don't," Caleb warns, but the platinum blonde replies with a devious smirk.

"It's not over yet, boys…," he snickers, getting out of the car.

"Let him be, it's his life, man," Pogue states.

"Yeah, if the idiot's got that much of death wish, it's his problem," Samantha scoffs, rolling her eyes. As Caleb shook his head, Pogue smirks at the redhead. She notices, and frowns. "What?"

"Nothing…," Pogue states, his grin growing by the second. "You seem kinda quick to jump onto the 'berate Reid wagon' after not looking too interested in teasing him earlier. You sure you aren't—"

"Finish that sentence, and you'll be talking in high notes for the next few weeks," Samantha glares, and Pogue's grin fades, having known her long enough to know she's serious.

Meanwhile, Reid lifts the hood on Sarah's car, staring at the engine a moment or two. Not able to find what's clearly wrong with it, he leans forward, keeping his head even with the popped hood so those in the car can't see him.

He concentrates and his eyes flash black. A few moments later, he draws back, slamming the hood shut and looking up towards the blonde driver. "Try it again!"

Sarah obliges, turning the key in the ignition. This time, the car roars to life and she smiles, cheering alongside the other two as she leans out the window. "Thank you!"

Sirens go off in the distance, and she closes her car door, pulling away. Reid casually walks back to the Hummer, opening the driver's door. "Move over."

"It's my car!" Tyler protests.

"Move over, Baby Boy, now!" Reid orders and reluctantly, the youngest Ipswich Son slides across to the passenger's seat, letting him get in. The patinum blonde fires the vehicle to life, pulling away and through the woods. Seeing flashing lights, the three in the back turn to see a cop car is on their tail.

"Haha, yeah!" Tyler exclaims.

"Whoo!" Samantha joins in.

"Oh, no!" Caleb groans.

"Don't sweat it!" Reid chuckles, driving through the trees recklessly. He swerves around one, two, three trees, and blasts past another, nearly hitting it. Despite the excitement coursing through him, Tyler winces every time they skid so close to a tree.

Caleb looks over his shoulder, seeing the cop car still following closely. "Ah, you gotta pull over," he sighs.

"Oh, you wanna stop?" Reid scoffs. "That'll impress Harvard!"

The oldest boy looks over his shoulder again, thinks about it, and then turns back. "Alright, what the hell. Let's lose 'em!"

"That's the spirit, Caleb!" Samantha laughs.

"Cut across Marblehead, might as well have some fun while we're at it," he adds.

Over the next handful of minutes, Reid's reckless driving prevails as they avoid all obstacles. However, sirens blare behind them, as the cop car still follows.

"Step on it!" Tyler encourages. "Let's go!"

Reid obliges and in no time, the hulking black vehicle comes roaring out of the forest, tearing across the misty dirt road that leads to the cliff from earlier. "Alright, guys—"

"Ahem," Samantha clears her throat.

"And Squirt," he snickers. "You ready?"

"C'mon, Caleb, it's gonna take all of us," Pogue states, looking at the most unsure of the group. From behind them, the cops blow their car horn, trying to warn them of the cliff they're closing in on, as if they don't know it's there. This only makes Reid drive faster, chuckling like a maniac.

His eyes turn black, then Tyler's, then Pogue's and then Caleb's. Samantha is last, as her eyes turn white.

"You know, that still freaks me out," he comments, looking at her through the rear-view mirror. She flips him off, and he floors it, speeding on through the mist.

"Harry Potter…can kiss…my…," he pulls the stick shift and the front wheels go over the cliff, the rest of the vehicle following as he yells. "ASS!"

Being the most free-spirited, Reid and Samantha yell at the top of their lungs, having the time of their lives. Tyler on the other hand fears for the life of his precious Hummer, and his own, as he grips the seat so tight his knuckles turn white.

The Hummer vanishes into the mist thanks to their Powers, and the cop car comes to a screeching halt near the edge. The two officers get out, approaching the edge with flashlights. As they stare into the never-ending depths of mist and blackness, there is a moment of silence.

This tranquil time is interrupted by loud yelling, and they turn to see the Hummer land right behind their cop car. They blink repeatedly, staring at the four guys and a girl inside who laugh without end.

Then, the platinum blonde pulls the Hummer into reverse, backing up quickly. The cops exchange glances, dumbfounded, watching in awe as the Hummer spins around in the sand and drives off.

"Son of a bitch!" one cop yells.