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Naruto left Konoha after an incident 6 years ago, now he is back. With him are a sensei a friend and a stranger who is a fellow jinchuuriki. powerful naruto naru x hina, oc x femhaku, lee x ino


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Chapter 1

-The reason he left-

It was a day like every other in Konoha. And like every other day guard duty was as boring as something could be. Because of that it's understandable that the two Chunin standing in front of the gates began smiling when they saw the four figures approach. There was one taller figure, most likely a man if the stature of him made any indication, and three smaller ones. All four wore cloaks, the man and two of the others light brown ones and the last figure a black one. The cloaks concealed the clothes of the four and the hoods they had, hung low in their faces not showing them one bit.

As they came in front of the gates one of the Chunins spoke up „Halt! State your name and business in Konoha"

The man took of his hood and forth came black hair, cut like a bowl, and creepy big eyebrows.

"Maito Gai, the beautiful green beast of Konoha, coming back from a long term training mission together with my youthful students Rock Lee and Uzumaki Naruto. We also have a most youthful young man with us that wants to join the ranks of Konohas Shinobi."

At the name of the blond Jinchuuriki the other guard stiffened, his only thoughts being "The demon is back? I thought he died six years ago? Damn I have to warn the others and see if we can't end what we seemingly failed all these years ago."

"I have to know the name of the new one. Just for records" said the first guard smiling, being one of the few who understood the burden Narrator carried and happy that he was back and not dead like the rumours said.

"My name is Reikon. Rosuto Reikon." said a quiet voice from under the black cloak. And with that said the four of them walked on, their destination being the office of the Hokage.


Sarutobi, the Sandaime Hokage, also known as 'The Professor' because of his wisdom and knowledge of the Jutsus of Konoha, was standing in his office, looking out of the window and over Konoha.

"Has it already been 6 years since this damnable night?...Naruto....I hope you can forgive them at some point in the future." If one of the ninja of the village walked into the office now he would have seen just how old the Hokage really was. „Time to see just how much you have changed. Here they come."

Sarutobi turned and sat down at his table. Just at that moment a knock was heard and one of the ANBU guards stepped in." Hokage-sama? Maito Gai and his... team is back and wishes to see you"

"Let them in" Sarutobi said, his face not giving away is curiosity as to why the man said the word 'team' in such a strange way.

The ANBU left and a minute later four people walked in. Gai had is hood still down so the Hokage could easily identify him. The others still had there hood on so he couldn't make them out.

"Good to see you back Gai" was the warm welcome from the Hokage which was accompanied with a smile that clearly showed he meant what he said. "And of course you two too ... Lee-kun ... Naruto-kun."

At this words the two with the brown cloaks removed their hoods and forth came a blonde and a black mane, both spiked. The black shock of hair was short and beneath the hair was a pair of eyebrows that rivalled Gais. The face was graced with a smile. This was Rock Lee.

The hair of the blonde boy was longer. It was tied into a low ponytail that reached just between his shoulder plates.

On either side of his cheeks were three whisker like marks. His eyes, to the shock of the Hokage, were slits. But what calmed the Hokage almost instantly and made him relax was the soft smile shown by Uzumaki Naruto.

Both pairs of eyes held the knowledge of the strength these two wielded and the knowledge of just how and when to use it

"It's good to be back Ojii-san" spoke the blonde in a calm manner. Sarutobi had to smile at this simple show of affection because now he knew not everything was lost and there still was hope for the village.

"And who might the last one in your little group be?" Sarutobi asked in a polite tone.

With that the last of the group removed his hood and to the surface came long hair, as white as snow let loose and reaching his shoulders. His face was even and set in a calm calculating look. His eyes were a silvery purple and like with the other two they showed nothing but confidence.

And now the Hokage became aware of the aura of these three boys. An aura of power radiated from them and made Sarutobi wonder just what they had done in those 6 years.

"My name is Rosuto Reikon Hokage-sama." his voice was calm and collected. "I'm the last heir of Hyougakure, wielder of the five contracts and fellow Jinchuuriki of Naruto, holding the seven-tailed-wolf known as Shadou. I wish to join the forces of Konohagakure together with Naruto and Lee." Reikon stated with a bow.

Sarutobi was startled and it clearly showed on his face. Thoughts of " Heir of the destroyed village hidden in ice... the vessel of the Shichibi...and did he just say wielder of the five contracts? Holy shit what the hell are those three?" running through his head. Sarutobi came out of his musings and addressed the three " Very well I don't see the problem with that I will arrange a citizenship however the part of joining the Shinobi... well I think there is only one way. All three of you will have to take part in the Genin exams which are held in one weeks time" At this the three grinned.

"Well you are dismissed. Gai please stay I would like to have a word with you."

"Before we leave Hokage-sama may I ask where we'll stay from now on?" asked Lee with a broad smile.

"Let's see... I'll think of something and let the answer get to you through Gai." suggested Sarutobi and with that and a last low bow the three left. "So Gai, tell me ... how strong have they become. If the way they are holding themselves is any indication they have at least become your level."

"Permission to speak freely?" "Permission granted ." "They are frightening. If I had to guess I would say they could be near Sanin level."

" Lee is a Taijutsu genius... no he wouldn't want to be called that... he is a...freak...like a maniac, yes I think it's the best way to describe it. In this 6 years he has done things other Taijutsu specialists need decades to fulfil. He has invented his very own style. He calls it 'Ryuken' and it's sort of a combination of the Goken, a style called 'Muay Tai' and a style called 'Taekwondo'. It's one of the best styles I've ever seen .It needs everything... speed, precision and strength, it uses both, fists and legs to a awesome affectivity. I don't have proof for this but I've seen him fight and the style has a flow I think it could be possible that the Sharingan can't copy and predict it because you can't make out where one move ends and the next begins."

"That's all? I mean That alone is unbelievable in itself but you said they were Sanin level and even if this 'Ryuken is as dangerous as you say I wouldn't rank him higher than Jonin(sp?) if at all. If I remember right Lee can't use Gen or Ninjutsu so why would you rank him like this?" asked a more or less dumbstruck and gaping Hokage.

At this Gai had a small smile on his face" I think to explain this I have to tell you something . At the start of their training the three of them made an oath... a blood oath. And for Lee it meant more than just giving a promise. As he got in contact with the blood of Naruto and Reikon he gained some new...traits." At the Hokages frown Gai continued "You don't have to be afraid, it's the best thing that could have occurred. The few Tenketsu Lee has were strengthened and he has got the ability to heal damage that his own Chakra does to his body."

At this a very wide eyed Sarutobi intervened " Heal the damage? but wouldn't this mean he could use them without backlash? How is this even possible?"

"If you imply to the use of the gates... yes he can go up to the sixth gate, the 'Keimon' without consequences however I forbade him to open the seventh gate because his Chakra is just the smallest bit unstable with six gates open and as I know that there is a jump from Keimon to Kyomon and I don't know what might happen if Lee opens it. He can let the first three be open for an undefined time, the fourth, fifth and sixth for an hour."

"As for how this is possible...well from what we guess Naruto and Reikon don't bleed just..well... blood. We think the two of them have the smallest amount of demonic Chakra in their blood which would also explain their instant healing abilities. We think Narutos healing of wounds and Reikons strengthening of the Chakra paths caused this unique trait."

"You're right Gai with this Lee could very well hold of One of the Sanin and have a good chance at at least a draw. What about the other two?" the Hokage wanted to know.

With that Gai continued " Naruto is a one-man-Jutsu-army. He has relentlessly honed his Chakra control. He can't use the normal Bushin due to his massive amounts but to give you some insight he can do :

Kawarimi, Henge, 25 Katon Jutsus D to A ranked, 73 Futon Jutsus D to A ranked, 15 Raiton Jutsus D to B ranked, 23 Doton Jutsus D to B ranked, 46 Suiton Jutsus D to A ranked, 7 Hyouton Jutsus C and B ranked, 20 Ninpo techniques, 5 Kinjutsus and some non-elemental Jutsus like Kage Bushin no Jutsu and Kage Shuriken no Jutsu."

"Alongside this he's got the summoning contract of the foxes as a gift from Kyuubi together with..." Gai paused at this, not knowing how he could present the next fact the best way.

"Together with what Gai? And what do you mean by 'gift'?" asked a impressed Hokage. Even he just knew about 350 Justus so the 220 or so Naruto knew were very good.

"During his training Naruto came in contact with Kyuubi and the Kyuubi seemed to know that he is bound

to Naruto and he says he 'doesn't want a week host' so he gave Naruto the contract and... his very own Kekkei Genkai, a Dojutsu he calls 'Kitsune no Fuugan'. Like the Name suggests it's related to seals and has the useful ability of signifying Naruto whether or not he is in a Genjutsu so he can break it."

"Last but not least he has a Jonin level grasp of Taijutsu, some useful Genjutsus and is well versed with Kenjutsu although nowhere near Reikon. And so we are with the last one, Rosuto Reikon. Like said before he is the vessel of Shichibi. The two of them have unique relationship. Shadou regrets her attack on Hyougakure and Reikon has pardoned her. He even gave her a form of freedom in form of 'Hitoshirenu Naiteki Jouyaku no Jutsu(Jutsu of the secret inner pact)'. It gives her sort of an astral body only he can touch. She can feel and touch everything but animals and humans and also what is related with that meaning summons or Jutsus. The two of them are really close Í think its like a brother-sister kind of thing. She gives him a healing ability like Narutos although its not as potent."

"When Shadou was sealed within Reikon his Chakra system was developing meaning it was practically to late.

His system took severe damage by the demonic chakra but he was lucky. The features of Shadous´ Chakra made the last Tenketsus and Chakra paths stronger so they can handle a hell lot of Chakra. Becouse of this trait he can use really low level jutsus like Kawarimi and Henge and really high level ones like his Summons. As he said befor Reikon is the wielder of the five contracts the Ice was famous for: the wolfs, the ice dragons, the ice bears, the arctic owls and the crabs. He can summon one boss by himself and all five if he uses the Shichibis Chakra."

"Then there is his Kekkei Genkai, the ability to control Ice. One third of his Jutsus are Hyouton the rest ... well here come some exceeding circumstances into play: he has his Kekkei Genkai of Ice but his natural affinity is... well... Fire. He says he is the first one in generations to get a Fire-Affinity So his second third is packed with Katon-Jutsus. And the last third comes with Shadou: Kagemane no Jutsus his shadow abilities, for example he created a Shunshin where he sinks into his own or some other ones shadow. Its really hard and uses more then twice as much Chakra as the normal one"

" And then there is his trump card, his ace up his sleeve, his most treasured fighting abilities: his Taijutsu-Style and his Kenjutsu-Style. His Taijutsu, 'Itamae Fi-To'...the-Cooks-Feet. It's said the style was invented by a cook of a pirate gang called the 'Straw-hats'. The style uses solely the feet, originally to not damage the hands, but Reikon uses his hands for Jutsus or his Kenjutsu sometimes...His Kenjutsu. To say it simple... it's quiet the thing to see and very frustrating to fight. He doesn't often has to use his best moves but if it comes down to it he could fight some of the seven Swordsman at the same time and possible come out as victor and that is if he doesn't call upon his swords souls." At that the Hokages eyes went wide once again with shock and disbelief. Smirking Gai continues "Yes he owns two Zanpakutos, which are named Hyoruinmaru and Ryujin Jakka and he has two techniques he calls 'Shikai' and 'Bankai' and they sort of release the 'true form' of the swords. The aura he emits in the Bankai form is forcing you to your knee, it's overwhelming."

The Hokage sat there disbelief clearly shown on his face. Than a question began to form in his head. " Say Gai, this Kenjutsu style...what is it called?"

"Nenshou Yukibera no Odori, the dance of the burning snow-flake. Although this style and the two swords are his strongest weapons, he has a third sword with him and while the other two are normally sealed he has this usually with him. He just didn't wore it today as to not get to much attention. He fights with it most of the time."

"Now I already see a headache coming with the meeting of the council. If they get to Know we have someone like him who wants to join us they'll want to use him as breeding material." Sarutobi became worried by that.

"We already have a suggestion for that Hokage-sama. Naruto thought of something because he knew of the way of the council."

"What does he have in mind?"

"A law. A special law for the two of them you have to approve of. The law states that Naruto and Reikon only will have to answer to the Hokage and get political immunity because of the crimes committed upon Naruto and the political status of Reikon as last one of the Ice village. In exchange the family of them will have to stay with the forces of Konoha for the next 7 generations with the same privileges and obligations."

The Hokage thought about it. He couldn't find a danger that would outweigh the benefits. "Yes I think that could work. One last thing Gai. ...Tell me... how does he stand towards the village?"

Gai got a solemn face." He has come to a philosophy that you can understand if you know what he has been through. 'Fight like you have to, to win the battle'. To say it short he hasn't forgotten that night and if anything he will defend himself if he needs to but he won't attack first. I don't think he will ever completely forgive this villagers, but he still loves the village, he says it's his home after all."

"At least something. Now that this is out of the way and my curiosity is satisfied, I think I got the perfect apartment for the three of them. Take the key and bring them there. Dismissed." and with that Gai bowed an left.


Meanwhile in the town:

Naruto,Lee and Reikon walked down the streets of Konoha. Everywhere they got they were followed by whispers. By now they had taken of there cloaks.

Naruto wore a dark green shirt, white bandages on his right arm that wre going from his wrist up to his shoulder, a pair of black fingerless gloves with a steel badge on the backhand, short black pants and black boots.

Lee wore a blood red muscle shirt, white bandages on both of his arms from the elbow down to the knuckles, long black pants and black boots.

Reikon wore a black vest which was like a Chuunin-Vest without the pockets. He had the vest open so you saw his abdomen, which was ripped. Down his left arm you could see tattoos. On his upper arm you could see a wolf head, a snow flake, a paw, a feather and a little crab, on his hand he had the Kanjis for ice and fire. He had black bandages on both of his arms from the wrist up to the elbow and black fingerless gloves with holes on the backhand so you can see the Kanjis. He wore short black baggy pants and black boots. Strapped to his waist was a simple sheet of a guard-less Katana both dark blue.

"The demon is back? Didn't we kill him?"

"Shit if it's back to take revenge we have to stop it"

"Didn't he learn his lesson last time we beat him? I think we have to repeat it!"

That were just some of the lighter comments the three received. They thought this would come so they ignored it and just walked on. Until someone stepped in front of them. A boy and two girls.

"You are standing in my way!" said the boy. He had black hair and eyes and, oddly enough, his hair reminded you of a duck-butt.

"Yeah get out of my Sasuke-kuns way!" the girl with pink hair shrieked.

"Let me guess.." started Reikon "Black hair and eyes, arrogance to a I`m-better-becouse-of-my-name high... definitively an Uchiha. And what do we have here... pink hair, a voice that hurts the ears and a fan-girl attitude... Haruno. And the last one... platinum blond hair, teal eyes...although not the bossy alignment, I would say Yamanaka. Now tell me why should we step out of the way? As I see it you step out of OUR way so we can walk on."

"Step aside or I'll make you!" said an enraged Sasuke.

"I would like to see you try. I don't know why they make such a fuss about you. The only REAL last Uchiha there is Itachi." Reikon knew it would provoke Sasuke ever further, but it would be good to bring him down a peg or two.

Furious about that comment, Sasuke snarled and attacked with a fist to the face. Reikon simply sidestepped it and the Uchiha suddenly had a knee in the gut. Reikon then followed up with a knee to the face so the bend over Uchiha stood straight once again and then jumped with a roundhouse kick hitting him in the face and sending Sasuke crashing in the nearest wall.

Everyone was shocked by that display of power. For most of the bystanders it was only proof that they should do something about the return of one Uzumaki Naruto and his new friend. The pink haired girl gasped in shock and horror and run to her crush. The blond one however was standing there and looking at the black haired friend of the boy who just knocked out the Uchiha heir.

As The three walked by Lee just stopped standing besides her and said "Someone as pretty as you shouldn't waste her time with a person who doesn't ´t deserve to be at the attention of you." with that said he walked on, leaving the blonde dazed and blushing.

"Ino would you help me already? Sasuke-kun needs to be brought to the hospital!"

"W-What? Oh.. yeah, I'm coming Sakura."


Naruto, Lee and Reikon sat on the Hokage memorial some minutes later.... or rather Naruto sat. Lee stood leaning on a tree and Reikon lay on a branch of this tree.

"So...What do you two think?" asked Reikon in a bored manner.

"It was likely to happen. As Naruto-kun and I left they thought he died and I don't think he coming back means they will change there believes...if anything they will think it's just another proof that he is a demon. I for my part am curios as to how my old classmates will react when they see I'm back especially Hyuga Neji." Lee answered with a hint of annoyance in his voice.


Out of the wood stumbled a girl with dark bluish hair. "N-N-Naruto-kun?I-Is t-t-that r-rea-really you? Y-You´re b-b-back!" with that the girl run up to Naruto and hugged him crying her eyes out.

Naruto, at first confused then hugged her back " Yes it's me...I'm back and... I've missed you...Hinata-chan" he whispered in her ear.

Suddenly Hinata started trembling "W-Why? WHY DID YOU LEAVE ME?...h-how c-c-could you?"

"Sit down ... and I´ll tell you my ...`story`" was the only reply. With that Hinata and Naruto sat down next to each other and with their legs hanging down the monument. Lee got up to a branch of a tree which grew upon the head of the Nidaime and Reikon leaned against the trunk. A solemn but sad look crossed Narutos face.

"It was 10th October. The night of the festival celebrating the defeat of the Kyuubi by the Yondaime. And of course my 6th birthday. I was sitting in my apartment knowing I wouldn't be welcome and reading a book the old man gave my as a birthday present. Suddenly my door burst open and a group of people rushed in. I could make out civilians and Shinobi. before I could do more than blink they crapped me, tied my hands behind my back and put a cloth over my eyes. Then something hit me on the back of my head and I passed out."

"The next thing I know is waking up in the middle of a square tied to a pole. In front of me stood more than fifty people cheering and shouting things like `Tonight you die demon` and `Now we end what the fourth started. Now you'll pay you freak`. They began with throwing things. Rocks, bottles, knifes even Kunai and Shuriken. After they stopped they noticed that I just healed. after they understood that they couldn't harm me like that they started to test"

"They cut me open.. my arms, my legs, my abdomen....my throat. But I just kept healing. They couldn't kill me. The only thing that showed that they did something was my voice. At first I screamed...I begged them to stop, I cried for mercy...but they just laughed saying I didn't deserve it."

"After they did everything they could think of with objects the Shinobi started to use Jutsus. Katon, Reiton, Doton... everything they knew till upper B-Ranked techniques. I didn't scream anymore...I couldn't. Than there stood a man in front of me. Black eyes, black hair. The symbol of Konohas police office on his chest. But he didn't help me. He stepped a side and said to his son that he could practice his Jutsu on me. After finishing Fugaku praised little `Sasuke-kun` and they walked away."

"Just then an ANBU appeared asking what was going on. I smiled, knowing it was over. He turned around and I could see an Inu-ANBU-Mask. I could make out silver-white hair and through the hole of his left eye there came a red shimmer. ´I don't think there is anything to be happy about` were his words. He made some hand-seals and hold his hand to the ground. In his hand gathered a ball of lightning. "

"The crowed cheered `kill it Kakashi´, `Hatake, HATAKE, HATAKE´. He stabbed me in the chest missing my heart. That was the last I could take. The last thing I saw before i lost consciousness was a swirl of leaves and a man with white ropes and some black-clad people."

"I woke up some time later in the middle of the night. Standing besides the bed i lied in stood a figure. Kunai drawn ready to stab me in the heart. At the last moment Ojii-san entered the room and stopped him. That was the moment I knew I wouldn't be save her. The next day I talked to the old man. He agreed but said I would need someone to look after me and that he would find such a person."

"A week later I met Gai-sensei. He said he would take me if one other kid could come with us. Ojii-san agreed and the next day Gai-sensei, Lee and I left."

As Naruto ended Hinata was speechless. Never did she think people could be this cruel ...this merciless. "I-I-I´m s-s-so s-sorry" was all she could say before she again hugged Naruto crying, while he just looked over Konoha with a cold edge in his eyes.

`They get one more chance. Everyone but Hatake...He WILL pay.. for betraying my father, the old man ... and Gai-sensei`



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