Hey guys

Sorry to tell you this but I've got some...problems on how this story is supposed to go, as I don't know how I could put the things in my mind in words. I mean, normally I would now be at least half done with the base frame of the next chapter ( I always write the base- at least 5k( k=thausend) words before working it over and so on to go over 10k and so the chapter is of my liking), but I haven't gotten over one and a half page.

Because of this I'm going to stop writing this Fic for a while and start another, to get my head clear and stuff. It helps me to concentrate on new stuff, just so you know. I think the first Chapter of my new Fic will be there in about half a month to a full one, we'll see.

Pleas bear with me and look up this Fic some time in the future, because I know, I'm going to write on soon. Well see ya all I guess