"Grandpa? Obi Wan? What's going on?"

They kept going as though he wasn't there. Kept fighting.

"What's going on?" Ben started crying. He'd heard about this day. He decided to try the force. Being as force strong as he is, he was able to get past the force shields.

From Obi Wan, he heard "I have to do this! Luke must live! He is the Chosen One! I think I have it down enough to appear to him as a ghost!"

From Anakin/Darth Vader, he heard "He killed Padme! It's all his fault!"

He turned away and saw two people and a Wookie he knew to be Chewy and young versions of Uncle Han and his dad. Then he turned around and was in a, a, garbage shoot? With…them? They hadn't told him about this!