"I wish I'd never met you."...Jeanne uttered, in tears.

The elevator doors closed, Tony stood near them, shaking, on the verge of crying.

A hand touched his right arm, his eyes swung towards it.

"You did the right thing, Tony."...Ziva spoke softly, her left hand slid down to his hand gripping his fingers.

Tony turned his head away..."Yeah, but for who, Ziva?"

Ziva turned her body, moving in front of him, still holding onto his fingers..."In the end...both."

"It doesn't feel right."

"Tony, look at me."...Ziva said, her right hand moved to his left cheek, easing his face forward..."You did the right thing."...She pulled her hand away, sliding her fingertips along his cheek, their eyes staring into one another..."Let both of your hearts heal."

"B-but, I lied to her..."

Ziva lifted her finger to Tony's lips..."Truth is beautiful, without doubt; but so are lies."

"I don't understand any of this, Ziva."...Tony took a step towards the elevator.

Ziva doesn't let go of his fingers..."Sometimes the truth can hurt worse than the lie, Tony."...She lowered her head..."Did you love her?"

"Yeah, I did, Ziva."...Tony confessed his feelings.

Ziva sighed deeply..."I fell in love with a dying man, remember? But I could not tell him that, how would that be fair to him? Me?"...She looked up, staring back into his eyes.

"I'm sorry about Roy...I know you loved him."

"No, it was not true love, Tony."...She swallowed hard..."I realize now that I loved aspects of him and, and I had these feelings that I never felt before rushing through me and feeling his pain and being there for him...it, it made my heart ache."...She moved her right hand to her chest, holding it to her heart..."And when he died, I thought no one could make me feel that way again, but I was wrong, Tony, wrong."...Her chin dropped, breaking their eye contact, but she quickly looked up, looking back into his eyes..."There is something greater, brighter, stronger in my heart which keeps me going and, and I..."

"Ziva, I know you're trying to help and I appreciate it, but I gotta get out of here, clear my head. It's going to take me some time."

"No, I made that mistake last time, not again. You are coming with me."

"What?"...Tony sighed..."I kinda wanna be alone, Ziva."

"No, I am your partner and your friend, it is the least I can do, yes?"...She stood there firm.

"You're not taking no for an answer are you?"...He asked, already knowing the answer.

"No."...She shook her head left to right and moved to the elevator, clicking the button..."You still owe me a drink, do you not remember your promise to me?"

"Uh, I was being held by gunpoint by a drug-dealing pimp and a hooker who sniffed drugs out of her brother's intestines...intestines, Ziva...can ya cut me some slack, please? If you didn't catch the key word there, it was INTESTINES, Ziva."

The elevator doors opened, Ziva stepped into the elevator..."No."...She replied, she pointed down and to her right..."Now."

Tony followed her in, standing next to her..."Let me guess, I'm buying?"...They looked at each other.

"I will get the first round."...She replied, smiling at him.

Tony lowered his head, looking down at the floor..."You were wrong about something, Ziva, you're not a friend."...Ziva turned her head towards him, squinting..."You're my best friend."

Ziva smiled.

Tony sat on a bar stool stirring his martini slowly, looking depressed.

"Will you stop looking like that."...Ziva groaned..."For the last time, you are a good person, you just got caught in something you could not get out of without lying...you would make a good Mossad officer."

"Why do you say that?"

"You had everyone fooled for close to a year, even Gibbs...that takes talent."

"I'm a man, Ziva...we all lie. It's not that hard."

"How is that?"

"Believe me, Ziva, not all pants look great on a woman's ass."

"What about me?"

"What about you?"...He said, giving her a quick glance.

Ziva hops off of her stool, chuckling, she turns away from Tony and presses her hands against her stool, bending slightly over..."Rate me."

"Naw and for the record, I still haven't shaved my ass."

"Tony, look at my ass...now!"...She raised her voice, demanding that he look at her butt.

"She does have a nice ass."...A man behind the bar said.

Tony and Ziva both looked at the bartender..."Eyes left, buddy."...Tony snarled, showing signs of jealousy.

Tony turned his head, catching a glimpse of her backside..."Of course, there is always exceptions to the rule."...His eyes moved back to his martini, he continued to stir it.

Ziva chuckled again, she turned back towards him and stopped when she realized he wasn't looking at her anymore..."Why are you stirring it, if you had it shaken in the first place, yes?"


"Your martini."...Ziva pointed to it.

"Oh, that's because...never mind..."

Ziva bumps up against him with her hip, smiling..."Where is the James Pond impersonation? You know you want to do it, hmm?"

"Bond, not pond, Ziva."...Tony shrugged..."I'm just not in a drinking mood, which is odd since I'm depressed, but hey, that's why it's strangely weird, yet weirdly strange, right?"

Ziva leaned her arm against the bar, moving her head over the bar, trying to look at his face..."What are you talking about?"...She shook her head..."No matter, we will go somewhere else, your favorite place in the world!"...She cheered.

"You're gonna take me to a strip club?"...Tony flashed a half-hearted smile in Ziva direction.

"Nooooo."...She retorted, punching him on the arm..."Somewhere fun!"

"Strip clubs are fun, Ziva."

Ziva rolled her eyes, shaking her head..."No, fun with me."

"Ziva."...He sighed..."I'm just a miserable bastard right now."

"Get up, we're leaving."

Tony groaned..."We just got here...thought you wanted a drink?"

"Do not make me hurt you."...She grabbed his shoulder, giving his jacket a yank.

Tony grunted getting off the stool..."Where are we going now?"

"Some place fun! Have you not been listening? Don't you want to be happy?!"...She exclaimed, trying to cheer him up.

"Seeing naked woman makes me happy, Ziva."

"Maybe you will see me naked, yes?"...Ziva smirked

"Uh, I've seen you naked, Ziva, sure it's nice and all, but..."

"But?!"...She starts getting defensive..."Is it because I have small breasts?"

Tony gritted his teeth, he thought for a moment, trying to think of the words to get out of this one..."Uh, huh, what? Um, nope, I mean, you have a fantastic body, it's just that, uh, well, umm...ready to go?"...Tony rambled on, he quickly turned pulling a ten from his pocket, placing it on the bar..."Keep it."

She grabs his jacket sleeve, turning him back towards her..."I am your partner, we are supposed to bust each others bells, yes?"...Ziva grinned..."And you do know I clockblock you for your own good, yes?"...Her grin widened.

"Heh."...He smiled, slowly shaking his head..."Okay, I know you're screwing with me now."

She smiled finally seeing him smile again..."Come, Tony...this is a night you will never forget."...Her right hand moved to his left hand, wrapping her slender fingers around his wrist, pulling him towards the door.

"Where are we going?"...Tony said, his eyes wandered down to her butt.

Ziva shot her head back, smiling..."You will see."...She stopped, seeing Tony's eyes were looking down..."Are you looking at my ass?"

Tony's eyes moved back to her face..."Uh, maybe, uh yeah, yeah, I was looking at your ass and I was kinda wondering...is this a yellow light situation or a red light?"

"Hmm."...Ziva bit her lower lip..."Pink?"...She suggested.

"Wouldn't that be a little lower?"...He grinned.

"What?"...She replied, tiltering her head, squinting her eyes.

"Never mind."...He hurried them out the door.