Summary: Dana wakes up one morning with all the signs. Morning sickness, headaches, mood swings, the works. We all know what that means. You'll never guess what kind of mess she just got herself into. Once again, better story, then summary. Couples should be obvious.

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"No.. no... no... this cant be happening.." Dana said looking over ever test she took. Positive, Positive, Positive, Positive. "Fuck being positive!"

"Easy now little tiger, what are you yelling about?" Dana's room mate, Ashley asked apearing in the doorway to the bathroom. She looked down at Dana and what she was sitting in the middle of. "Wow... is this a new weird obsession or.."

"Ash, this is so not the time to joke around." Dana said looking over the other tests for the millionth time.

"They all positive?"

"Yeah.. but they could be a miss test." Dana said franticly.

"Hun, you've taken... 15 diffrent tests. That obviously mean's something." Ashley said leaning against the door. "Your definetly pregnant."

"This cant be happening. It's impossible. I'm on the pill. That mea-"

"The pills are only 99 effective, no guarantees there." Ashley said.

"But... its worked all the other times..." Dana said sighing. She finally took her eyes from the tests on the ground and looked up at Ashley. Ashley gave her a sympathetic look. Dana slowly got up and exited the bathroom. She went over to her bed and layed down with her face in the pillow. Ashley sat next to her.

"Whats the big deal?" Ashely asked, obviously not seeing the problem. Dana rolled over and sat up looking at Ashley.

"You seriously dont see what the problem is?" She asked.

"Nope, not like were in school, your 23. It's not that bad."

"I'm not married, I dont even have a boyfriend. My mom is going to kill me when she finds out." Dana said still not believeing this.

"Well that can all be fixed.. Who's the dad? You do know who the dad is right?" Ashley asked in alarm.

"Of course I do, I'm not that irresponsible." Dana defended.

"Well, who is it?" Ashley asked. She wanted the full details, and Dana knew it.

"It's... Logan.."

Ashley's eyes widened. Her jaw was hanging open. She studdered to get her words out, "L-Lo-Logan!? As in Logan 'I hate you more then anything' Reese!?"

"I dont hate him... I've actually always had a thing for him... since I got back from France." Dana confessed.

"Dude! How come I'm just hearing about this now? I've known you that long, I feel so left out." Ashley said in aw. Dana had Ashley as her room mate since she came back from PCA. Lola, Zoey, and Quinn were still rooming together, so she didnt really have a choice. They've been best friends ever since.

"I've been trying to denie it for as long as I can remember.. Then the other night.. All the feelings just came coming back... The alcohol helped that whole process." Dana dished. Ashley heard the word alcohol and instantly knew when it happened.

"Alcohol? That must mean a party, also meaning Michael's suprise party. You fucked Logan there!?" Ashley asked. She seemed more excited then Dana was at the moment. Kind of obvious, seeing as how Dana also just figured out she was preganant.

"Well... It kinda happened like this..."


The party was already underway when Dana and Ashley arrived. They instantly spotted the gang and Mike over by there usual table. They were at the local club called The Lime Light, also one of Michaels favorite places to hang out. They moved through the crowed over to the table.

"Dana, Ashley! You guys finally made it." Chase yelled over the music. The gang and them sharred hugs and hello's before Michael asked Ashley if she wanted to dance. Ashley lead him over to the dance floor and not much later, Chase asked Zoey. Now Dana and Logan were the only one's left at the table.

"You wanna dance?" Logan asked. Dana hesitated but sure enough, shook her head yes. Logan smirked and took her hand. He lead her out to the middle of the dance floor, while the rest of the gang were around the outter part. Dana started to dance along with Logan, and as the songs changed, the crowd got bigger, not a lot of space left in the middle. Dana was about to say that it was way to hard to dance in here, but Logan took that thought away when he put a hand on her waist and moved her closer. He swiftly turned her around so her back was to his chest, and she was rubbing against him. His hands were on her hips, his whole body moving with her's. It felt really right to Dana. She slowly loosened up to him and they were dancing with out the intention of stopping.

From there spot at the table, The gang could see that Dana and Logan were perfectly happy. Michael had suggested that they should hit another spot before all the clubs started to close.

"Should we go get them?" Ashley asked, refering to Dana and Logan.

"No, let them stay, they look happy." Zoey said smiling at the sight.

"Yeah, they arent about to tear each others heads off." Chase joked. Zoey smiled as they all exited the club around 11:45-ish...

About 2 hours later and almost 4 shots later, Dana and Logan decided to leave. By now they had already figured out that the rest of them had left. Dana had about 3 hard shots and Logan did 2 shots and chugged down 2 beers. They werent totally hammered, but they were definetly buzzed. Logan and Dana also relised, they didnt have a car.

"Dana.. Why dont you crash at my place, it isnt that far from here, we could walk." Logan said putting his arm around Dana's waist. She was having a little trouble walking strait.

"Crash? Sleep.. sounds nice." Dana said with a slight giggle. Logan was used to getting home when he was drunk. He partied all the time, his job was stressful, or at least that was his excuse.

"Yeah.. but we gotta get there first." Logan said laughing.

"Logan.. If I tell you something.. do you promise not to hate me?" Dana asked as they turned onto the corner of his street. Logan hesitated to answer. He was buzzed, but he definetly thought that he wasnt going to like this.

"Yeah... I-I promise." He said . Dana was trying to think of how to put this. While she was thinking, Logan quickly got them to his house. He was unlocking the front door when she finally got the nerve to say it.

"Logan... I think I love you... as more then a friend." Logan almost tripped as he got into the house, but it wasnt from the alcohol, it was from what she just told him. She entered the house and shut the door behind her. Logan just stood there looking at her. She closed the door and locked it finally figuring out the right way to lock it. As soon as she turned around, Logan's lips were on her's. He pushed her back against the door roughly. After about a minute of kissing, Logan pulled away to look at Dana, she had a dazed look on her face.

"Dana, I love you too." Logan said pushing his lips against her's again, this time, with more passion then before. Logan's hands went on her thighs and pulled her up, her legs now rapped around her waist, he took her up stairs and took her to his room...

Dana woke up the next morning with a splitting head ache. She couldnt remember a lot of what happened, the last thing she remembered was asking Logan if she could tell him something. She slowly opened her eyes and looked around.

"Bright.." She mumbled. As she started to wake up more, she felt something heavy draped across her stomach. She looked under the blanket, and quickly looked away with wide eyes. Why was she naked!? Why was there an arm on her body, that wasnt hers!? Who's arm was on her body that wasnt her's while she was naked!? She looked over to her side. Logan.

"I slept with Logan?" She whispered harshly to herself. He stirred in his sleep, moving his arm more around Dana. She paniced, she had to get out of there. Dana grabbed her pillow and pulled the old switch-er-oo on him. She moved the pillow in her place. She spotted her clothes all tossed in a pile on the floor close to the bed. She quickly pulled on her jeans and shirt, stuffing the under garments in her pocket's. The bra was hard to fit, but she got it. She grabbed her shoe's from by the door and snuck out of Logan's house.

End Flashback:

"You slept with Logan.. I knew it." Ashley gloated. Dana glared. "What? I totally knew you guys were going to get together sooner or later. Just happened to be sooner rather then later."

"The only bad part is.. I know I told him I loved him.. but what if it was the alcohol telling him to tell me that he loved me, just so he could get laid?" Dana asked looking down. She started to play with her hands. It was a nervous habit.

"I'm sure he ment it Dana."

"How could you possibley be sure?" Dana asked getting defensive.

"Because we all know it.. Zoe and everyone, they've seen this coming from a million miles away." Ashley said. Dana rolled her eyes.

"They have thought it was like that-"

"But were they wrong?" Ashley asked.

"Possibley, if he dosent feel the same about me, then they were wrong all along." Dana countered.

"Oh your good." Ashley said, giving in. Dana smirked. "You are aware that theres only one way to figure this out right?"

"I'm not asking him." Dana said, already saying the answer she was looking for.

"If you dont I will." She threatned. "You gonna just let him notice your pregnant or something? Dont you want him to be able to be there for you when your going through this stuff?"

"Yeah... and I would actually prefer to let him assume later." Dana said.

"Do it, or I will." Ashley said. Dana huffed.

"Fine, but I'm doing it my way. I'll get it over fast, at dinner tomorrow." Dana said glaring at Ashley.

"As long as you do it, I'm okay with it." Ashley said getting off the bed. "Get some sleep, you look a little pale."

"Thanks for looking out Ash." Dana said sarcastically. She knew how to tell Logan, now all she had to do was go through with it...

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