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"Mike, please. Stop playing games, are you sure that he's not going to bring her this time?" Dana asked for the 10th time in the past 3 minutes she'd been on the phone.

She heard Michael groan on the other line, out of frustration of course, "Oh shit, I totally forgot that he said she didn't have to go this week, it was next week..." Dana's heart sank right before Michael let out a slight laugh that was barely coherrent, "I was kidding, Yes. Yes. And YES. I'm positive that Lola's all the way in Florida on some dumb business trip. You're safe to tell him tonight."

"Are you positive she's no-", The line went dead. Dana let her jaw drop as she looked at her phone. She huffed and shut it with a force. Ashley looked at her as she started to glare out of the passanger side window.

"What happened? Was he lying?" Ashley asked, she too was annoyed with the constant questioning about if they were both positvley positive that Lola wasn't going to make an apperance tonight.

"He hung up on me... again."

Ashley laughed a little and kept a smile on.

"I love this. Last time I was trying to make the situation lighter and I got yelled at, and now you both think it's a good time to test out your 'are-you-serious' jokes on me? That's great. Really amazing." Dana said. She was just about to tell Ashley to go to hell, but now wasn't the time to cause more Drama to what she already had 'cookin' in the oven', as Nicole reffered to it.

"I really don't think that shooting the father of your child would have been the best way to go, even when you're trying to lighten the mood. I've never found that shit funny." Ashley said in all seriousness.

"I was being serious... Still am. It'd make my life so much easier." Dana said with a huff.

"How would it make your life easier? I'm going into parental mode at the moment, but you need someone else to help you raise this child, you can't do it on your own, and we're not going to be room mates forever. I don't want to end up being the second mommy for your kid, Day." She said with an awkward and regretting expression.

"I know... It's my responsability and I can't do anything to make you help me-"

"No. I'm going to help, but you need more then just help. You need a Mommy and a Daddy, not a Mommy and a Mommy." Ashley said, cutting Dana off.

"I know, I'm going to... I just want to be able to tell him without any interuptions or him wanting to hate me..." Dana said with a sad face on.

"He won't hate you. He's not that much of a dick." Ashley said. Dana looked at her skeptically. "What? He's not!"

Dana rolled her eyes and curled up in her seat as they turned on Zoey's street. Dana's fingers went straight into her mouth and her nails were gone before they hit her driveway.

Ashley pulled up, and of course, they were the last one's to arrive. Judging by the swinging of the blinds, someone had to have been a little on the impaitent side tonight.

As ready as ever, Dana slowly got out of the car, making sure she had her footing before she started walking up the slanted driveway up to the front steps of Zoey's house. The last thing that anyone needed was for Dana to fall and pull a classic 'Titanic' as Michael reffered to it in one of his dumb jokes about her last name being Cruz. Get it, the Titanic was a cruise....? She shook her head to shake out the memory along with all it's stupidity.

Ashley met her at the front door, double checking the lock on her car door. Dana lent against the wall while Ashley rang the doorbell. It wasn't even half a second before Zoey had the door open.

"What took you so long?" Zoey asked putting her hands directly on her hips. Dana squinted her eyes at her, and Ashley tilted her head to the side in confusion.

"What? We're not that late." Ashley said gliding in past Zoey who was pretty much blocking the doorway. Dana followed her lead.

Zoey huffed and followed them into the living room.

That's another thing about Zoey that hasn't changed, she still can't stand it when something doesn't go exactly how she planned. She would go A-Wall in any minor case, and she acted like there was a bomb about to explode in her head when it was something pretty major. Thankfully, this wasn't a major delima.

They entered the living room to see everyone already sitting down around the coffee table, laughing at a story Michael was telling. The best part was.... No Lola.

Ashley smirked to Dana and made her way over to Logan and gave him a quick hug, making her way around the coffee table. Dana just went over and sat next to Michael. He gave her a quick one armed hug, rubbing her far arm and smiling. She smiled back and made a quick glance at Logan, who was texting away on his phone. Dana rolled her eyes.

"Logan, put the phone away." Chase said in his casual tone, noticing Zoey's frustration. Chase winked at Zoey and it made Dana cringe. She always thought that when Chase read Zoey's mind, it was creepy. She was some what glad that she didn't have a guy that could do that. In reality, no one knew her that well.

"Fine, I'll turn it off." Logan said holding down the button on his Sidekick. He shoved it into the back pocket of his jeans and put his hands together, fiddling with his tumbs.

"Time for Dinner." Zoey stated, and they all sat down to eat....


After Dinner, Logan went out side for a quick ciggarette break. Dana followed him after a few minutes. She closed the sliding glass door behind her, but there wasn't any sign of Logan. She saw a faint silhouette down by the water's edge. Zoey and Chase bought a house right on the water of a local man-made lake. She started down the lawn before she saw the red glow of a ciggarette being inhaled.

"Logan?" She asked. The figure moved towards her, and the clouds moved away from the almsot full moon. She could see him more clearly now.

"Hey Dana, what's up?" He asked offering her a smoke.

She put her hand up and shook her head, "I can't."

Logan laughed, "Why not? Trying to cut down?"

"Something like that..." Dana said looking everywhere but at him. She bit her lip.

Logan eyed her curiously, "Something you wanna talk about?"

"Yes, actually." Dana said. Logan waited, but the words wouldn't form together. She tried a few times, but her mouth just moved. Nothing came out.

"Oh, you're taking up a mime class?" Logan said, scarcasm playing on every word. He took another drag and blew it towards her.

"Don't blow smoke in my face, it's bad for me." Dana snapped.

"Um... You've been smoking for longer then I have, how is a little smoke in your face bad for you?" Logan was generally confused at this point.

"Because..." Dana started.

"Is it what you've got to talk to me about?" Logan said, trying to find any clue that could lead to him to the answer.

"Yes. I'm not really sure how I'm supposed to tell you this..." Dana said closing her eyes, and crossing her arms across her chest.

"Dana, you can tell me anything. You know that." Logan said softly.

Just do it, Dana. He's got to know. "Logan... I'm pregnant, and I'm pretty sure that it's yours...."