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Booth drummed his fingertips upon the cherry desk as the clock tinkered it way around the circular face. He was waiting impatiently for the barely audible click indicating that it was five o'clock. Gathering his belongings he headed for the door, closing it securely behind him just at the second hand passed the twelve.

The Hoover building hummed with it usual business, but Booth was leaving it all behind at least for the weekend. Rebecca had called earlier in the week to inform him that fathers play an important role in helping develop complicated physical skills in young children. Due to this news flash from Oprah, Ellen, or whatever daytime kick Rebecca was currently on, she had deemed it necessary for Booth to have Parker for the Memorial Day weekend. Booth duly noted to add daytime talk show hosts in his prayers.

Making a quick decent down the main stairs, Booth was on a mission for the front doors when he heard a recognizable voice.

"Booth!" echoed the deep bass voice.

Spinning on his heels, Booth turned to see his old Army pal and fellow agent Samson James.

"Samson James! Long time no see!" Booth's voice filled the lobby as he made his way over to the man standing off to the left of the large glass doors.

"If I didn't know better, Seeley Booth, I'd think you were trying to avoid me," Samson stated matching Booth's firm handshake.

Giving a knowing smile, Booth answered, "And how is Anna?"

"Good. Especially when I told her that you were coming to the annual Memorial Day BBQ with someone she could carry on an intelligent conversation with," Samson replied.

"Jeeze, Samson. I would, but I've got Parker this weekend," Booth's excuse sounded as lame out loud as it did in his mind.

Samson patted Booth's back as he spoke, "No worries Booth, remember Connor…Parker…Cub Scouts. Got plenty of games for the younger agents."

Booth gave a nervous laugh, "I can't believe Anna is letting you have this BBQ considering how much she hates them."

"See Seeley," Samson's grip on Booth's shoulder tightened, "that's where you come in. When I told Anna you were bringing someone with an actual brain versus the typical trophy wives the other agents bring, she was all too happy to play hostess."

"See there's the problem, James," Booth interjected, "currently I'm not seeing anyone."

"Not a problem Booth," Samson continued, "just bring a friend or better yet just a partner."

Booth made his best attempt to laugh off Samson's comments before trying to weasel his way out of this little function.

"Samson, I just don't see how I can make it," Booth made his final plea.

"Seeley Booth, you owe me," Samson stated. "I went on that stupid bind date with you and wound up with a life sentence."

Chuckling, Booth asked, "Isn't that life sentence called happily ever after?"

"I can see you've never been married," Samson dead panned. "We'll see you at three on Monday, Booth, and don't forget…"

Booth interrupted, "I'll see what I can do."

Booth headed straight for his SUV after exiting the Hoover Building. Although Samson's invitation gave Booth something to ponder over, it wasn't his most important priority at the moment.

Pulling up in front of Rebecca's, Booth climbed out of the vehicle and made his way up the front walk. Parker flew the front door opened and rushed down the steps meeting his dad in a bear hug.

"Hey there, Bub," Booth's voice lowered as he gave Parker a squeeze.

"I missed you," Parker confessed as he tightened his grip around his father's neck.

"I missed you, too," Booth returned before pulling slightly out of the firm embrace.

With Parker on his hip, Booth strolled up the steps to an awaiting Rebecca.

Before Booth's foot hit the landing, Rebecca's arm was outstretched; dangling a Spiderman backpack.

"Have a good time with your daddy, Parker," Rebecca stated ruffling the blonde mop of curls, "Seeley, you'll need to drop him off at day camp on Tuesday. Drew and I are going away for the weekend and won't be back until Tuesday afternoon."

"Got it," Booth replied turning back toward the SUV.

Parker shifted in his father's arms waving to his mother before Booth placed him in the backseat.

"Daddy, I'm hungry," the little boy informed his father as Booth latched the seatbelt over Parker's booster seat.

"Do you know what you want?" Booth asked before closing the back door.

"No, but Sid does," Parker's serious tone amused Booth.

"Wong Foo's it is," Booth agreed shutting the back door and climbing into the driver's seat.

Once seated in their usual booth, Parker began the endless rambling only a parent can interpret. While Booth's demeanor gave all indications that he was fully concentrating on the little boy, his mind was focused on a previous conversation.

"Daddy," Parker sang: retrieving Booth attention.

"W—h—at," Booth stuttered; his face snapping back to the present.

"I asked what we were doing for Mem..Memmm…noral Day," Parker restated.

"Um..donno," Booth replied, "Was there something special you wanted to do for Memorial Day?"

"Last year Drew, Mommy, and me went to the fair!" Parker exclaimed.

"Really," Booth answered; trying to hide the sarcasm.

"So, what are we gonna do?" Parker's voice was bubbly with anticipation.

"Well…," Booth stalled, "Connor's parents are having a BBQ…"

"Connor! Can we go, daddy? Please!" Parker begged.

A smile peeked at the corner of Booth's mouth as he watched the excitement pour out of Parker.

"I think we could do that," Booth admitted. "How would you feel if I asked Bones to come along?"

"We'd have so much fun!" Parker's squeal reached octaves Booth was certain only dogs should be able to hear.

He couldn't help but grin as Parker completely ignored the food in front of him as he began rattling off all the fun the trio would have.

After dinner, Booth and Parker drove back to the apartment. Parker had droned on and on about watching The Chipmunks when Booth had talked to him earlier in the week. Much to Parkers surprise, Booth had rented the video for the pair to watch. Parker had fallen asleep half way through, but Booth was far too entertained to turn the movie off.

As the ending credits began to scroll across the screen, Booth hoisted a sleeping Parker into his arms and padded down the hallway to the youngster's room. Placing him down on the bed, Booth carefully tucked the covers under his chin before placing a kiss on his curl covered forehead.

"Sweet dreams, Parker," he whispered before closing the door almost shut.

Stopping by the kitchen to retrieve a beer, Booth spotted his cell lying on the kitchen counter. Grasping the small gadget, he made his way back to the couch; beer in hand.

"Brennan," her voice distracted.

"Bones, whatcha doin?" Booth asked before taking a long draw from his beer.

"Do we have a case?" she questioned with a certain twinge of excitement.

"No," his reply delayed.

"Then why are you calling me?" irritation lined her words.

"I believe I made my reason clear when I asked what you were doing," slight sarcasm edged his voice.

"Well currently I'm piecing together a skull from a Civil War skeleton," she answered quickly, "Now if that's all you called about, my attention is needed elsewhere."

"Actually, Bones," Booth paused making sure he had her attention, "I was wondering if you'd like to go to a BBQ on Monday."

"You're having a BBQ?" she asked. "I thought you had Parker this weekend."

"No and yes," Booth responded.

"That doesn't make any sense, Booth," she sighed dropping down heavily on a nearby stool. Obviously Booth's conversation was going to need more attention than she originally hoped.

Booth let out a huff of frustration before explaining, "NO, I'm not having a BBQ, and YES, I have Parker for the weekend. A friend is having the BBQ and for some ridiculous reason I thought I'd invite you."

"Why is that so ridiculous?" her accusing tone shot daggers through the phone.

"It's ridiculous, because you are more interested in complicating this conversation than just answering a simple yes or no," his voice announcing his frustrated mood.

Deciding to give in and answer Booth, she opted for the quick and painless answer.

"Yes," she stated.

"Yes," he paused, "Did you just agree to come?"

"Yes," she answered again.

"Are you sure," Booth was a little more than shocked.

"Do you want me to change my answer," she coaxed.

"NO!" he shouted. "I mean, no. That's great Bones! I'll pick you up say around one thirty Monday afternoon?"

"I'll see you then," she politely responded before closing her phone.

Brennan remained on the stool for several minutes pondering her decision. Social functions were exactly her strong suit, but instead of the usual dread tugging at the pit of her stomach; she actually felt somewhat excited. It was doubtful that a BBQ could spark the twinge of excitement. Maybe it had to do with a certain FBI agent. Smiling, she slowly stood from her perch and returned to the work which had been…..pleasantly interrupted.

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