Kudos to CherubFlame for correctly guessing Jin's weakness

Kudos to CherubFlame for correctly guessing Jin's weakness!

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Ch. 7: Most Dangerous Game

The examinees began to murmur amongst themselves.

"Are we hunting each other?" asked Tygin from the rear. The anticipation in his voice was obvious. Claire shook her head.

"While it would be a good test of your skills, it would not train you for the right conditions. Instead…"

She snapped her fingers, summoning a group of five men, each with a cocky grin.

"You will be trying not to be got by these guys. I must warn you, we picked out the meanest sunsabitches we could find out of our organization. If they get to you, they have free reign."

Several of the examinees began to visibly tremble, while Tygin looked unhappy with the test.

"This time, however," Claire continued, "we will be adding a bit of a twist."

She held up what appeared to be a blank credit card.

"Each of these five men is carrying one of these. Should you or the group you are in somehow manage to procure it and hold on to it 'till the end of the test, you will automatically pass and be granted your Hunter's license. You guys get a two hour head start. GO!"

The examinees sprinted into the forest, Jin staying close to his companions. As they ran and looked for a suitable place to rest later that night, they discussed their strategy.

"Should we go for the cards or try to wait it out?" wondered Arozin.

"If we do go for the cards, we should wait until the end of the week. If we go any sooner, another team'll try to take whatever we get," replied Helena.

Jin shook his head.

"They're trying to get us to practice a careful, coordinated strike against superior foes, the situation we would encounter on Goruto. I don't think we'd stand a chance against these guys without catching them completely off-guard. Since they're hunting us, they'll be at least somewhat prepared no matter when we try to strike. Our best bet is to stick it out, run from them in case of conflict, and fight only one at a time if combat is necessary."

His two comrades nodded. It made sense. After further discussion, they agreed on a spot to camp. They split up and ran until nightfall, when they converged on the spot. None of the three had seen the Hunters in pursuit.

They each took turns on night watch. Each day, one would go out looking for food and water while two remained to tend the camp. They switched camp each day, running throughout the forest until they found a suitable place. There were no encounters until the fifth day.

It was Helena's turn to forage. As she came into the camp, Jin looked her over with Gyo to check for any Nen markers. He found one.


He grabbed Helena and used his Nen's ability to dispel the mark, but it had been on for too long.

"Oi! You two, bolt! I'll meet you back here in an hour! GO!"

The second the two were out of sight, a single man burst into the camp. He saw that Jin was alone and paused.

"How'd ya get rid of the mark? Where's the girl?"

Jin slowly lowered himself into a fighting position.

"Ah, well. I heard ya shout. She'll be back in an hour. I can have my fun after I kill you."

He burst forward with surprising speed, leading into a powerful right straight. Jin grabbed the offending fist, slammed his hand into the man's elbow, and tossed him over his shoulder. As he crashed into the ground, Jin, still holding on to the arm, fell back and began to pull on the arm.

The man grunted in pain as his arm began to slowly leave its socket. Without warning, however, he flexed his trapped arm, bringing his whole body around and putting all of his weight into a punch to Jin's gut. Jin groaned and released the captive limb. Both men got back to their feet, Jin more slowly.

Jin slowed his breathing and thought. He had not used his Nen during the assault in an attempt to ascertain the man's abilities. He saw now that it would be necessary; the man was strong as an ox with his Nen. Jin undid Zetsu and attacked with a flurry of blows. The first was a kick to the head. His opponent was fast enough to get his arm up and pour Nen into it. The Nen went right out of the limb as Jin's foot approached. The impact shattered the man's right arm like glass. The man barely had time to shriek in pain before he was caught with a right hook to the ribs and a left to the jaw. He crumpled under the onslaught. A right leg sweep put him on his back. Jin was about to finish it with a shot to the temple when the man rolled out of the way. He got up unsteadily, leaking blood out of several orifices.

"You…liddle…bastard," he groaned, the words barely recognizable thanks to his shattered jaw.

He came at Jin, all pretense of strategy lost as he flailed wildly. Still, it was difficult for Jin to dodge every random blow, and he caught several minor ones before seeing his chance.

As the man aimed a kick at Jin's midsection, Jin jumped over the leg and flipped, slamming his feet down onto his opponent's shoulders and wrapping them around his neck. He planted his hands on the ground and brought his legs to his torso, slamming the man's head down into the ground in a classic frankensteiner. Keeping his feet wrapped around his opponent's neck, he grabbed the man's legs above the knee and curled, pulling his head and legs in two different directions. The man screamed as he was being pulled part.

"How about a bet, you bastard?! What goes first, your legs, your torso, or your head?! Guess right, and you die painlessly!" Jin shouted with obvious glee.

The man may have responded, but if he did, it was hard to tell from his screaming. Jin kept pulling.