Chapter one

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Summary: Alcohol + Rugby victory + blue balls; desperation

Chapter one

She didn't know what he was doing and most importantly, she didn't know why she was letting him. He was a Gryffindor for God's sake but he was a hot Gryffindor, her mind told her. Beside she couldn't deny that she loved the way his lips felt on her bare skin. The soft, small caresses with his lips against her pale skin were blissful. After a few moments, his lips crashed against hers in a heated kiss. She could smell the heavy alcohol on his breath and it was so much more than the smell on her breath. He was so much more far gone than she was, but it was so intoxicating. She didn't understand it nor did she want to.

His hands slid over her body in a way that made her shiver. Maybe she was to drunk to know the difference between what a good touch was and what a bad one was. It was impossible for every kiss, every touch and every caress to be this good. She would have to remember to do this again when she was sober. It was an empty promise; she wouldn't come within ten feet of him when she was sober. He would like it that way, and she knew that. But she didn't want to think about that right now, she wrapped her legs around his ankles, digging her fingertips into hair. He didn't seem to mind as he kissed her harder. He wanted more than what she could give him, her lips were simple, not to thin nor to full. Some had said that they were perfect, but they weren't enough for him.

His hand pulled at the side of her dress, the lip to skin session was get more heated than it should be. There were some many things wrong with what was going on and it had little to do with the fact that he was a Gryffindor. He felt her stiffen and he pulled back. She couldn't help it, she was as bad as an addict and she pulled him back. She could feel his cruel, husky chuckle against her lips. She should have hit him but she didn't care as she kissed him just as hard as he kissed her. Her lips were going to be bruised in the morning or too red for her to hide. Yet she didn't care, as he pulled her into his lap.

She could hear the goody-two shoes Granger in her head, talking about how one-night stands were bad. In fact, she had given a report for the emotional effects of a one-night stand on the female's mind. But she severely doubted that Granger ever felt the passion or endured any of the heat that she was feeling now. Weasley was fairly good-looking but every one knew that he was a little light-weight when it came in the sexual department. She scoffed to herself silently, like Granger would ever let him touch her. She seriously doubted it.

Her mind was pulled back as he gripped tightly on the fabric of her dress. She felt like he was going to rip it and she slightly wanted him to. They stopped for a moment, because of the lack of air. He stared at her, licking his lips as his eyes bore into her. They just stared at each other for the longest time. She wanted to cuss, they were going to do it, and she hoped from the look in his eyes that meant he had a condom.


It wasn't quite a groan but it wasn't a good sound that came from his mouth as he rolled over. He rubbed his eyes softly, as he felt a soft foot run over his leg. Ginny, he thought to himself. The chances of him being in a bed with Ginny Weasley were completely unlikely but he had to hope. Or better yet, he had to pray because he wasn't quite sure how fucking wasted at that party he got. It wasn't his fault; there was a lot of reason for him to celebrate.

They had won their game; it was almost to good to be true. For the first time in any history, the Gryffindor and Slytherin teamed up together and crushed the opposing team. Hell, they won a game with them; it didn't seem like that bad of an idea to party with them. Well that wasn't completely true; it seemed like a completely appalling idea to party with the slytherin. Harry rubbed his head; he actually wasn't sure how he got to the party. But nonetheless he came and he dragged several of his Gryffindor teammates with him. And they brought God only knew how many people with them, and the same could be said for the slytherin. He had to say overall, the party was pretty damn awesome. Well everything except for the legs that were against his.

Harry searched around for his circle-rim glasses and places them on his face. All he saw was black hair and he couldn't think of who it could be. He waited a few moments, hoping for the person to roll over, well he hoped for the girl to roll over. The last thing he needed to know or found out was after years of pinning after Ginny Weasley, he was secretly gay. That would really just ruin his day, and honestly the rest of his life. The seconds that he waited seems like years, and Harry slowly built up the courage to turn the girl over. When he heard her make a sound and he just relaxed. As he still hoped that it was indeed a girl and that she would roll over.

Pansy Parkinson slept almost to good and when she woke up she had this horrible feeling in her stomach. The light shone through the blinds, and she could hear the birds chirping. Yet there was something off about the day like she did something or something happen that she could quite not remember. She had a small tug of pain from the corner of her temple. She was relieved that was all, although she was sure drinking wasn't the problem. She stretched out her body and felt her leg swipe against another.

Her eyes widen, what the hell did she do? She was engaged! No, that was right; she wasn't engaged, not any more. So she knew for a fact that it was not Draco Malfoy in the bed beside her but then who. Fuzzy images of black hair and green eyes taunted her. She turned over and saw the guy beside her. His eyes widen at the sight of her but they became as daze and confused as hers were. He had messy black hair, emerald eyes, round-rim glassed and an odd scar. He was King of the Gryffindor but for the love of God, she couldn't remember his name. He was co-captain with Draco on the rugby team; he was Dumbledore's star pupil and the bane of Snape's existence. But holy fuck, what was his name?

Harry stared at her for the longest time; her name was the same as a flower. He was drawing a blank; he never really took the time to learn her name. She was Draco's girl wasn't she? No, that was right they broke up. Damn, what was her name? He could almost feel it on the tip of his tongue. The same as a flower and people used to call her pug-face something. What was it? They stared at each other for the longest time, trying to figure out the name of the other was.

The door suddenly slammed open and in came a plaid-pant clad Draco Malfoy. He started to speak but then stopped immediately. His usual expression-less face turned into a large frown as he pushed back the hair from his face. His hair was almost as unruly as Harry was. After a few moments, he just skillful raised an eyebrow as he leaned against the doorframe.

"What the hell are you doing in my house, Potter?"

Harry's face was almost red, and he wasn't sure what from. He choked on his words, he and Malfoy weren't exactly friends but they weren't exactly enemies either. Despite all the Gryffindors hate Slytherins and Slytherins hate Gryffindors bullshit, Harry would understand if Malfoy was pissed at him. You don't exactly go fuck your co-captain's ex fiancé at his party in his house. It just wasn't something that was done and Harry would understand if he was more than pissed at him. Yet Draco's cool matter shone through as he shook his head.

"Well good thing, you're here. I just got a call from Hooch; she wants to call a practice in later tonight."

"Why didn't she call me?" Harry asked almost insulted.

"She did, you didn't answer your phone."

"Oh." Harry said almost embarrassed.

Draco looked at the dumbfounded Harry for a brief moment and then his eyes went over to Pansy. She covered herself up with the covers but other than that she didn't seemed to be hurt. Not that she was really his problem anymore when it came to that aspect but she was still the closest thing he had to family. He just cleared his throat to get her attention, and he could almost see her blush. She was embarrassed and it brought him a smirk to his face. It was rare for Pansy to allow herself to be vulnerable especially in a situation like that.

"Pans, your mom called several times."

"Shit." Pansy yelled as scrabbled to get out of the bed.

"I just told her, you went out with your friends and you just crashed here."

Pansy let out a deep sigh as she hated the thought of having to explain to her mother what she had just been up. Her mother had been lecturing her now stops of the dangers of teenage promiscuity since the ninth grade. While her father often threatened her just not to get pregnant, he would completely disowned her. She scoffed at the thought, she had that man wrapped around her finger whether he wanted to admit it or not. Nonetheless she didn't want another lecture especially not right now.

"Whenever you two are done having your awkward sex moment, there is breakfast downstairs."