Chapter 3

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Summary: Alcohol + Rugby victory + blue balls; desperation

Chapter three

The cool water felt amazing against his skin, each little droplet offered comfort that his head could not produce. His mind was several thousands of miles away from him, trying to make sense of the day that he had already had and the rest of it to come. Hermione's words echoed in his head, her words were like a drum. The drum just beat heavily in and out of his mind. Ginny, Oh God, Ginny! A flutter of grace in the form of red hair and freckled materialized before his vision. He loved Ginny, and his heart tightened at the sight of her. The thought of him and her in a car together made him feel like he could fly like. Like a fire bolt, whatever the hell that meant but it was a grand feeling.

And yet the thought made him sick because as soon as the sight of Ginny disappeared. Another form of beauty blocked his vision and filled him with guilt. Guilt? For what, he wasn't sure but it ate at him like a bad slug. Harry shook his head, he need to come up with better comparison. The few that he had created were confusing and made his head hurt. It made him feel like he was fucking insane because he didn't even know what he was saying better yet thinking. He took a bar of soap and started to lather up. He had spent most of the night and morning with Pansy. She was a sex goddess or something and he had an amazing time.

Now he was ditching her for a girl who gave him the time of day when he was eleven. Then after that, he could never capture her affection and boy did he try. He could kick his eleven year-old self and some of the ones that followed. Like his fourteen year self that fell for that whore, Cho Chang. What the hell had he been thinking? In truth, he hadn't really fallen for Ginny until two years ago and he was sadly two years too late. Though her boyfriends had come and gone, he still nowhere close to being the ideal boyfriend that she wanted. Even now, he gave up something that could have been real. Hell, if they had just been in it for the sex, it would have been well worth it.

But he shot it down, and without even giving it a chance. He felt bad for himself and for Pansy. He shook his unruly hair out of his face; there was no need to cry over spilled milk. He felt like he had killed any chance with Ginny already. So here he was alone, pinning after one girl while his dick wanted someone else. Oh yea, blue balls didn't even begin to describe the sickness that he had. Harry quickly rinsed off, and turned the faucet off. He exited the shower and quickly wrapped a towel around his waist. Harry put on his rounded-rim glasses and looked at himself in the mirror. He had often heard from everyone how he much looked like his father, James.

Most of the time he could see it when he looked in the mirror, and he even got a glance of his mother from time to time. It was nice to see three people staring back at him in the mirror instead of one. It kind of made him sound crazy but there were worse things. Harry quickly brushed his teeth, dried off and dressed.

"I am off to lunch, Sirius." He shouted as he walked out of the door.


She tapped her foot again and again against the ground beneath her. She was starting to get impatient, no anxious was the correct word to describe her feelings. She looked down at her watch and then glanced at her boyfriend in the car. He was drumming his fingers against the steering wheel as he waited for her. It was after noon, and they were running late. She hated to be late; she was absolutely appalled at the idea of being late. And in truth, she would not have this problem or anxiety if a certain blonde haired asshole was pulling his weight. That blonde haired asshole was none other than Draco fucking Malfoy. He was the king of the slytherins and the bane of her existence. She still could not begin to comprehend what had been going through Dumbledore's mind.

She was quite sure; that anyone and she surely did mean anyone could have been a better choice than Draco fucking Malfoy. Sure he had the charm, brains, and determination that the position called for him. He had a perfect average at Slytherin High, and of course her average had been above average which made her an immediate choice for it. But still, was there not any one beside him that could meet all the need of the position? She had even made a list of people who she felt would have been more suited for the job.

Though Draco Malfoy had all the appearance of having all the credentials. He didn't embody them at all. He was lazy, argumentative and a complete and utter prat. He made her skin crawl and blood boil. He never wanted to pull his weight, which left all of it to her, and she simply didn't have time for it. So here she was picking up the decoration for homecoming that Malfoy should have been picking up. Yet another errand that she was doing that Malfoy should have been doing. It was aggravating, and she was at wit's end because of it.

"Ms. Granger?"

Hermione looked up to see her package was ready, and was so relieved. She handed her the school credit card, and the woman took it gladly. The homecoming theme was a 'Night under the star', and Hermione intended to make it the most romantic and magical night that she could muster. It would be the first social event that she and Malfoy organize together and it would reflect on her leadership abilities. Ones that really hadn't been tested before and she hated the thought of failing. It was a scary thought and it angered her even more especially if she failed because of Malfoy. The slimy git would get what was coming to him and she had no qualms of affirming him of what she thought that night. He had already ruined her perfectly suitable morning and she refused to allow him to ruin the afternoon as well.

Hermione took the package and walked out of the store, she glanced at her watch again. It was a horrible obsessive habit that she indulged in way too much. She couldn't help it, she could be a flexible sort of girl when time called for it but today was not that sort of day. The only time of day that was supposed to pertain to flexability had been ruin by Malfoy's phone call. Of all the rotten times for her cell phone to go off, there was no time worst than that. She could honestly kill Malfoy for interrupting probably one of the most romantic moments of her life. Hermione stopped as she perched the package on hood of Ron's car. It was sadly true what most people thought; she and Ron were not the most intimate couple in the world. And it was simply because she was unsure.

Love was a strange and completely illogical event and it was hard to be safe in it. Though she loved Ron, she honestly did more than anything in the world. She still didn't want to risk anything, it was exciting and new and she loved being with him. But she was still afraid of what could happen and the damaging effects on their friendship and everyone around them. That had been one of the reasons that she prolong going out with him as long as she did. Now that she had him, she really didn't want to break up or something even worst. She shook her head, now was not the time to be thinking about such things. There was so much work to be done after lunch.

"Ron?" She called.

Red hair popped out of the window and a familiar face greeted her with a concerned look. She smiled at it, and couldn't help but think of how she loved that face.

"Something wrong, 'Mione?"

"No, can you just pop the trunk please?"



In all honesty, she did care what people thought of her and Ron. Well not completely anyway because in truth, she was happy. And wasn't her happiness what matter more in the world? She shook her head as she smiled as she tried to realize the reasoning behind her thoughts. It didn't matter, she had an amazing boyfriend.


It was the way her hips moved, the slow yet seductive aspect that made Harry wondered what was under her skirt. Crude, inappropriate, and he hated himself for it. He was still on an erotic high as he thought of his nails digging into her soft white skin. The way his hands would usher her up and down. The way her body would feel against him, it was obvious that she was just too hot. She melted his cold shower away like he never took one.

He didn't say anything as he just watched her walk. His mouth closed, his body still but his mind was running a million miles an hour. He'd kill for her to say she wanted him or hell if she loved him. He take either one if only for a moment, he could say he was the reason for a sparkle in her eyes. Or if he just brought one smile to her face, he could die happily. The door opening and closing was like a jolt to his spine. He shook his head softly, this was his chance. All he had to do was not blow it. Though the latter thought was hard since he was sure something was going to blow if he kept watching her walk.

"'Ello Harry."

"Hi." Harry said slowly.

"I am sorry you had to come all the way out here but thanks for the ride."

"It's no problem." Harry said as he took the car out of park.

The ride was smooth as Ginny made small idle chatter. Harry nodded his head and spoke little. He tired to focus on the way that the road curve and not way Ginny's skirt curve when she moved her legs. The way his eyes itched to go further and further with each little centimeter of skin that was exposed. A part of him wanted to scream fuck it, pull over to a side of the road and just confess it. Damn it to hell for all he cared, if she didn't want him then fuck. But he couldn't barely contain himself when he was trying to not look when it was so obvious he should.

The light was red and there was about ten more minutes in the drive. The soft vibration of Harry's old car didn't help his cause. His emerald eyes glanced at Ginny for a second; she stopped talking and looked ahead. He frowned to himself, he could have spoke more. Or possibly seemed more engaged in the conversation, made the effort to make it obvious he was listening. But he had been listening, very intently to every syllable she spoke. One reason, the idea of pulling off the side of the road seemed more and more tempting. His mind ventured to how her voice would sound with a moan stuck in the back of her throat as his name rolled off her tongue. Exquisite, beautiful and so fucking sexy were all the words that came to mine.


"Hmm?" Harry glanced at her again and then at the light.

"You went to the party last night right?"

"Yes." Harry stopped himself there.

And fucked a goddess were to be the words that would have followed.

"I had meant to go to the party but-" Ginny shook her head.

The light didn't seem to be changing any time soon and the way Ginny spoke was like a painful tease. No one was behind them, there was no one in front of them, and so he turned his attention to her.

"But what?"

"Shit happens. The point is." Ginny gently touched his cheek. "I wanted to give you this."

Her lips brushed his gently and so softly, that he almost didn't feel it. Until she kissed him, and he kissed her back. The day was indeed looking up.