Author's Notes: This was written for Angel, based off of a picture of Shizuru and Natsuki on a motorcycle together. Short but I am posting anyway just to see how many people are interested in Mai-HiME. If people are interested, I'll do a few "Shiznat" fics. Since I can't link the image inspiring this, I need to say it's Natsuki's point of view.


It set me free, blew away my problems and grief, and embraced me without knowing who I was or where I came from. The wind didn't care what I wore, what I did, or where I was going. It accepted me without restraint, freed my mind, and calmed me down. I was asked several times why I rode my motorcycle, why I disappeared for days at a time just to drive. The answer wasn't something I could tell, wasn't something I could just say. It had to be felt, had to be witnessed, had to be experienced.

Here, with you against my back, on this open rode laced with the flowing cherry blossoms, I shared it. I couldn't answer you either, couldn't say what I wanted, couldn't find the words. What I felt was the same as the wind. It was all we needed right now, all we had to know. We were free from everything, free from people's thoughts, people's stares, people's words. With the wind I didn't have to worry about them, with the wind I could be honest.

I liked you. Through everything, the pain, the hardships, the good times, and the laughter. I couldn't tell you this because the feelings were more than my words could describe. Like the wind, you were there for me, embraced me, accepted me. My past didn't matter to you- in fact you shared some of it with me. What mattered was simple; we were together, embraced by the rushing sound of air. I couldn't tell you, but I know you could feel it.

You were my wind.