A random drabble for the pairing of Kairi/Namine. I'm not too fond of the ending but I love the idea. Maybe I'll try re-writing it one day.

Word prompt: dark

Lyrics: "It's not too late, it's never too late." - Three Days Grace

"Destiny Islands?" Namine whispered, glancing about.

When Kairi had said she'd wanted to show Namine something, she hadn't expected this. Kairi came here all the time, this was far from new and exciting. Plus, it was dark out and the air had the slightest bit of chill to it. Not that she was really complaining, guess it was just a bit of a let down.

"Oh, don't be like that, come on." Kairi smiled, reaching her hand out. "How else was I going to get you out here?"

Well, that was true enough. Since having to piece back Sora's memory, Namine had tried her best to avoid Destiny Islands. This place screamed of her own guilt and even though no one ever held a grudge or ill feelings toward her for doing what she did, she still couldn't wash the dirty feeling she got on her fingers every time she looked at this place.

Namine gave a soft smile but kept her hands to her side. She still wasn't one to be pessimistic but she was worried that taking Kairi's hand would leave the tainted feeling on her fingers as well.

Leaning in front of her, Kairi leaned close and made a face. "What's so bad about holding my hand, huh?" She had a slight pout in her voice that Namine couldn't see well on her face.

The blond laughed lightly. "Nothing at all. So why Destiny Islands?"

Kairi didn't back down from her position but she answered the question somewhat reluctantly. "Just wanted to try re-living some old memories."

"Umm ... Kairi?" Namine hesitated.


"I'm ... not apart ... of any of your memories." Saying it made her feel a little lonely but Kairi reached forward and took both her hands in hers. When Namine tried to pull back, Kairi settled for holding only one and wrapped her fingers around it.

The blond was then forced to stand there awkwardly, staring down at her covered hand with worry.

"We-" Kairi started, grinning up at Namine. "-are going to reenact them."

Namine kept her mouth shut and kept silent. What?

"Hence why I needed to bring you here. A lot of my memories revolve around this place. In order to make you apart of them, I need you to be here. Then we can share the same memories and it will be just like you were there to begin with." Kairi elaborated.

"Why would you do that? Wouldn't it be better to just make new memories?"

There was a pause in their conversation until Kairi leaned her forehead against hers and gave a small sigh. "Because you look lonely whenever I hang out with my old friends. Like you missed out."

Namine nearly flinched over how dead on Kairi had gotten that. "Nonsense. I'm just glad to see you all back to normal and happy again."

"But I'm not happy!" Kairi protested. "Namine, I don't want to just make new memories because that's not what's making you stay awake at night."

Namine stayed quiet. Could she really do that? "But ... that's personal stuff. Strictly yours."

"You're kidding, right? Namine, you are a different person but you and I share the same heart. I can't have memories involving me that didn't happen to you."

"Yeah but-"

"Alright so the first memory we're going to try out was one of many glorious days on the beach." Kairi interrupted.


"Now, over here-" Kairi let one of her hands slip from hers and she dragged the girl across the sand.

This was silly. Namine knew all of Kairi's memories. Down to the tiny details of what wave reflected the sun best and how many times she'd heard Riku snicker in one day.

Was she really that lonely?

Namine glanced up at Kairi but her image was faded and blurry with the lack of light. However, the blond gave a small smile.

Maybe this would turn out to be rather fun. It was never too late, right?


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