Summery- 13 year old Harry tells Dumbledore of his life at the Dursleys and Dumbledore adopts him.

Caution: Spanking included.

Chapter 1- A New Papa

13 year old Harry Potter sat waiting in the office of the Headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. He was nervous; it had taken all of his Gryffindor bravery to make the decision to speak to the Headmaster about his problem. Every year since he started school he had wanted to talk to the Headmaster but he had chickened out the last two times, this time he had actually made it inside the office.

He was about to get up and leave when the Headmaster's pet phoenix Fawkes flew over and landed on his lap, he trilled a soft song that calmed Harry.

"Hi Fawkes, miss me?"

The bird nodded his head as if saying yes and Harry stroked the feathers on top of the firebird's head.

"How can I help you Harry?" a soothing powerful voice came from the other side of the room and Albus Dumbledore walked over.

"Hello Professor, I was wondering if I could talk to you about something" Harry said nervously.

"Go ahead Harry" the Headmaster sat behind his desk and Fawkes flew over and rested on his shoulder.

"I was wondering if... I was wondering if there was any way I could stay here at Hogwarts for the holidays rather than go back to my aunt and uncle's."

"I am sorry Harry but there are rules which states that students are not allowed to stay in the school during the vacation. But tell me Harry why would you want to leave your aunt and uncle's home, you are safe there?"

"Safe, I am safer living with Draco Malfoy than with my aunt and uncle" Harry mumbled.

"Harry you know there are wards on your aunt's home that protect you from dark wizards. It is one of the safest places in the world for you."

"But they hate me sir."

"They may not like you but I am sure they don't really hate you."

"They lock me up, hardly feed me. For most of my life my bedroom was the cupboard under the stairs. My Uncle beats me, hits me and kicks me trying to get the magic out of me. My cousin likes to go 'Harry hunting' with his friends. Please sir, don't make me go back there."

Albus Dumbledore looked at the boy who was considered the savior of their world. He had in fact been the one who placed Harry with his aunt hoping that the woman would give him a normal life, one where he would have a cousin who would be like a bigger brother and a father figure in his uncle. Obviously that did not happen.

Fawkes flew to his perch as Albus got up and called Harry across. He took him to a nearby couch and they sat next to one another. "Okay Harry, tell me everything."

For the next half an hour Harry told Albus all about his life at the Dursleys. By the end Harry was in tears and Albus had his arm around the boy.

"Tell me if you could stay anywhere besides at Hogwarts where would you stay?" Albus asked.

"I was hoping I could stay with you but you said I can't stay at Hogwarts" Harry said quietly.

"Well you could stay at Hogwarts if your parent is a Professor and they are staying in the castle; but I actually do have a home outside of Hogwarts" Albus said with a laugh.

"Does this mean you will let me stay with you" Harry said hopefully.

"Of course, in fact I want to show you something do you have a couple minutes?"

"Yes sir of course."

Albus stood up and said "Follow me".

Albus lead Harry to his personal quarters and took a photo album out. He sat on his bed and motioned Harry to do the same.

He opened the album to the back and said "When your parents were still alive I would babysit you sometimes."

He showed Harry some pictures and said "I loved your parents like they were my own children. I love you to Harry, I always have. I hated to leave you at your aunt and uncles. You were always a part of my family even if you didn't know it."

"Thank you sir" Harry said a bit emotional.

"Now that's something else. While I insist on being polite, you can't keep calling me sir all the time now can you."

Harry smiled and said "Of course not……Papa".

Albus smiled and said "You used to call me that when you were younger." Closing the book and putting it back in his library, he then said "Now onto other matters, there are some things you will have to know before becoming a Dumbledore and then you will make up your mind if you still want to officially be part of my family or if you just want to stay with me."

Albus came and sat next to Harry "Firstly, if you become a Dumbledore you will get a new middle name along with my last name."

"You mean like Tim or Jack"

"If you wish but I was thinking of something like… Godric"

"Harry James Godric Potter-Dumbledore" Harry tried it out and nodded "That's quite a mouthful but I like it."

"Secondly, as my son I will expect you to behave yourself and not get into fights and you will be expected to keep your grades up. You will have a few chores, a curfew and a few other rules, like not going to town without informing me and such."

Harry didn't think this was unreasonable, so he nodded.

"Thirdly, there is a difference between my being the Headmaster and me being your papa."

"How so?"

"Well as Headmaster, I cannot punish you for sneaking out of the castle, being out of bounds, putting yourself and your friends in danger by trying to take on an escaped convict and attacking a teacher. Because the Headmaster does not officially know, because the Headmaster will have to report such a dangerous incident to the Board of Governors who may want you suspended or expelled and who will report you to the Ministry…" Albus looked at Harry over his half moon glasses.

Harry gave him a very guilt look "But as my papa you can punish me."

Albus nodded "Yes. But I will not punish you like your uncle, I would never starve you or lock you in a cupboard or punch or kick you. I do however believe in extra chores, grounding and spankings."

"So... so you are going to spank me for what happened two days ago" Harry said quietly.

"If I become your papa, yes. However after a spanking it is forgiven and forgotten, understand?"

"Yes…" Harry answered but Albus could tell that something was bothering him.

"What is it Harry, you know you could tell me anything."

Harry was hesitant but he did trust Albus "When you… you know spank me will you… will you use a belt."

"I will never punish you more than you deserve and I will never abuse you. However depending on the severity of the crime I may decide to use an implement. You are still young and I will mostly just use my hand, however if it is something really bad, I may decide to use a hair brush or a slipper."

"Not a belt?"

"I have used a belt on my elder sons on a few occasions, but they are much older than you are and knew what to expect before they were naughty."

Harry nodded it didn't sound unfair. Then he turned and asked "You have children?"

"Yes three adult sons, two adopted and one who is not actually an official son but unofficially I consider him a son. You will meet them this summer."

Harry smiled, he liked the idea of having older brothers. He had always envied Ron in having older brothers, now he would have brothers as well.

"Now do you think you still want to be a Dumbledore?" Albus said with a huge smile.

"Yes of course" Harry shouted excitingly.

Albus and Harry moved back to this office and Albus went into his desk and took out a stack of papers "Before I left you at Dursley's I was thinking about adopting you but I thought you would be happier with your real family. I am really sorry I didn't follow my heart. I still have the papers."

They both sign the papers and the papers seal themselves and disappear with a pop.

Albus enveloped Harry in a big hug and said "Welcome home son."

"Thanks papa" Harry smiles and then said "So are we staying here in the castle or are we going to your home."

"Our home Harry and it's up to you. I have some paperwork I always have to do after school closes and there is the graduation of the NEWT students, so I must be in the castle for at least a week; but we could either stay the entire summer here or we could go to the cottage after the first week."

"Can we go to the cottage?"

"Of course. I will inform the staff and tell my sons, I am sure they will be pleased."

"I can't wait to tell Hermione and Ron, they will be so happy, they were the ones who gave me the final push to come and talk to you."

"They are really good friends" Albus looked over his glasses and his eyes twinkled as he said "Friends who are there for you and even follow you into danger."

Harry's face dropped. "Are you… now?" he said sadly.

"Not until after dinner alright. After dinner you come up here and we will deal with it then, but remember I love you and I always will. In the mean while you could spend the afternoon with your friends."

Harry smiled "I love you too papa" he ran over and hugged his papa again.

"Now go on before Miss Granger starts to form a rescue party."

Harry laughed and ran to the door "See you later papa"

"See you later son" Albus laughed.


Harry entered the Gryffindor Common Room and looked over the crowd of students, until he saw his two friends sitting around a small table playing a game of chess. He ran up to them and grabbing a chair plopped it down next to them.

Hermione looked up at him "How did it go?"

"Let's go to my room and talk okay" Harry noticed the Creevy brothers coming across.

The three friends went up to the third year boy's dormitory.

When they were sitting on Harry's bed and Hermione had cast a silencing charm so no one would hear them, Ron shouted "Ok spill what happened?"

"I'm not going to my aunt and uncle's anymore" Hermione and Ron looked at him with glee "I told Dumbledore all about the Dursleys and he agreed for me not to stay with them."

"Where are you going to stay?" Hermione asked.

"Are you getting to stay in the castle?" Ron asked almost the same time as Hermione.

"No students can't stay in the castle unless their parents are professors. The Headmaster asked me who I wanted to stay with…"

"Are you staying with us then?" Ron asked excited "It will be just like last summer".

"Sorry Ron but no. I love your family but while we were talking I told him I wanted to stay with him. Your family's great but when I'm there I can't help but feel in the way. And while we were talking he showed me some pictures, apparently we were really close when I was a baby, I used to even call him Papa and everything and then well he adopted me."

"Harry that is wonderful" Hermione said almost jumping on him giving him a hug.

"Yeah mate, I'm glad you got a papa. But I was kina hoping you would become my brother."

"You'll always be like my brother Ron but now I have three big brothers for real" Harry said excitingly.

"Wow, Harry. What are their names?" Hermione said just as excited.

"I… I don't know, I forgot to ask, but I will meet them this summer. But speaking of names I got a new name."

"What you are no longer Harry?" Ron stated astonished.

"No Ron, its still Harry. I just have another middle name and Dumbledore added onto my surname. My new name is Harry James Godric Potter-Dumbledore. What do you think?"

Ron stared at him then started to laugh "Mate just think about whenever you're in trouble instead of just calling Harry James Potter it'll be Harry James Godric Potter-Dumbledore. That is a mouthful to say."

"That's exactly what I said" Harry laughed.

"Harry's not going to get into trouble. Are you Harry? Now that the Headmaster is your father you are going to have to behave yourself" Hermione stated.

"Yeah he warned me, no fighting and I have to study more and stuff."

"Yeah, but think of it Harry. You can't ever get suspended or expelled now, because you papa will never do that to you. You could pound Malfoy into next week and not get suspended or expelled."

"But I will still get punished" Harry pondered for a moment and then said "Can I ask you guys a personal question?"

They both nodded and Harry said "When you get in trouble how do you get punished. You know grounded, yelled at or … a spanking" Harry felt the heat rising to his face as he said it.

Ron nodded in understanding "Don't be embarrassed mate I still get spanked, if my mom is really mad she even does that whole stand in the corner thing. I feel you, don't worry. What about you 'Mione?"

"Same here but no corner; the worst thing for me is when my parents say they're disappointed in me that stinks because I feel so bad. Why Harry?"

"The whole putting myself in danger with the whole werewolf- Sirius thing. After dinner I have to go up to his office for my punishment… He says he's going to… you know. But he said that after it's forgiven and forgotten."

"Harry you know a spanking is normal punishment. My parents use it all the time and sometimes it's not just with their hand they use a brush, slipper, paddle or my mom's favorite a wooden spoon and if we're really bad a belt."

"Which one did you get so far?"

"Hand and brush. I only know about the others thank to Fred and George and Bill with the belt.

"Wow, Dad said I am too young but that he had used the belt on his other sons."

"Man I would never want to get it. Bill told me about it once. I saw Bill crying while he was lying on his bed and I asked him what's wrong and he told me Dad used the belt on him but he didn't use the belt for the whole time just the last ten or fifteen, Bill said it really really hurt."

"Oww. What about you 'Mione, I wouldn't think you'd ever get in enough trouble to get a spanking."

"Yeah what'd you do 'Mione steal a book or something?" Ron said with a laugh, Harry laughed as well.

Hermione didn't say anything.

The two looked at her "NO WAY!"

"Look I wasn't always a law abiding model citizen. When I was six, I wanted a new Nancy Drew book that came out, but my dad told me that I couldn't get it until I finished the one I was reading. I wanted it so bad and there was only one more remaining and I saw one of my friends from school who I knew was going to buy it, so I swiped it first."

"Wow Hermione, well obviously you didn't get away with it" Harry said looking at his friend.

She shook her head "The store had one of those sensors which could tell if someone was leaving the store without paying. My dad was charged as I was a minor under the age of seven."

"So what did he do?" Ron said forgetting what had started the conversation.

Harry rolled his eyes "Duh, she got spanked".

"He was so mad; he used his hand and then a brush. My parents were so disappointed."

"But that was the only time right" Ron said lying back on the bed.

"Nah, I was always trying things I shouldn't have and I went through a phase of fighting when kids told me about my strange behavior."

"Accidental magic?"

"Yeah, but it wasn't the magic I got punished for it was the fighting. My dad has a slipper that... well let's just say I really hate it."

Ron laughed and jumping up on the bed he challenged "Come on Granger, let me see what you got" he put up his hand as if he was boxing.

Harry laughed "Don't know mate, she took out Malfoy, my bets on her".

Hermione jumped up "Ok Weasley, I accept your challenge".

Harry watched as Ron put up his hands and Hermione accioed a pillow right into his face. What followed was a pillow fight to beat all pillow fights. The three friends played until they were tired.

After using her wand to clean up the feathers and repair the pillows. Hermione helped the two boys pack their trunks, while teaching them the charms and arranging everything neatly.

When they were finished Ron asked Harry "Are you going to take the train with us Harry?"

"I didn't ask but probably not because papa has to stay here a week, we wouldn't be going home until then."

Hermione gave him another hug "It's great to hear you talk about your papa."

"It's great to say it 'Mione, I'm sure this is going to be the best summer ever" Harry said excitingly.

"Well once you get over tonight" Ron said seriously.

"Man Ron I actually forgot, thanks for reminding me" Harry said sarcastically.

Hermione slapped Ron on the arm.

They made their way to the Great Hall for dinner. The trio sit at the Gryffindor table and Ron immediately started putting food on his plate.

Hermione and Ron watched Harry sympathetically as he picked at his dinner.

"Come on mate, eat something, you know it's not the end of the world" Ron stated putting more mashed potatoes on his plate.

"Well how can Harry eat when you're eating all the food" Hermione chastised.

"I'm hungry and I'm a growing boy I need to eat."

Hermione shook her head.

Ron smiled and said "Besides I need to bulk up if I am to have a rematch with the Gorgon Granger".

Hermione laughed "Yeah well I think you and Hydra Harry are going to have to train for the entire holidays to be able to challenge me."

Harry laughed "Well me and…. Raven Ron???"

His two friends groaned at his lame attempt.

"What there aren't many creatures starting with R… wait I know, I know…" Harry tried again "Well me and Runespoor Ron..." Ron and Hermione cheered and Harry laughed "me and Runespoor Ron think we can take you."

The three friends laughed and continued joking around while Harry ate all his food forgetting totally for what was to come after dinner.

As soon as desert was over and most of the Gryffindors started leaving Harry looked up at the Head Table and saw the Headmaster looking at him.

Harry sighed as the Headmaster gave him a nod which meant 'wait for me'.

Ron and Hermione decided to wait until Harry had to leave. They waited for five minutes after Dumbledore left before Harry took a deep breath and got up, his two friends got up and left with him.

As they reached the junction were they would part Hermione placed her hand on his shoulder in support and Ron gave him a well meaning look "Good luck mate."

Harry took a deep breath and walked towards the Headmaster's office.

As he neared the hallway that ended with the Gargoyle guarding the Headmaster's office he heard Professor Snape and Professor Lupin having an argument.

"Please Severus, I can't go I'm still too weak."

"You know this was your fault, I am always saving your hides… You owe me…" Severus stopped when he saw Harry in the shadows. "What are you doing here Potter?"

"I have a meeting with the Headmaster, he told me to come up after dinner" Harry said.

"Well you better go Harry, it will not do to keep the Headmaster waiting" Remus said giving the boy a sympathetic look.

"Are you… are you okay Professor?" Harry asked looking at the frail looking DADA teacher who had turned into a werewolf two nights before.

"I'm fine Harry, hurry along, don't keep the Headmaster waiting."

Harry nodded and went to the Gargoyle which opened without the password.

Harry saw the Headmaster sitting on his couch waiting. He patted the seat next to him and Harry walked over.

"So how did your friends take it?"

"They were fine Ron laughed at my new name. Hermione was happy for me. How'd the teachers take it?"

"Professor McGonagall is delighted, she never wanted me to leave you there anyways, everyone else is happy."

"Papa am I taking the train with the rest of the students?"

"Not if you don't want to, we'll be staying here for a couple of days after term ends. Do you want to?"

"No it'd be stupid to take the train there then have to come back here. I'll just stay and say good bye before my friends leave."

"Okay now as to why we are here. Harry you know what you did was dangerous, so I won't go on about that. But why didn't you tell me or someone else?"

"We were already there and didn't have the time to get you or something could have happened to Ron."

"Hagrid's hut was right there and I was with him either you or Hermione could have come to get one of us."

Harry whispered "I know Papa" barely loud enough to be heard.

Albus sighed "Let's get this over with. Come Harry stand up and drop your pants."

Harry moved further along the couch "Please no Papa, not like that."

"Harry, don't make it harder on yourself, come over here and bare your bottom"

"Please Papa" Harry begged but he stood up and walked over "Not bare please"

I'm sorry but you were very naughty" Albus reached over and pulled down his pants and laid him over his lap. Once he was in position Albus pulled Harry's boxers down exposing the pale white quivering bum.

Albus wrapped an arm around Harry's waist and then took a deep breath as if steeling himself; he raised his hand and brought it down right in the center of Harry's bare bum. He quickly turned Harry's bottom a bright pink and then started to talk.

"Why am I spanking you Harry?"

Harry gasped in shock 'How am I supposed to be able to answer questions at a time like this' a hard swat to his thighs told Harry to answer. "Oww because I went and put oww me, Ron, and ­ Hermione in ahhhh in danger instead of going to a teacher. OWWW."

"Yes you could have been really hurt" Albus said with a series of really hard spanks.

Finally Albus lowered his left knee and raised his right, this movement exposed Harry's sit spots and Albus delivered the final smacks to them.

"You Swat will Swat come Swat and Swat get Swat a Swat teacher Swat next Swat time Swat you Swat think Swat something Swat is Swat wrong. Swat Understood?"

"OWWW Yes sirrrrr!!"

Albus stopped spanking and began to rub soothing circles on Harry's back.

He waited until the sobs are all gone and helped Harry fix his clothes and then he sat him on his lap and held him saying "All forgiven, and you are much loved."

"Love you too Papa" Harry mumbled.

After a couple minutes Albus pulled Harry back and said "Okay now?"

Harry nodded and Albus said "Why don't you go pack your trunk?"

"Already did it before dinner."

"Do you want to stay here in my guest room Harry?" Harry nodded against his chest and Albus carried him into the other bedroom, pulled back the covers, laid Harry on his stomach, transfigured his clothes into pajamas and tucked him in.

He sat on the edge of the bed and rubbed Harry's back till his breathing was even indicating he was asleep.

Albus then firecalled Minerva and asked her to come over.

Minerva came through and said "What do you need Albus?"

"Nothing I just wanted to know if you could tell Mr Weasley that Harry is staying here tonight."

"You did it?"

"Yeah it's not easy".

"It never is. I'll go tell Mr. Weasley. You should get some sleep to you know."

"I will. 'Night Minerva."

"'Night Albus."

Minerva walked to the Gryffindor common room and saw Ron who was waiting for his friend to return she said "Mr. Weasley can I talk to you for a moment?"

"Yes ma'am is anything wrong?"

"No the headmaster just asked me to inform you that Mr. Potter is staying there tonight."

"Thank you professor. Night." Ron got up to go to his bed.

"Good night Mr. Weasley."