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I I ●I I I→ALlENS….Worlds

Chapter 1

Summary: The short version is there are thousands of xeno-infested planets. Colonial marines are on a mission to eradicate the ALIEN species one planet at a time. This time…it's not just war; it's a whole new breed to deal with. John Robert, an incredibly smart and yet shy young man, is placed into the colonial marines to help them take the xeno-morphs down.

The curvature of Space was interesting to learn about. The brilliant man Einstein came up with that particular notion, worlds staying up and never falling via the curvature or more of a puddle keeping the planets up. Space was so vast and so limitless, it was a never-ending ocean filled with rotating rocks of life. Yet Einstein with his broad level of intelligence never stopped to wonder if there were other species in the universe. Human beings are intelligent, full of emotion, and ordered but what if there was a species that did not care for anything else and that violence was the only function? What if this particular species in question was impossible to destroy if it was hostile to begin with? A creature with fear as a weapon is impossible to destroy is it not?

A young man sitting in an empty classroom looking at Einstein's equations on a chalkboard asked himself this. John Robert, a 24-year old man, asked himself how can it be, that fear can be the ultimate weapon? When he asked that question, he said it out loud for everyone to hear. Unfortunately there was no one around. John knew why. It was because he was dreaming at the moment. He looked back at the chalkboard and Einstein's theories were wiped clean. He sighed in disappointment and got up from under his seat. He knew exactly what was about to happen soon, he was going to wake up.

Throughout his life, John had absorbed knowledge like a sponge ever since he was three years old. As his loving mother had told him. It was true that John had an incredible intellect that rivaled even the smartest professors in college. He could have actually become one when he was twelve but deep down John wanted to be more than smart. He had thought having brains wasn't everything and naturally he wished to be dangerous. But his mother had told him deep down, he never could be. John wanted to prove her wrong and eventually he joined the marines so that the money he would get, would be enough to help them live a better life. However, he regretted making the decision and it was that proved that his mother had been right. He was not ready for violence. John was placed in a special group of marines to combat a terrifying menace, the xeno-morphs.

John was hesitant to wake up and it was because of what he was up against. It was the reality of the situation that frightened him. He had stories about the dreaded xeno-morphs. There were these planets that had alien eggs with spidery entities inside that stuck to a person's mouth and planted embryos that would tear their way out of people's chest cavities and grow into killing machines and it was very shocking. Nobody knew why these creatures existed in various planets. But it was up to the marines to destroy them. Right now, Earth's high officials declared that the planet was getting overpopulated. So human beings explored space to find suitable planets for them to live in the future. However, these monsters were in the way of that. Many people have died. So John kept himself locked in a dream to avoid the horror.

A ship shaped like a gigantic light bulb was gliding towards a planetoid so very slowly and stopped and stationed itself in orbit. The USS Fire and Ice was commandeered by colonial marines. Their mission was classified at the moment.

Pods made of glass attached to walls decorating a wide room were an impressive display. Humans, men and women alike were inside of them. These humans initially were full of many wonderful ideas. At the moment, they were peaceful, tranquil and above all else careless of anything that can be construed as stressful. The room was dark but in about 10 seconds, they were about to be born again.

The lights were on and as if on cue, the chambers in the pods open simultaneously. John saw his dream collapse and all that was left was darkness. He was now fully aware of his body but nevertheless, he opened his eyes and looked around while he was still laying down in his pod. He looked at a man that interested him. John had heard that this man was the typical hero in the colonial marines but nobody could ever find out his name. There were stories about him. He almost couldn't believe they were true. One story he heard was that the man with no out of a building while the xeno-morphs had the place surrounded and most were inside the building he was in. He had heard that not only did he get out but he managed to destroy all the creatures as well. Basically this unknown man was a legend. John wished to be him.

A man with trimmed hair opened his eyes and with determination shook off his disorientation. John looked looked at the man with no name as he sat and grabbed an assault rifle lying on the ground next to the pod. He looked out at the window ahead and surveyed the planet and its entirety. A woman sitting on her own pod looked at the man in contemplation and understood well enough what lay in store for all of them on board the ship.. "It's time." John heard the man say. He then saw the woman nod to him in understanding. He got up and readied his weapon. The woman looked at her companion and had a look as if to say "I am scared" but rather said: "These things are said to be scary." Just then other people got up from their pods and looked ready. John wished he was ready as well. But he wasn't.

"Again this is my first shot, characters will be developed and the story will progress further in later chapters. I promise this is not a remake of "ALIENS" and there is no "Ripley" is in this story."