Queen Takes Pawn

It was an unexpected turn of events. It always was for John. He heard from Christina's team what had happened to her and all he could show in return was utter despair. John walked around alien carcasses and debris absentmindedly. Far away, Ashlyn was giving her report and status. He paid no mind to what she was saying to them, all John wanted to do was break down. He wanted to but the circumstances would not allow him to. For now, John went to the base camp that the team had set up.

Over a dozen tents were set up circular style in a deserted field with armed guards surrounding the area. The day had turned to night and it was still hot and that made John all the more angry. In his tent, John could do nothing but look lost and morose. He didn't need to contemplate any further about how looking for Christina would now be an impossibility. As he let his mind go blank, John felt the entrance to his tent being shaken slightly and opened. It was Ashlyn and now he wished his shirt was on so he can look more presentable. So instead, he kept himself in a sleeping position.

Her five seconds of silence indicated she hesitated talking to John about what he heard so instead she moved to another subject. "Going over what the team has planned and they're hopeful we're getting off this planet tomorrow."

"Tomorrow?" John murmurred.

"They seem sure of themselves."

John knew she wasn't sure of the team's plan either. Without looking at her, John asked her. "Being isolated on an alien planet for over a year, what kept you from going crazy?"

Ashlyn sat beside John and answered. "I kept myself preoccupied. I've killed xenos when I had the chance. I worked out extensively. I hunted for food, not that it was any problem, there was still some food rations kept in labs. In other words, being lethal kept me alive."

"You're strong." John agreed.

"So are you." Ashlyn replied as she laid down next to him and attempted to caress his face when John motioned her to stop.


"I can't..." John shook his head. He turned away from Ashlyn.

"It's not like I'm new at this. We all need some form of relief. So do you. It's time to move on."

"I'm not who you think I am. I'm a...child in a twenty something year old body. I'd give anything to relive my childhood."

Grabbing his face with her hands, she made him listen. "You need to be a man now. You're not a kid. You have desires just like any other person. Just let the child go and relax." Ashlyn said as she mounted on him and took her shirt off leaving her in her bra.

"I didn't do too well on this with..."

"Shh...just stop talking." she then kissed him hungrily.

A large phallic shaped creature hissed as it seemed to slither in a dark cave corridor. It was sure that it would find what it was looking for. The creature had dug his way for an excessive period of time and now it finally arrived to its destination. The creature was an alien queen and right now it stood in a deserted area. A crater. In the center of the crater, stood an egg in a cryo chamber. The queen looked around as several more queens made their way to the center and looked at the egg with almost utter curiosity.

All the queens went closer and one by one they attempted to shatter the tube containing the egg. As the liquid splashed and the glass shattered, the egg remained unmoving. One of the queens went up to it and slowly put a large clawed hand to its surface and uttered a silent breath. Something inside the egg gave a shake. The long crack in the egg was what the queens were most interested of. Inside the crack was mold and tissue being moved around giving a gooey effect.

John knew that Ashlyn was not Christina but he found to his amazement that she was almost satisfying. She helped fill in the empty place. Another thing he knew was that he was steadily changing. John didn't know how but he was indeed becoming stronger than he ever thought before. Ashlyn expressed her curiosity at John's newfound physique and energy. He had grown muscular and better looking than the marines. John automatically knew that it was somehow his 'Alien' genes kicking in but he thought the idea was absurd as to how it was even possible. But no other explanation made any sense.

He had woken up and sat in his tent with Ashlyn sleeping beside him. Sleep was difficult considering the heat the planet gave. John nevertheless marveled at himself. Intercourse with Ashlyn seemed like hours and thought it was an impressive feat. But what made John think the most was what would others think if they found out he was not who they think he was. Tomorrow on the one hand should be pretty interesting. One of them had to go into the escape pod so that he or she can go to the main ship, get a drop ship and get everybody off the planet in less than thirty minutes.

"You up?" asked a voice beside him.


"We got a couple of hours before the heat begins." Ashlyn stated reminding him of what's to come.

"I know."

"I got a good feeling about this. You and I..." Ashlyn said rubbing his shoulders and planting kisses on each of them. "are King and Queen. Nobody can stop us."

"King and Queen. That's a good one." John laughed.

"We got time for a rematch." she smiled.

"I didn't hurt you did I?" he asked with worry even though John was suddenly very enthusiastic and truly did wanted another go with Ashlyn.

Ashlyn shook her head. "Actually it was the best I've ever had." she then grabbed his neck and giggled.

John grinned mischievously as he got on top of her and went in her causing her to moan. He was starting to like being a badass.