An Old Friend

A sweet smile, mezmerizing eyes, a warm hand reaching out, all that disappeared one day... on this very day...

"Ren!" Tory screamed waking up

"I guess I had that dream again... I miss her..." thought Tory as he half frowned half smiled at the bittersweet memory

"Ok got to get ready for school" Tory thought as he got out of bed

After preparing for school and eating breafast Tory was finally walking to school.

As he approached school Mandy snuck up behind him and shouted into his ear.

"HEY TORY!!" Mandy shouted

Tory stunned from the shouting fell over.

"I told you to quit that"Tory shouted at Mandy

"Never mind that. Did you hear we are going to have a whole bunch of new transfer students and guess what all of them are from Japan and they are all suposedly gorgeous!" Mandy gushed as her eyes shone with excitement

"Why does that matter to me?" Tory retorted still angry from earlier

When they got to school grounds Tory waited for Colin as usual and both went inside

School ended quickly and soon Tory, Colin, and Mandy were walking out of school grounds but as they were walking Tory noticed that he was anxious and excited as if he knew something special was going to happen.

"Why do I feel so excited?" Tory thought because he was getting more and more excited as the trio approached the exit.

He soon got his answer as a pair of hands covered his eyes blocking his vision

"Boo" a girly musical voice said

Startled Tory broke free from the hands and turned around.

He was planning on saying what are you doing but he froze where he was standing and seeing that Tory had stopped Mandy and Colin turned around and they also foze on the spot.

They froze because a devastatingly beautiful girl was standing before them with a warm smile on her face and her mezmerising eyes directed at Tory.

The girl was thin and small with a sweet heart-shaped face and big deep but light blue eyes and violet silver wavy hair.

"Ren..." Tory whispered loudly but also soft

"Hey Tory long time no see." Ren continued smiling as she said this.

Without saying another word Tory hugged Ren and Mandy and Colin watched him with shocked expressions on both of their faces.

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