"Bora come on just let me carry you?"

"For the 10th time Huru I'm fine with walking on my own. The wound isn't that bad anymore and my limp is already gone. Its been four days and I'm almost healed" Bora stated as they walked along side one another, Erevu was laying on Huru's back basking in the sun that glared down on them.

Huru muttered as he walked, two days after they started their journey back to the Pridelands; Bora had refused to be carried anymore. Bora licked his cheek, "I'm fine, ok?"

Huru sighed and nodded, "Very well…but if you get too tired you tell me and I'm carrying you back home" he said nudging her with his paw with a serious look on his face. Bora smiled at him and nodded, "Alright…you know you're going to have a bad back before you even become King!" she laughed before she winced as the pain in her back shot through her.

Huru rolled his eyes, "Please if I don't have a back problem from all the times you pinned me I won't from carrying you…you are the one I'm worried about to gave a back problem" he said looking at Bora's back. The wounds began to heal but they were healing slowly. As were the ones on her face though unlike with her paw they were scarring over but it was hard to tell by her white fur but they were still there.

Bora smiled at him, "I'll be fine. The pain will fade in time," she whispered as she too was in doubt, she was worried if the pain would ever leave. Suddenly she stopped and sat down on the ground making Huru stop and look back at her confused, "Something wrong?" he asked.

Bora shook her head, "Huru…was what you said the truth back there…when you called me your future mate…was it true?" she asked, it had been lingering on her mind but she had yet to have the courage to let the questions come forth.

Walking back, he sat down in front of her, making Erevu tumble off his back landing on the ground with a soft thump and dust kicking up from where he landed, and smiled, "Of course it's the truth…it took me some time to realize it…but I do love you…you're also my best friend" raising a paw he poked her in the nose making Bora's nose twitch. "We grew up together and it didn't matter to me what colour your fur was, you were my friend…I remember I even got you to learn to walk" raising his head proud.

Bora chuckled and smiled, standing she rubbed her head against his, and licked his cheek and gently bit his ear purring all the while. Huru grinned and wrapped his one paw around her and gave her a lion like hug.

The two jumped apart when Erevu cleared his throat, "It's nice to see such young lovers…but if we don't get moving the vultures up there will get a meal the moment we get baked by the sun" with his arms crossed he stared up at the two lions.

Laughing softly, Bora bent her head and let the monkey climb onto her head as they once again began to walk. They were following the small trail that Huru had left when he followed Bora, the trail was almost gone due to dust storms and rain but was clear enough for both lions to see and travel in the direction of.


Kiara and Nala sat at the edge of Pride rock, sleeping in their paws was Aida and Fumo, Kiara kept staring off into the distance, "It's been almost a month now that they're been gone Mother…I'm worried…they are young…maybe they won't last out there…"

Nala shook her head, "Don't think that Kiara. Both Huru and Bora are strong…they may be young but they will last out there" she said raising her head to stare at the sky; she had heard Simba the previous night trying to seek guidance from the Great Kings of the past. 'Mufasa…if you are listening to me…please make sure your great grandson is alright…bring them both back to us all' she prayed silently, closing her eyes she felt the breeze blow gently against her cheek and smiled. "Thank you Mufasa…"


A dust storm had picked up, with their claws out, heads bent, Bora and Huru trudged through it. Erevu was sitting atop of Bora's head, holding onto her ears so he wouldn't be carried off by the strong wind and dust that whipped against them. With her eyes closed, Bora's paws tripped over a couple of rocks and fell to the ground. Rolling off her head, Erevu crashed into the ground.

Cursing, Huru hurried around and lying beside her, he placed his paws over her and his head on top of her head. Grabbing Erevu with her own paws, Bora tucked their monkey friend into her to block him from the wind. Turning her head, she tucked her head further under Huru and into his small mane. It was a long hour as the dust storm finally began to stop before it finally died down completely.

Lifting his head, Huru cursed as he stood. The small trail in the dry ground he had made was now completely gone. Standing beside him with Erevu dangling from her mouth where she held him. She noticed what was making Huru upset and nudged him with her head before she let the monkey climb onto her head and began to brush the dust off the lioness, then jumped over to Huru and did the same thing before sitting on the lions head dusting the dust off him.

Bora looked around, "Don't worry Huru we'll find our way back to the Pridelands. We're not lost just because the trail is gone"

Huru shook his head, sighing he sat down; looking at him she sighed and walked on ahead. Keeping her head close to the ground she tried to eye any trail that either of them may have left behind when they were trailing to the forest. Looking up at the sky, she watched as the clouds that were previously covered the sun began to part, squinting her eyes she thought she saw a beam of sun pointing off into the distance like a mark. Raising an eyebrow she shook her head, "Must be seeing things" turning around she headed back to Huru when the wind picked up.

"Oh great another dust storm?" she asked turning her head around only to have the wind hit her face.

Laughing, Huru walked over, "Mufasa"

"Mufasa? What are you turning into Timon and Pumbaa with your own version of Hakuna Matata?" Bora asked.

Huru batted her on the ear and laughed, "No…this wind belongs to the spirit of my great grandfather Mufasa. Simba said that once to me when I was young…He must be leading us back home" without waiting he took off.

Erevu walked over and sat beside Bora, "This is a lion thing I'm guessing?"

Bora smiled and nodded; lifting the monkey up on her head she took off after the Prince.

The two ran on through the day, well into the night with the wind guiding them both. Erevu sat atop Bora's head holding onto her ears as she ran, "Whoa girl slow it down there you're going to trip!" he called over the rushing wind that whipped at him as the lioness ran like no tomorrow.

On the 7th day of their travels, they had run into two more dust storms, in which they rested until it passed before they would follow the wind once more. Due to the lack of sleep, Bora was moving slowly as her head drooped as she walked. On her head sleeping was Erevu, beside her Huru who was just as tired. "We must be close…I recognize those Termite Mounds" raising a paw he pointed ahead at the large Termite Mounds.

When they reached them, both lions collapsed on the ground in the shade the Mounds provided for them from the sun.

Erevu, who suddenly found himself on the ground when Bora rolled to her side, woke suddenly. Looking around his eyes suddenly lit up, "Bugs!" jumping to his feet he ran over to one of the mounds, and begins to have his fill of termites.

"Ew!" both lions laughed. But they both knew the meaning of being hungry; either of them had eaten anything since they left the forest.

"Oh when we get back, I'm bathing and I hope the hunting party brought some food" Bora rolled onto her stomach and stretched and looked at her fur that was matted with dirt from the grounds they had laid on and the dust storms. "I look like Pumbaa after rolling around in a mud bath"

Roaring in laughter, Huru lifted his head from where he had previously had it laying on his paws, "Yeah but you're a lot prettier then Pumbaa" he winked. Rolling her eyes she stood and looked up at the mounds that were around them, "Look there is claw marks all over these things"

Turning his head, Huru eyed the claw marks, "Well Vitani said that when they lived out there they lived in the Termite Mounds" his eyes looked over the marks, standing he slowly began to trace them. His mind seemed to wonder which ones belonged to his head uncle Nuka and his dead grandmother Zira. Noticing the look on his face, Bora stood beside him and rubbed her head against his, "We better get going if we want to make it back home by night" turning she walked over to Erevu who was laying holding his full stomach. Lifting him up in her mouth she began to walk in the direction of the Pridelands.

Huru stood staring at the claw marks for a while longer before he turned and followed after the lioness.

The sun was just beginning to set as they arrived in the Pridelands. Feeling grass beneath their paws once again the two lions smiled as they began to run toward the rock formation in the distance. "We're almost there Erevu look!" Bora laughed joyfully as she bound along side Huru who was beginning to pick up speed.

Erevu who was trying his best to hold onto Bora by the ears lifted his head to see for the first time.

Pride Rock.

Neither lion nor monkey noticed the Blue Hornbill flying above them. Zazu who was returning to Pride rock to give Kovu his evening report was startled when he noticed two dirty lions running across the Savannah toward Pride rock, his eyes widened when he recognized the white fur that stock out from beneath the dirt. "Prince Huru, miss Bora!" he called down, nose-diving toward them both.

Bora was the first to hear him, raising her head she smiled, "ZAZU!" coming to a halt she watched as the Hornbill flew down and landed in front of her. Huru, who heard her cry, ran back and grinned down at Zazu, "Ah never thought it'd be great to see you, yah old bird!"

Zazu ruffled his feathers and bowed, "As you Prince Huru. We've all been worried, your father has had sent me many times to search for you and report on your return. Only now I have actual news to give him," he said. Turning his head to Bora, he looked up at her, "And you miss Bora they will be glad to see you have returned as well"

Huru went and stood beside Bora, "That'll be Princess Bora shortly to you Zazu" rubbing his head against his future mates. Bora herself pushed him with her paw, smiling, looking down at the Hornbill she nodded her head toward Pride rock, "Go ahead of us Zazu and tell them that we've returned"

Zazu nodded and bowed, taking to the sky he flew as fast as his wings could carry him toward Pride rock.

"Come on Erevu it's time you met our Pride" Bora said as she took off after the Hornbill with Huru running behind her.

Kovu was sitting with Simba; a one-month-old Fumo was jumping around their paws as they both talked. Their respected mates were lying with the other lionesses with Aida lying in Kiara's paws getting her nightly bath. They were all resting after feasting on the kill the hunting party had brought back when a cry came from above.

"SIRES! THE PRINCE HAS RETURNED!" Zazu flew down and landed in front of Simba and Kovu and it wasn't ten seconds after he landed that Fumo pounced on him. King and ex king looked at one another and didn't have time to blink as their mates ran by them with Vitani, the cubs and other lionesses follow behind. Zazu who had wished he hadn't landed was tramped over and over before he just refused to get up as Kovu and Simba took after the rest of the Pride, down Pride rock as a roar from the returning lions echoed.

"HURU! BORA!" Etana called as she bounded up to the two as they finally can in close to the approaching Pride, Aida and Fumo were pouncing after her, "BROTHER!" they cried. Bora laughed as the cubs began to pounce around them when the two of them stopped. Erevu gulped as they were stood surrounded by the entire Pride and laid himself down low on Bora's back.

The lionesses that were welcoming them back parted as Kiara and Kovu followed by Simba and Nala walked toward the two lions. Simba grinned at Bora and walked over and bowed his head to her having her do the same in return, "It's good to see you went and faced your past" he winked at her leaving her confused, but she then smiled at him, "Thank you Simba"

Nala pushed past Simba and rubbed her head against Bora's, "It's good to see you're safe Bora" pulling away was the first time she noticed the scars on the lioness' face. "What happened?"

Bora smiled and shook her head, "My father just wasn't too thrilled with me alive and tried to kill me. But I'm alive and that's all that matters" she said looking over at Huru who was bumping heads with his younger brother. Lifting his head, he caught her gaze and flashed a large toothy smile making her laugh softly and return the smile.

"Bora what's that on your back?" Etana asked standing up on her hind legs with her paws on Bora's front legs staring at Erevu. The monkey himself had raised his head, letting out a cry of surprise when he noticed the cubs face right in front of him, making him lose his balance and fall off Bora's back.

Laughing, the white lioness smiled, "This is Erevu he's a new friend so that means he's off the menu" she instructed knowing what was flashing through Erevu's mind as the Pride stared at the monkey. Lifting him up she placed him on her head as Huru walked over and stood beside her.

As it was getting dark, the cubs were picked up and the Pride headed back to pride rock. Bora and Huru had strayed off to the watering hole to bath and get rid of the day's worth of dusting that had collected in their furs. When they were cleaned, Bora picked up a sleeping Erevu from a nearby rock and the two of them proceeded their way toward pride rock.

Placing Erevu in the den in the place where she and her mother used to sleep, Bora turned and walked over to the small bits of meat that Huru had gone and got for them. The both of them ate in silence before they strolled on outside and sat down on the perch they would often sit and watch the sun rise. Staring at the night sky, Huru rubbed his head against hers and licked her ear making her purr. "I love you," he whispered making her look at him.

Smiling softly, she tucked her head under his and closed her eyes, "I love you too," she whispered back to him as the two of them sat there with the wind blew around them ruffling their fur.

From the shadows, Simba, Nala, Kovu and Kiara sat watching them. Nala and Kiara shared a look and smiled, Kovu was holding his head up proudly, "They'll both make a wonderful king and Queen one day" Simba stated as they all nodded. "A disowned Princess reclaiming her title with her mate…Eshe would have loved to have seen the day those two mate and become King and Queen"

"She's up there with Mufasa. I feel it. And like all the others are watching down upon us" Nala said looking at Simba with a smile "Just like you will be up there as well one day"

Simba rubbed his head against hers. "As will you"

Kiara and Kovu sat beside one another looking at their eldest son as he was sitting their with his mate-to-be a smile upon both their faces, "Won't be long before they have cubs to" Kiara said as she and Nala shared a look with bright smiles. Kovu groaned, "I'm too young to be a grandfather!"

Laughter broke out from the small group, echoing off the walls of Pride rock, as the moon from the sky shinned down on the future King and Queen who sat nuzzling enough other into the night.

The end