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Warning- Spoilers for The Boiling Rock

Defining Moments

"I guess you just don't know people as well as you think you do. You miscalculated, I love Zuko more than I fear you."

Some times are defining moments in your life; like when I realized that my fate was in the hands of some self-centered wealthy 'leaders'. Like when I realized that I was in love with the most hated man in the Fire Nation. Like when I betrayed my nation for that man.

Right before I attacked those so-called soldiers that were sawing away at that rope, I realized. I realized, what's more important...a life of servitude to a corrupt nation...or the even slight possibility to make a difference. To change a nation. Even if it's just one step at a time.

When I took the second, not even a real second, to glance at that gondola I knew what I was doing was right. Just to see the look of shock mixed with anger on Azula's face. The look of shock and confusion on Ty Lee's. And the mix of confusion, shock, and possible pride on Zuko's face. I knew that I had made my decision.

Even when we were surrounded by guards and clearly outnumbered I couldn't help the small twist upwards of the corners of my mouth. It sounds crazy but even though I don't know what will happen to me and Ty Lee, whatever it is, we can survive it. For some reason, just the thought that Zuko is guaranteed another somewhat safe day because of me, well that may just give me the strength to live to see another day.

A/N- I was so close to literally jumping for joy when I saw The Boiling Rock. Ha! Mai and Ty Lee are so kick***! I mean, who else has actually immobilized Azula?! Huh?! This was inspired in approximately 30 seconds and it took about ten minutes to write it! Sorry it's sooo short!
(Added Later) As you can tell, I've been re-editing. I just had to fix one thing but I hope that it made the story better! Ugh, so many lines in my stories!