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The thing about me is that I cry when things are not fair.

I don't cry when things don't go my way. I cry when things don't go my way after I've been told that things would go my way, but because of others' decisions… they don't.

I don't throw tempter tantrums or stomp up the steps and slam my door. I don't hit people or things or throw breakables to satisfy my anger. I may raise my voice at the cause of the problem, but over all I'll quietly go to my room and shut the door. Then it starts. I don't throw myself on the bed in hysterics. I just lie down and curl up while a few tears leak down my face. Regardless of the lack of drama these crying jags entail, I do despise them, because in the presence of company, it's rather hard to hold them back.

Why am I telling you this? Not so we can become 'besties' or confidantes if that's what your wondering. No, I just want you to understand that I am not weak. It's just if there is one thing I can't handle, it's things being unfair.

I should tell you that normally I am a very patient, very understanding person. I'm the one most of my friends go to when things are wrong. My shoulder seems to be the perfect recipient for tears and my ears the best beneficiary for tales of woe. This can be wearing, but I've learned to deal with it. Hell, I've been groomed to deal with it. This is what I've been raised to do.

My mother is unable to take care of herself. She's very much like a child. Not capable of dealing with adult tasks or remembering important appointments. My father has turned into quite the little prick, and is too selfish to take care of her. Oh, the typical results of young, idiotic and irrational marriages are quite amusing, don't you agree?

Do you think we've made a breakthrough today? I hope that for a moment you felt that you had. Because now I can give you what I'm sure will be quite the reality shock. You know nothing about me. You have no idea what the inner workings of my mind are like.

But you do know something about me don't you?

You know perfectly well I'm not crazy. You have to understand that just because I don't express or verbalize my thoughts and feelings doesn't mean that I'm mentally unstable. You've been through years of medical school studying how to dissect the way a person thinks. You know that the human mind is complex, but you should understand enough about it to know that I'm one of the most stable people you'll ever meet. That is, if you pay attention.

Transcript of Session 1 with Alice Valmont

Kathryn Merteuil walked down the bare white hall with its plain white walls that screamed sterilization. Her face quite resembled the walls with its impassive, polite and unoffending stare. But much like the inner workings of her surroundings, turmoil and anguish was working beneath the façade acceptable to society.

Although, in Kathryn case, there was not anguish tearing her mind apart. Instead, there was more of pure, unadulterated fury working its way through her, making her veins scream and muscles ache to either take another bump of her beloved sedative or to fucking hurt someone. To make them scream and break down the way she longed to.


Kathryn was lounging on her bed, debating on whether or not to have another hit of her sacred powder.

On one hand, if I do, then I may enjoy Sebastian's battered face even more. On the other, I do want to perfectly preserve the memory Sebastian's face as the recipient of my revenge.

She smirked. Either way, Sebastian will have learned not to screw with her in any way. No one rejected Kathryn, and certainly no one ever dared to hit her when they'd realized the treachery she'd become capable of. The phone that she'd just recently used to turn the naïve Ronald against Sebastian began to ring. Kathryn was not expecting any calls. At the current moment, (theoretically) Sebastian's face was too busted in to talk so soon. Her mother was busy with getting yet another facelift. Kathryn had put off most dates in order to focus her efforts on corrupting the dumbass (Cecile) so it was most likely not a pathetic young man trying to woo and tame the unattainable Kathryn. She never gave her school friends her private number. It had to be Blaine. A smile replaced the smirk and she stretched her petite arm to pick up the ringing machine.

"Hello?" She answered, in case her instincts were wrong about the caller.

"Hey, Kathryn," Blaine's voice came back to her, subdued, and seemingly broken. Her insides turned to ice. Something had gone wrong. "I just saw something on TV…Seb's in the hospital." He would not waste his time making sure Kathryn was sitting down. He knew that she wouldn't collapse like some other insipid teenager.

"What?" Her voice was dangerously low. "What the hell did Ronald do to him?"

The rest was a blur. Fist fight. Annette. Clumsy moron. Sebastian. Cab. Saved Annette. Blood.

"Kat…" His voice was imploring. "Go to the hospital. He'll need you to make sure everything is alright." She'd agreed numbly, gotten into her car and sped where Blaine had directed her.

-End of Flashback-

Step. Step. Click. Click. The tapping of her designer shoes was almost reassuring. It was constant, it was safe. Normally Kathryn hated safe, but now that her normally full-proof, carefully thought out plans had gone array, she needed some sort of stability. She knew the mistakes she'd made. In her head, she'd replayed everything and corrected it so that everything would go the way it was supposed to. Her anger at being rejected had gotten her to engage in a plan that involved risks. Revenge was not to be taken lightly. It was to be precise, fitting, and cruel. Every detail should have been worked out. A normal person would not come to the conclusion that the actions of an idiotic cab driver and a duck-footed almost slut reflected on her. But as you must know, she was not a normal person. She was screwed up, plain and simple. She believed the accident was her fault. She did not regret siccing Ronald on Sebastian, the pompous asshole deserved to have is pretty boy features smashed to a bloody pulp so his own pride would sting as much as hers did. However, Ronald was not an accomplice. He was, plainly and simply, a man trying to do what he thought was right. He would not do to act out her revenge. He had to be guided by Kathryn if her revenge was to go out as expected.

Stop. There it was. One turn and she had entered the room that housed her confidante, almost lover and stepbrother. He looked like hell. She approached him quietly and studied him as if her were nothing more than a tribute in a museum to a fallen god who had, through a fault of their own, foolishly given away their power.

She would not break down. She would not touch him. She would make sure all accommodations were in order and get the hell out of there to Blaine. To a mysterious land of drug-induced delusions and peace. Kathryn noticed how the plain blonde on the other side of his bed had decided to fall asleep instead of watch over her supposed 'true love'. Stupid bitch.

Flowers covered almost every surface of the admittedly lavish hospital room. Including an ugly bouquet of daisies from some bimbo Sebastian had screwed a few weeks before… The Bet. It was difficult for Kathryn to think about that time, she realized, and flinched at the memory.

It was strange to go from the almost eerie blandness of the hall into the bright room that looked more like a luxury suite in a hotel. Although generally when you checked into a luxury hotel you would not have an IV in your hand or be hooked up to beeping machines. Well, if you were someone like Kathryn, you'd have a needle, but you probably would have put it in your arm yourself.

He was beautiful. That much had not changed despite the bruises under his eye and the swollenness of his already pouty, and now busted lips. Kathryn wondered how battered Sebastian's body was under the cheap, hardly more than plastic blankets the hotel offered. She would have to speak to hospital personnel about getting something that would actually keep the young man warm. After all they were paying to keep Sebastian alive in this wretched place, the patient deserved quality, not despicable rubbish that the hospital had decided to administer.

He shifted in his sleep, his eyes moving from side to side under his closed lids. This action was strangely innocent; it made him look very much like the little boy Kathryn had met so many years ago, and for a moment, she let her face soften by a small fraction.

This small shift in her porcelain features quickly disappeared when Kathryn noticed Kansas' clammy hand was wrapped around her precious companion's perfect one. Kathryn whirled around and walked back out the door, determined to find a hospital worker. After moments of searching around the waiting room fruitlessly, a poor waif-like young man became the recipient of Kathryn's tirade.

"Excuse me?" She'd begun.

The too-thin boy with shaggy brown hair smiled at the beautiful girl. "Yes, miss?" Kathryn smiled at him.

Fucking idiot has no clue what he's in for.

"Erik," She found his nametag, "I was just curious as to whether or not the hospital kept records of their patients medical history."

Erik's smile grew impossibly wider at her mention of his name. "Of course we do. It could be hazardous not to."

Her smile was icy and perfect on her delicately beautiful face. "Then why the hell hasn't your useless nursing staff removed the daisies from Sebastian Valmont's room?" Her voice was poisonously pleasant, as she'd intended it to be.

"I-I'm not su—"

Kathryn cut him off smoothly "He's allergic to daisies, and this incompetent staff had better not make another mistake like that again. Or I swear, I will fucking sue this hospital for every penny it's worth. Are we clear, you emaciated little twit?"

Unable to defend himself the way he normally would have, he just nodded slowly at her. She raised her eyebrow at him and waited a moment. Then she exploded. "Take them out!" He scurried away and she scowled at him. Kathryn headed out the door in search of a bathroom while deftly her precious necklace from her wrist. This was going to be a very long, hell of a night.

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