She stared from the doorway at them

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She stared from the doorway at them. Their backs were to her, so they could not see her observing and analyzing the situation. Thank God, or whomever it was Kathryn believed in, for that. The former virgin was giggling and fawning over him just like any other slut Sebastian had slept with would have. Nothing made her different than them. Why couldn't Sebastian see that? So she had waited a few days to fuck him instead of the normal day or so it took him… Big fucking deal. Her sea green orbs narrowed in utter disgust when she realized the unattractive man next to the blonde (who'd obviously tried to formulate the facade of man with an actual shred of intelligence) was Annette's hick of a father.

So Annette was your soul mate, Sebastian? Your one and only love? Hardly. Kansas had stayed by your unconscious form for all of about twenty-four hours until you woke up. A few minutes after that she plead 'exhaustion' and promised to be back soon. Took her long enough, dear brother.

Kathryn had not yet left the hospital. She'd had Blaine bring her a change of clothes. Despite the waste of a pleasant exterior she secretly thought he was, Kathryn was grateful for him. Only a gay man could figure out what to bring a woman who wanted to look in control but appropriate for a hospital. In case someone important would happen to be there she needed to look like the picture perfect grieving sister and someone who could always hold it together. She'd learned never to be caught unaware for an opportunity, no matter what the circumstance. Control was everything.

In most cases.

Annette truly was dense. She introduced her recently reformed playboy boyfriend to her repulsive father while he was still on his deathbed. Sebastian was trying to keep the control as well. But he was tired. Kathryn could see it from her hidden position by the door, but Annette couldn't figure it out when she was sitting right in front of him. Kathryn failed in holding back a shiver of fury. Almost as if he could not control it, her stepbrother zeroed in on her. His features changed from holding back pain to show politeness to pure, undisguised hatred.

These were the same blue eyes that had once worshipped her and memorized every movement. Every curve, every perfect plane of her small body. It was strange how everything had changed so quickly. How a moronic blonde could destroy the sacred and perfect partnership of cruelty and equality Sebastian had created with her.

The beautiful china skinned girl pasted a sophisticated and frosty smile on her face and walked into the room. "Hi," She greeted them in her society voice. "I'm Kathryn Merteuil, Sebastian's stepsister. How do you do?" She stuck out her small hand to who she assumed was Mr. Hardgrove. He was instantly taken in by her charm.

"Mr. Hardgrove, Annette's father. I assume you've met her?" Kathryn turned her deceptive features towards Annette. This was tricky. Blaine had told her about that irrational little stunt Sebastian had pulled with his journal. She'd never gotten a glimpse within the bastard's journal, but she knew him inside and out. If Sebastian insisted on writing down a log of dirty little secrets, he'd spare none. That damn journal which had put the final touch on the end of the era of cruelty that was the companionship of Sebastian and Kathryn. It was his trademark, his memory keeper, and she hated it.

"No, actually. Annette? Lovely to meet you." Annette did not offer her hand. Kathryn noted this as yet another display of Annette's true roots, the inability to conduct herself properly in public. "I'm glad to see that Sebastian has such a supportive friend to stay by his side during this awful time." Her voice was sweet poison and it was charming, you could not take that away from her. Annette had a hard time believing this young woman was capable of the treachery she'd read about.

"Nice to meet you." Clearly, Annette did not want to upset her father.

"Oh, Annette, we should give Sebastian some time a lone with his step-sister. It's only fair."

"Dad, I don't—" He cut her off. Kathryn snickered inwardly.

"Really, it's only fair." He was looking at his daughter imploringly. Annette looked simply furious and unwilling to leave Sebastian alone with this devil's soul encased in a perfected form. She twisted towards Sebastian and stared at him. He gave her a tiny nod. Kathryn could barely restrain a sneer at this pathetic little display. Kathryn wouldn't have needed to look. She knew Sebastian well enough to know that he would want to yell his rant at an enemy alone. But of course, Kathryn knew him better than anyone ever would. A thousand times better than Annette did. Probably better that Sebastian himself.

"I'll call you." The blonde promised earnestly.

"Can't wait." Sebastian grinned. Kathryn could not help but roll her eyes. Mr. Hardgrove said goodbye to Kathryn, barely hiding the lust in his eyes. Annette didn't bother with the courtesy just turned and walked out with her father.

"Great meeting you both!" Kathryn called sweetly, slamming the door behind them. She turned and stared at her stepbrother. He stared at her stubbornly, refusing to speak first.

Well, that was stupid. They both knew that she was much more patient than Sebastian. He could not stand silence; he wanted to get to the important part of a confrontation. They had an intense stare-off for a few minutes, cerulean eyes brimming with hatred clashing with emerald ones accusing him of betrayal. Kathryn won.

"Well, look who it is." He was mocking her, "The jealous, evil bitch who would rather have someone killed than to have them reject her. Must've hurt to realize that you really weren't even worth a lay."

"Dear brother, I was the object of your pitiable affections since the day we met. You rejected me for control, not because you didn't want me. And if I recall correctly, you pathetically came crawling back after me after that. And as hard as it may be for your small brain to accept, I didn't try to have you killed, you idiot."

"Oh," He began, not able to pull off his trademark sarcastic expression due to his fragile facial state, "Of course you didn't, Kathryn. I mean, Ronald just happened to find out about Cecile after you started your fucking war. That moronic cab driver just happened to drive by while I was fighting with him."

She stared at him. Did he honestly think she was capable of killing such a fascinatingly complex creature? No, she was not yet ready to do that. Annette was a passing phase. She knew that, and if Sebastian would stop being such a stubborn bastard, deep down, he'd realize that his infatuation with Annette wouldn't last until the next semi-challenging debutante or innocent victim came along and presented Sebastian with an interesting test of his ability to charm the pants off (literally) of almost every woman. Except for Kathryn. Why didn't he comprehend that? Was he simply dim or did he refuse to accept the defeat?

"Yes, I did tell Ronald about your dirty little trysts with Cecile. I thought he deserved to know what you'd done. And who Cecile had done." Her voice had gone back to its innocent politeness, and she could see the rage Sebastian was feeling.

"Cut the shit, Kathryn! It's me. I know the twisted tactics you'd resort to!" Kathryn smirked. "Now what the fuck are you grinning at?" He demanded angrily.

"I admire the difference in manner you show when dealing with Annette and her disgusting father and with me. The juxtaposition is quite amusing, I must say." She tilted her head, and dark brown locks tumbled down her shoulder. "I also appreciate that you're finally admitting that you know the way I work and think. Because that's the way you think."

"Not anymore." He was struggling to keep his emotions in check, that much was obvious to Kathryn.

"Two of a kind, Sebastian." She reminded him softly. Sebastian looked stunned for a moment.

"What…" His voice was weak and he started over. "What did you want Kathryn? Why do you insist on being here and tainting the room with your presence?"

"Charming. I need to known what your little blonde hick knows about me."

"Why the hell would I tell you that?" He retorted sharply.

"You know the pain I can inflict on her. Sebastian, I can destroy your precious little toy," He subtly flinched at the word, " without lifting a finger. You want to keep her safe, you want her to have a shred of dignity left? I need to know." Kathryn's gaze was boring into him, reading his soul. He could not help but feel uneasy with this.

She noticed how conflicted Sebastian looked. He was torn between his desire to protect Annette from the sheer malevolence and evil that Kathryn was and his distrust for the only person he once considered his equal.

No. Annette was his equal, he had to remember that.

"Why should I believe that you won't go after her after I tell you?"

"You know me, Sebastian. You shouldn't. But you don't have any other choice, remember? You can either tell me in the hopes of keeping the virgin's life intact, or you can abandon what's in her best interest because of your own selfish pride." Kathryn waited for her words to sink in. "Personally, I vaguely hope that you'll choose not to tell me. It might be fun to break Kansas into a million pitiful pieces."

"SHUT UP!" He roared, sitting up from his hospital bed. He immediately collapsed back onto the bed, writhing in pain. Kathryn watched him with cold eyes.

Not moving to help him, she said, "They told you about your broken ribs, right? Yeah, it'll hurt a bit when you move them." She had a small sneer on her face, and he stared at her, absolutely infuriated. "So, are you going to do what's wise?" Obviously unwilling to move his body too much, he nodded slowly. "I'm ready whenever you are." She told him snidely.

Trying to gain the upper hand, he spoke to his stepsister in a rather condescending manner. "First off, you'll want to know that Annette knows all about your insane dependency on your nose candy. Where it's kept, how often you take it. She knows who you get it from, how deplorable your addiction is…" Kathryn hissed angrily, her fingers creeping towards his IV tube almost of their own will. "Careful, Kathryn," He warned her angrily. "You'll want to hear the rest. She knows about the sick revenge you take on anyone who crosses you and anyone that they care about, how much you drink… how much you purge in your desperate attempts to make yourself more attractive."

Kathryn squeezed the IV tube together, cutting off his supply of painkillers. Sebastian said nothing, merely glared at the girl who's approval he'd wanted more than anything in the world. He used to want to be the one to keep her, to tame her, to protect her from the people whom she felt forced to seek revenge on.

Why had it come to this?

"Is that all?" Kathryn asked him in a deadly quiet voice.

"Everything." He spat through his teeth. A lie. Annette also knew about his feelings… the feelings he'd formerly had… for Kathryn. But the ice queen didn't need to know that.

She raised a dark eyebrow at him. "Good." She let go of his IV, and immediately the anesthetic began flowing back into his bloodstream. Kathryn smoothed her black dress and shook her hair behind her shoulders. "I'll see to it that you get heavier drapes." She began to leave the room.

Sebastian had said nothing to her about the irritation the sun was causing him by streaming in and ruining the cocoon of calm he wished to be in at the moment. It was also hard to read This Side of Paradise with the intrusive sun burning into his eyes. He didn't respond. Somewhere in the very back of his mind, a place where he didn't go and wouldn't notice, he was appreciative that Kathryn knew him so well. She knew the good, she know the bad, the light and the dark; it was almost comforting. But he did not realize the gratitude. Sebastian could only feel the hate, the betrayal, and the anger at the hell Kathryn had put him through.

He hated the one person who truly knew him.

Kathryn turned back around with a smirk on her face. "Oh. Mother and your Father send their regards and best wishes." She started to leave, but paused again. "It's a little sad, isn't it? Your family, who actually knows about your reputation, doesn't care about you enough to actually come." She laughed at him liltingly. "Get well, Sebastian." She shut the door behind him quietly, leaving behind the fuming young man.

Sebastian glared at the door and snatched up the phone beside him. "You're wrong, Kathryn. I can't wait to prove it." He dialed information. He had a call to make.

On the opposite side of the door, in the white blandness of the hall, Kathryn Merteuil took a moment to collect herself. She'd told him a lie. Learning all that Annette knew about her would not deter her from seeking her revenge on this girl who'd destroyed her most treasured relationship. Something was coming Annette and Sebastian's way, and Kathryn couldn't wait for it.

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