Disclaimer: I DO, in fact, own Fruits Basket

Disclaimer: I DO, in fact, own Fruits Basket.


I lied.

Snap. With that sound, the umbrella pushed open. "See you, then, Yuki!" called the holder of said umbrella.

The silver-haired youth nodded and waved.

"Are you sureeeee you don't need me to carry an umbrella for you, dearest damse-" Another teen, around the same age, was cut off by a firm punch in the gut.

Yuki glared at him, the vein on his fist throbbing. Manabe laughed and, saluting his friend over his shoulder made his way down the street.

Yuki rolled his eyes and shook his head, sending water everywhere. A few girls, currently shadowing him without his knowledge, cooed and crept after him as he turned and went in the opposite direction.

Kakeru Manabe was disgusted. There was water. In his shoe.

Therefore, his socks were wet.

And therefore, he was disgusted with the world and the rain.

He made sure the world knew. "I am quite disgusted with you, world," he remarked to the rain. Bending down, he pulled off his shoe, shaking it and causing at least one liter of water to pour out. The black-haired boy groaned in annoyance.

Currently, he was taking shelter under a large weeping willow tree in the woods between the school and his house. Peering out through its hanging branches, he could tell the downpour was beginning to let up. Water sunk into his school uniform as he struggled through the branches, taking his backpack with them.

He smiled cheerfully at the sky. He loved the rain.

Even if he was disgusted with it.

He continued lazily along the path, pausing to stop and splash in a puddle and, like he expected, sent water everywhere.

What he didn't expect, however, was a loud protest.

"Hey!" yelped a voice from beside him. Manabe blinked and turned around to see a tired look boy around his age, kneeling on the floor of the path.

"Watch where you're splashing that damn water."

This grumble didn't register, at first. Manabe's mind was busy trying to locate this boy among the many faces occupying his poor, strained brain.

Orange hair…orange eyes…unfriendly scowl…tendency to curse like a truck driver in 5-mile long traffic with gorillas in the back of his truck.


"Hey, you're Yun-yun's cousin, aren't you!"

He blinked his weary orange eyes. What the hell was a yun-yun? Some kinda fruit?

"Er...Yuki," Manabe corrected himself. He grinned. "'Sup, Orangey?"

"WATCH WHO YOU'RE…calling…Orangey." The exclamation started out loud and angry, and faded away into a soft mumble.

Manabe tipped his head to the side. "Where'd your energy go?" He squatted and looked a little closer at him.

The rain had soaked through the orange-haired boy's uniform, and his hair stuck to his forehead, making him seem smaller than he actually was.

He didn't receive a response to his question. So he asked another one.

"Well, what's your real name, Orangey?"

"…Kyo." the voice came out small and weak.

He blinked his bright black eyes. Kyo?

…So this was him.

This was the boy Yun-yun had wanted to be friends with. This was the boy he'd aspired to be.

And this was his enemy.

He looked him up and down. It really was a pretty orange.

"What are you doing, out in the rain?" he asked.

"Taking a bath," the orange-haired boy answered sarcastically.

"WHAT?! That's disgusting!" exclaimed Manabe, putting a hand to his cheek in shock.

Kyo's eyebrow twitched. He reminded him of someone.

"'Sides…everyone knows you can't take a bath with your clothes on."

Ugh. Great. He was stuck out in the rain with Ayame's twin from whatever planet he came from. Groaning, he dropped his head, like his neck was unable to support it from frustration or exhaustion, or just a mix of the two.

A couple of moments of silence passed, the only sound being the soft rush of rain through the leaves.

"Well, let's go, then!" chirped Manabe and motioned for Kyo to get up.

The teen blinked in confusion. "Go? Where?"

"Your house, of course. What, d'you think that I'd let you just sit here until the orange starts dripping from your hair?"

He grumbled something that sounded along the lines of, "I can't."

Manabe raised a dark eyebrow. "You can't? What do you mean?"

"I mean exactly what I said."


"Just go away," he mumbled. "I don't need some random person mothering me."

"Random person?" Manabe pulled a face. "You don't know who I am?"

"I know you're an idiot."

"Ouch. That was my pride, man."


"'Sides, I'm a School Defense Force Ranger! It's my duty to help those in need." He flashed a peace sign.

There was no answer. Kyo seemed to have lost all the will to argue and merely closed his eyes.

"Fine," Manabe said curtly, and without another word, hauled the weak boy over his shoulder.

"ASDFGHK! WHAT ARE YOU DOING YOU SHIPDIT PUT ME DOWN BEFORE I BREAK YOUR DAMNED NOSE," Kyo screamed at the top of his lugs. Or at least he hoped he did. In truth, the only noise he'd managed to make was an indignant squeak. He commanded his legs to kick and flail. And yet, all he managed to do was flail.

Like this, with Kyo struggling to kick Manabe as hard as possible, they made their way through the path. They would have continued, too, until there was a large, blinding flash. The body over his shoulder went limp, and Manabe was left to blink confusedly in the spots of vision left on his eyes.

His load seemed to become drastically lighter – strange, as Kyo was pretty light himself. He also seemed to become…softer?

When Manabe managed to clear his sight, he turned to look at him – and was shocked to see a little orange cat on his shoulder.

He blinked, and then whirled left, and then right.


Just kidding. That was impossible. He waved his hand. But, this cat had the precise color of Kyo's hair..

He waved his hand more, like he was whacking the thought left and right.

Lifting the small cat in his arms, he stared at it. It was drenched through and shivering violently. Frowning, he took the left side of the path and ran home, the cat curled up in his arms.

Mrs. Kimura was dusting off the delicate vase on the counter. She heard the back door slam open and shut, a shriek of a maid, the cry of a butler, and the skidding of shoes.

"We've got an emergency here, people!" shouted a voice from behind her.

She calmly dusted off the remnants of dirt from the vase, then turned around and surveyed the young master.

"Yes, Kakeru-san?"

She viewed the agitated teen clutching a small orange feline tight, both dripping wet. "You're getting my floor wet."

"Don't be so unfeeling!" he wailed, flailing about and sending more water.

The middle-aged woman placed her duster in her belt, then proceeded to steer her young master into the kitchen. "You should be glad for you my love is so vast I don't smack you silly for bringing another stray animal in the house," she said monotonously.

She threw a towel at him and took the shivering cat, toweling it down, ignoring the young man's protests of not being able to see with a towel over his…seeing devices.

"Is it just that you are a magnet for stray animals, or..."

Manabe pulled the fluffy towel off of his dark hair and frowned thoughtfully. "Well. There was this boy. And then there was this cat."

Mrs. Kimura stared at him. What?

She'd learned in her 10 years of service with him, however, to not doubt the ways of Kakeru Manabe.

Manabe, currently clad in his pajamas, stroked the cat's soft fur. It was quite soothing, in a way.

He had finally come up with a solution for his dilemma, that being the fact that a young man had been on his shoulder, and then, in a flash of light, was gone. The only explanation that came to his wonderfully inactive mind was that Kyokyo had somehow squirmed off, and then this cat fell out of the sky and landed on his shoulder.

This brought quite a literal meaning the phrase "raining cats and dogs".

He flopped down on his bed, and drew the cat over to him. It was hard to explain, but he was feeling affection for the creature already.

Burying his nose in its soft, cinnamon-smelling fur (where had he smelt this before?) Manabe closed his eyes and went to sleep.

Don't laugh. It was a weird plotfish that was swimming round my thought-tank, and I caught it.

So I wrote it.

There are a couple of plot holes, but Eh.

Why NabexKyo, anyway? What kind of weird pairing is that? I dunno.

AND. I fixed this up. I don't really concentrate when I type...soo...bear with me.

Nabe: See, it's like her hands type so fast her brain can't follow. Or maybe her hands type at a normal speed and her brain is just slow.