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"Sir, here's your socks mismatched like you requ- sir?" the maid squeaked as hands landed on her shoulders and picked her up like she was a piece of furniture, setting her back down again as he dashed by.

Her jaw dropped and she rubbed her eyes to make sure she wasn't dreaming. Young Master Manabe was…hurrying.


Had someone spiked her coffee this morning?

"I need my breakfast ready!" "Get my tie!" "Why is there a mushroom in my pocket?" "Iron my cape!"

He skidded to a halt before Mrs. Kimura who raised an eyebrow at the last demand and shrugged. "Sorry, got carried away. Onwards!" he skidded down the halls in his socks to maximize his time getting from here to the breakfast hall. Brilliant, right?

He'd planned this last night from the moment he woke up to how brushing his teeth in the shower would make things more efficient (didn't exactly go as he'd planned but now at least his…arm smelled minty fresh). All Manabe knew was that sleeping alone last night had been…awful. Lonely.

He'd finally dragged himself in sopping wet, teeth chattering. It was kinda ironic how he'd ended up in Orangey's position….so Karma really did exist.

The halls had been so quiet without him. Or maybe, it was cause Manabe was quiet too, now. With Machi living with her mum he'd forgotten how quiet it could get with no one to talk to.

Ignoring everyone's concerned questions he dragged his sorry dripping self up to his bed where he flopped dramatically for about five hours. In reality it was like two minutes but SHUT UP OKAY THIS WAS MANABE'S NARRATIVE.

So anyway, five long hours, brooding. He truly didn't know what was upsetting him. Two rejections in a row, maybe? He'd asked her to stay too…and she'd left. In tears. But Orangey didn't cry…woulda been nice to see him cry…just to know he felt it too. Like in those few moments they'd known each other they'd each touched something inside each other that no one else ever had…and then it was gone.

So yeah.

Last night had kinda…sucked.

But it was a new day, and he'd just wasted one and a half minutes retelling everything that had just happened to him! Who even DOES that? To make up for lost time Manabe shoved waffles and orange juice down his throat at the same time, grabbed his backpack, and dashed off.

Snap. The tip of the pencil broke and Kyo cursed softly ignoring the teacher's glare for his potty mouth disturbing the utter silence of the classroom. He stared at the question on the paper and its strange letters, written in English. What an irritating language, it didn't even make sense! He bet Americans had no idea what they were saying half the time…

He filled in the bubble for B and moved on to the next and blinked and heard that doofus (as in Manabe's) voice reading it in his head, a bit blurry, because Kyo had been slightly delirious and still sick.

"A rose is a rose is a rose."

He stared down at him indignantly.

"I mean you're not gonna say a rose is a lamp!"

The cat of the zodiac groaned and buried further under the blankets. "Who gives a shit about what it means? It's just a friggin poem…"

"But it has to mean SOMETHING. Why say something that means nothing, y'know?"

Orange eyes peeked up from under the blankets to blink at the other boy before rolling and shutting. "I swear I can hear my brain cells screaming bloody murder…"

A laugh. Then a snap of fingers. "I got it! It's like…Orangey is orangey is orangey. You're always gonna be you no matter how many times you throw heavy stuff at me or call me stupid…or anything." His eyes danced and never saw Kyo's expression because he was buried under the covers.

Always him…

Kyo shook his head. Tch! He wouldn't think that if he knew the truth…he was just being the idiot he was, spouting nonsense. The beads on his wrist rattled and he scowled before scratching in an answer and moving on, while Tohru watched him out of the corner of her eye.

He'd been like this since he came from Manabe's house...withdrawn…sullen…

She couldn't help but wonder what had happened there.

Five hours later, a very disappointed raven-haired boy dragged his sorry body into the student council room. He hadn't spoken to Kyo even once today…they had just one class together, and that was lunch, and when he'd met the other's eyes Kyo had turned away and headed for the roof. He knew Kyo had seen him. So why?

Heaving a sigh he flopped on the desk on his stomach sadly.

Then he started waving his arms and legs back and forth.

"What the- what the hell are you doing? Idiotic vice president! I just organized those papers!"

Hearing someone insulting him Manabe picked his head up hopefully and sighed when he only saw fair brown hair. "Ahhh…it's just you, Chibi-suke…"

Nao's eyebrow twitched frowning at the upperclassman. "What is that supposed to mean it's just you- hey, answer the question!"

"isn't it obvious?" the vice president dropped his head dejectedly back down in the pile of papers, muffling his voice. "I'm making a paper angel."

A stunned silence as Naohito tried to regain his composure after being something told like that followed. "Enough of your blatant stupidity! OFF!"

He pushed at Manabe's side and instead of laughing at him the taller boy weakly tapped the top of his head with his hand. "Divine…" too depressed to continue he dropped his head back down with a thunk.

Nao gaped at the sorry figure, scared out of his MIND. He was so down he couldn't even whack him? Holy crap- was he sick? Dying? Was the apocalypse coming?

"Don't worry, you all have a reason to smile again!" came an obnoxiously cheerful voice. "Kimi's here!" the pretty girl bounced in and gave a playful salute before gasping at her vice president. "Kakeru!" Quickly she rolled him over onto his back where she swore she saw his soul float out of his mouth.

Sobbing dramatically Kimi threw herself on his body. "Don't go towards the light! Stay with Kimi!"

Scowling Nao finally managed to shove Manabe on the ground off the table and muttering under his breath, the perpetually stressed brunet sweeping up papers and stacking them once more while the fallen boy lay sprawled out in the same position he landed. Kimi folded his hands on his chest and gazed up with her sparkling eyes.

"Now Kakeru, tell Kimi what's wrong! Did you eat bad meat? Did you fall down the stairs this morning?" Suddenly she recognized the look in his eyes from the sort of expression she'd made many a man give and gasped clapping her hands together. "Is it a girl..? Are you cheating on your girlfriend?"

Inwardly he snorted but on the outside he sighed. "No Kimi-chan…it's…actually, kinda. I'm trying to get this person's attention…"

Nao scoffed. "Since when have YOU had a problem with getting attention?"

He shook his head and sighed folding his arms behind his head, eyes getting a far-off look. "Nah Chibi-suke…this person's different than everyone else."

Kimi blinked and sat up. Wow…that kind of look…it was like everything she'd ever seen in a romantic movie…! A fierce glint entered her eyes and Nao got a very bad feeling of impending doom.

"This can only be handled by a woman's gentle touch!" "What gentle touch- ow!" Nao yelped as a dry eraser hit his head and snarled at her while she dragged Manabe to her feet. "Come on! I have the perfect plan!"

Startled he blinked staring down at her. "..really?"

She made the peace sign smiling sweetly and Manabe's coal eyes lit up a grin slowly returning to his lips. It could work…

"Chibi-suke, tell Yun-yun we're on a top-secret super-important School Defense Force mission!"

"No way, don't involve me in your blatantly stupid-" he yelped again as a hand karate-chopped him on the head. And there it was….the fated yell of..

"DIVINE PUNISHMENT!" and then he was off, dashing through the hallways hand in hand with Kimi.

A grin played on his lips, and hope filled his heart.

"Jeez. Doesn't he have a girlfriend already? What's he doing chasing after someone else…" Nao rubbed the back of his throbbing head and scowled taking out a stapler and giving a start when he saw blank amber eyes staring at him.

"AH! What's your problem Machi!"

"….she broke up with him," she said in her empty monotone. "Komaki did."

Absorbing this news he fell silent, then gave the girl a strange look. "…how long have you been here?"

"The whole time…"

He made a face that can only be described by emoticon. Owo;;;;;;;

Kakeru took a deep breath.

"Here goes nothin', Kimi…"

She smiled at him and squeezed his hand before handing him the flowers and he started to scale the wall.

"Don'tlookdowndon'tlookdowndon'tlookdown," he chanted to himself and of course he looked down and panicked but he kept climbing.

Using sources he didn't even knew she had the playful temptress had found that Kyo came to this wall every day and met Tohru, that tough chick Uotani who once threatened to shove- well anyway it hadn't been very nice- and that scary Hana girl- and they walked home. Occasionally they were accompanied by that punk kid with the odd hair or the funny blond boy.

Kyo arrived before the girls did. That was his chance. Taking a deep breath he jumped over but before he could open his mouth when he saw orange hair…

Strong fingers grabbed him and yanked him back into the shadows, an iron grip that Kakeru, no matter how he struggled, couldn't escape, and the flowers fell to the ground, their petals bright against the cold pavement.