Author's Note: I do not own Naruto or its characters. I am simply using them for my own enjoyment. Some of the characters might be a bit OOC but this idea just came to me so I am giving it a shot. Hopefully I will be inspired to see it all the way through.

Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep!

Her eyes opened slowly to the dim light of her room as she reached a slender hand over and turned off her alarm clock. Hinata Hyuuga clasped the white sheets of her bed to her chest as she sat up slowly in her bed. She blinked a few times her pale eyes as they adjusted to the fading shadows of her room. Sunlight slowly trickled in through the somewhat sheer white curtains that hung at her window. She had left the window open last night and currently a warm breeze was making the curtains rustle lightly. A bird chirped lightly outside her window and she heard the low hum of a car going by her house.

The room itself was still cool from the night air that had entered and now lingered. It made the prospect of leaving the warmth of her bed all the more daunting. Her pale eyes fell on the clock that sat now silent on her bedside table. She let a sigh leave her lips deciding that she had no more time to linger in bed. She needed to get up and get ready for school.

Hinata slipped out from her covers and shivered slightly as she put her bare feet on the cool wooden floor beneath her. Rubbing her bare arms to bring warmth to them, she stood up and stretched her arms above her head. Rolling her shoulders back slightly, she padded softly over to her bathroom with a yawn she stifled with her hand.

Closing the door behind her, she started the shower and then slipped out of her pajamas. Stepping into the warm spray of water, she gently worked her fingers through her hair as she let the shower slowly wake her more completely. It didn't take her long to wake up fully and stepping out of her shower, she dried herself off before wrapping her towel around her slender figure. Stepping over to her mirror, she plugged in her hair dryer and began the process of drying her hair. Sometimes she found the process more annoying than anything else and wondered what it was that possessed her to let her hair grow back out. Her dark hair now reached the middle of the back and while she personally liked it, she constantly wore it up pinned in a neat bun. Today was no different.

Once her hair was dry, she pinned it all back in a tight, no-nonsense bun. She wore no make-up on her delicate features though she really needed none. Still with the right type the teenaged girl would have enhanced the natural beauty she possessed. She would have none of that though which was rather rare for a seventeen year old girl, or perhaps young woman would have been a more appropriate description.

Hinata moved over to her dresser, pulling open a few of the drawers as she looked for something to wear to school. In the end she chose a pair of shapeless gray trousers and a white blouse that gave her the shape of a box. This was the way she always dressed for school. She never was noticed when she wore outfits such as the one she had on. It was the way she liked it too. She had always been terribly shy after all. The way she dressed was a way of making her feel safe. It kept her from being the object of attention, which was something she desperately tried to avoid especially at school. As far as her classmates were concerned Hinata Hyuuga was a smart and extremely quiet girl with only a few friends.

Hinata slipped on a pair of sensible shoes and then gathered her backpack up before slipping out of her room and quietly walking downstairs. Even still her footsteps seemed to echo loudly through the large house. Personally she hated the house, she found it cold and empty though at times that seemed to fit her very existence. Pausing at the door only long enough to set her book bag down, she then headed for the kitchen.

Moving around the kitchen she got a few things out and then paused for a moment to roll up the sleeves of her blouse before she got to work on breakfast. Fifteen minutes later the sweet smell of cinnamon buns was carried throughout the kitchen and part of the large house by the gentle breeze that came in through the open windows. Hinata meanwhile got out a gallon of milk from the fridge and set it on the table alongside three glasses and three plates which she had already gotten out.

She nearly jumped when her father walked into the kitchen with her older cousin Neji just behind him. Her father gave her a disapproving look before glancing at the watch he wore on her wrist. Hinata shifted nervously from one foot to the other her hands clasped tightly in front of her as she felt the full brunt of her glare weighing down upon her.

"Hinata, you should have had breakfast made for Neji and I by now. We don't have time to sit around and wait for our food because you were dallying around," he scolded before letting out an impatient sigh.

"Yes-s s-ssir," Hinata stammered to which her cousin Neji, let out a smug chuckle. Hinata couldn't remember the last time she had called her father anything other than sir. It must have been sometime before her mother had died and that had been years ago. She now lived with her father and her cousin Neji. Neji was like the son her father had never had. Her father absolutely adored the older boy, he was a grade ahead of Hinata herself. Neji was the one showered with love and praise while Hinata was treated with a cold disdain in which she could only contribute to her father's view that she would never amount to nothing.

Compared to Neji after all, she might as well not even exist. Neji was their school's star quarterback. He was at the top of his class as well and had practically every sort of college offering him scholarship after scholarship to come to their school. He was also perhaps the most popular kid at their school with a girlfriend who was also at the top of the social ladder. Her name was Tenten and personally Hinata couldn't stand the older girl. Not that she would ever say anything. She had long ago learned that her voice held no weight to her father or Neji. It held no weight to most as a matter of fact. While she was also at the top of her class, she had accomplished little else to make her father as proud as Neji had made him. Hence the reason for her empty existence.

She didn't even bother to listen to her father and Neji as they talked, she simply stood where she was in silence, her head turned down towards the floor as she waited for breakfast to finish. And when it did, she served them both before getting her own. She ate in silence while the two chatted about various things and when they had finished, Hinata cleaned up their plates.

With that done, she excused herself with a slight bow and then went back upstairs to brush her teeth. Once that was done she hurried back downstairs and grabbed her backpack on the way out the door. Pulling her backpack over her shoulders, she titled her head up towards the sky and for a moment allowed its rays to warm the pale skin of her face. She sighed lightly and then headed down the sidewalk to the bus stop. It wasn't a long walk there, maybe a quarter of a mile. She didn't actually mind the walk anyway.

"Hey Hinata wait up," she heard the unmistakably loud voice of Naurto Uzumaki behind her. She stopped and turned around to see her blonde friend racing up the sidewalk to catch up with her. She had been friends with Naruto since they were young. For awhile he was her only friend and she had a terrible crush on him. Unfortunately he was oblivious to her feelings and would constantly talk to her about his own crush, Sakura Haruno, a pretty pink-haired girl who didn't even know that Naruto existed.

Hinata had grown out of her childhood crush, Naruto had not. Hinata actually felt bad for him. And as long as Sasuke Uchiha, her cousin's best friend and fellow football star existed, there was no real chance that Sakura would ever give poor Naruto the time of day.

"H-h-hello Na-Naruto," she said her voice a quiet whisper compared to his. "How are y-you t-t-today," she stammered out the toe of her shoe idly pushing a rock back and forth.

"Okay I guess. Not looking forward to school today but… Oh no!" He shouted louder than usual as he grabbed her arm and started running in the direction of the bus stop. "We are going to miss the bus," he yelled dragged Hinata along behind him. She nearly tripped as he drug her down the sidewalk but the two made it to the bus just in time. Naruto drug Hinata onto the bus and headed over to their usual seat just behind Shikamaru, who was about ready to fall asleep.

"Hey there Hinata," he said lazily before turning his brown eyes to Naruto. "You idiot that would have been the third time this week you missed the bus," he said with a sigh. "You are troublesome."

"Hi Shika," Hinata said quietly before Naruto launched into a one-sided, one-sided because Shikamaru went to sleep, argument about how the bus was early and he was not late. Hinata sighed to herself and settled back into her seat, letting her two, and pretty much only friends, argue as she looked out the window as the bus headed for school.

And the day was like any other. Hinata sat with Naruto and Shikamaru at lunch and talked to no one aside from the occasional teacher for the rest of the day. Naruto walked her home, she did her homework, and then she prepared dinner for her father and Neji. She would clean up dinner and then head up to her room for the night. Her lights were out by 8:30 every night when her father would come by to check to see that she had in fact gone to bed.

It was a rather dull existence for Hinata or so one would think. But by the time 10:30 rolled around, Hinata was up once again. The light sound of gravel against her window pane alerted her to his presence. Quietly she opened her window and leaned out ever so slightly, her pale eyes resting on Shikamaru who was leaning half-asleep against the tree outside her room.

"Be down in a minute," she whispered before disappearing back into her room to finish getting ready. Moving into her bathroom, she opened a drawer and pulled out her contacts. No she didn't wear contacts, she used them for the sole purpose of altering her eye color. Her pale eyes were far too distinctive and there was always a chance she might run into Neji because he was known to regularly hang out where she was going. Putting in the contacts, which made her eyes a deep violet color, she paused for a moment to study the girl staring back at her. She was so different from the Hinata who had stood there this morning getting ready for school.

Now Hinata's dark hair was down and her bangs, falling slightly over her left eye. She wore a bit of makeup, eyeliner, mascara and such, and a bit of lip gloss. And her clothes, well they were as different as could be. A pair of faded blue jeans that had holes torn in the knees and a few grease stains to top it off. She wore a pair of black ankle-high combat boots and a black t-shirt that hugged and emphasized her figure rather than took away from it. A slight smile crossed her pale skin as she reached into another drawer to grab the last part of her outfit. It was a simple black mask, one that covered from her forehead to nose. With her mask in hand she slipped out her window and effortlessly climbed down the tree that Shikamaru was leaning against.

As soon as her feet hit the ground, Shikamaru muttered troublesome and tossed something in her direction. She laughed quietly as she caught her racing jacket and pulled it on over her t-shirt. Neither said anything as they crept away from Hinata's house and down the road to where Shikamaru had parked the truck.

"I should be sleeping," he muttered as he climbed into the truck and got behind the wheel.

Hinata said nothing but smiled to herself because he had said the same thing every night they had done this. Tonight was no different. And besides Hinata was far too excited to let Shikamaru's mood get her down. Plus they still had to pick up Naruto and he always lightened the mood. Shikamaru said nothing else only shook his head and started the truck, headed down the street towards Naruto's house.