Chapter 7: The Final Fight

Good VS evil, Reiko Hinomoto VS Anesthesia the two had their eyes locked on each other, Reiko with pure hatred and Anesthesia she just smirking

'when I get done with you Reiko your friends will be next' Anesthesia grinned

'my mom taught me never to back down' Reiko said

The nurse just slying smiled and charge at her Reiko did the same and in seconds the fight broke out but Anesthesia was in control she kicked Reiko in the chest and gave her a few shots to the face.

'come on Reiko you can do it, take it to her' Candy Cane shouted

Meanwhile somewhere else Sonic & Axel were trying to find the Roses

'man where the hell are they?' Sonic asked

'don't know Razor, they could be anywhere' Axel looked around to see if he can find them. But something caught their eyes they look to their left to see not the Roses but….their friends,

'Ax we found them, but why are they just staring at us' Sonic & Axel were walking over to them slowly but as they are walking, the whole gang shoot a projectile blast that sent the brothers flying and crashing into a building.

'there still possesed we got to free them' Axel and Sonic got up and confront their friends who are under Anesthesia control. They took on all 7 Tails, Knuckles, Shadow, Rouge, Blaze, Silver & Amy, two by two they fought them but their defeat was not their objective they wanted to free them not kill them.

'Man even Amy is stronger, Anesthesia must of made them stronger then ever' Sonic said

'how we gonna defeat them I can't even handle Shadow' Axel said

'We got to try!!' Sonic shouted

Meanwhile Reiko was on the losing end of her battle with Anesthesia, down on the ground on one knee and breathing heavyly Reiko taught to herself 'I can't do it she too strong' Anesthesia smiled at her and said 'aw what's the matter Reiko can't beat me, just give up and I'll kill you quick and easy okay' Anesthesia said, Reiko closed her eyes for

a moment. Remember the time when her mother was around she knew that one day Reiko would make her proud after that moment to remember Reiko opened her eyes and got up, now more determined she charges at Anesthesia, she knew she was going to block the attack but however Reiko got the better of her she jumped kicked her in midair, Anesthesia got up but was quickly kicked down again, She picked up Anesthesia by her neck, with the fire burning in her she gave a huge right cross to Anesthesia's face she busted her nose wide open, Anesthesia was holding the bloody nose and she came to the realization that Reiko was in command now, knowing the others are on Reiko's side Anesthesia reached into her pocket and pulled out a remote and pushed the button.

Sonic & Axel were still fighting their friends, but they on the other hand their friends stopped

'hey why did they stop' Sonic asked

before they knew it their friends made an escape for it, but however Sonic managed to grabbed one of them by the leg it was Tails, he was trying to break the hold, Axel then pulled out a Chaos Emerald and used it's power to free Tails from the spell, it worked and Tails finally awakened for his enchantment

'uh guys what happen to me' Tails asked

'you were under a spell T Bone we got you back to normal' Axel said

'sorry if I cause you guys trouble' Tails Said

'ah don't worry about it as least your okay though' Sonic said

'Come on the Roses need our help' Axel said

the three friends race to the downtown area of the now wrecked city Station Square, as they got there they meet up with the Roses who came off a lengthy battle with Anesthesia

'What happen?' Sonic asked

'We…Reiko defeated Anesthesia' Miss Spencer said

'Alright Reiko' Sonic exclaimed

'but she escaped…it's my fault' Reiko disappointly said

'hey don't blame yourself, you did great, although I wasn't around to see it, but I know you did good' Axel said.

'thanks guys' Reiko smiled

as they were talking Tails' jaw was hanging Sonic came to the realization that he did not introduce the Roses to him

'Oh T Bone I forgot about you, let me introduce to you the cast of the Rumble Roses' Sonic said

Tails said his hellos to the girls and before HE knew he was getting the "awes" and "he's so cute" comments from the lovely ladies, Tails was blushing like mad.

'I guess if Anesthesia escaped, that means she still has the others under her control' Sonic said.

'So who won us or her?' Axel questioned

'I guess we will never know the answer….. for now' Bloody Shadow

'well I guess there is only one left thing to do' Axel said.

'what's that?' Sonic asked

'this…YO DEAN CRANK THAT SHIT UP' Axel shouted

just then they all heard music Sonic & Axel see their friend Dean followed by a DJ and the survivors, the brothers got themselves a microphone and join their friend Dean

'Yeah make some noise'

'Make some noise Station Square'

they did just that with their friend joining them, their rap on

Axel: Your boy's a bad man, and we invadin the streets
Make unclever rappers scurred, they be droppin the heat
Shocked the world, now I'm standin alone
I flip fools like them clamshell cellular phones
You can't help but nod your head to the track
Fuck the watered down rap, we be takin it back
Give it to me straight - ain't no chasin it
Check yourself in the mirror - ain't no facin it
Cause you, playin the role and you plannin to fold
This the masterplan, we got the planet on hold
We all over the streets like your favorite sneaker
Breakin up your sound like a drive-through speaker
Everything that I be spittin is strong
After I rock, fast forward through the rest of the song
We the monkeywrench, that's gonna ruin your plan
And don't fuck with the brothers - we BAD, BAD MEN

Dean: Chorus 2X
With the mic in my hands I'm a bad man
Even in a fight with the hands I'm a bad man
Livin in the streets all my life I'm a bad man
I'm a bad man, I'm a bad man

Sonic: We devils - rockin ambient levels
We set loose among hot tunes to instrumentals
And cats got one-liners, I drop several
And I think it's funny you choose, losin progress
or runnin in place; we makin moves, and y'all settle
I rip rappers and take responsibility
for makin future hall-of-famers look third rate
Y'all are lost for words like conversation on your worst first date
and ride beats, creep through side streets
Looseleaf notepads that's where rhymes leak
Punchlines - man, don't even beg
I got knee-slappin tracks, y'all brusin your leg
You a rhyme writer - funny man, that's a joke
You ain't worthy of bein my secretary man that's a quote
I flood tracks like cracks in boats
And pussy rappers choked up with they own lines in they throat


Dean: TURN UP THE MICROPHONE and feed me I'm a beast
MC's and they beats is what I eat, 16 I'll leave you in the street
My rhymes are sicker than gangrene in both feet
It's spreadin up the leg, and headed for the head
Your rhymes are whack your style is proof that the brain corrosion
is fuckin with your chosen flows, I'm nice with mics
My hands'll break your nose like Mikey Tyson
Fightin in his prime, one rhyme
And I shake up the room one time, BOOM! To the jaw
Your face is a coat type raw
And the blood and snot they mix, jelly on the floor
My love is cop them bricks, belly on the floor
I rob you, you soft and you really ain't a problem
I solve you, 357 long nose revolve you
Acid in your face, bad look, dissolve you
I'm a bad, bad man

'S.S makes some noise for the bad, bad man come on

Axel, Sonic, Dean: With the mic in my hands I'm a bad man
Even in a fight with the hands I'm a bad man
Livin in the streets all my life I'm a bad man
I'm a bad man, I'm a bad man. With the mic in my hands I'm a bad man
Even in a fight with the hands I'm a bad man
Livin in the streets all my life I'm a bad man
I'm a bad man, I'm a bad man

As soon as the song was over the crowd was cheering and screaming

'Damn right, S.S for life, respect for you all man' Axel shouted.

Everyone was cheering for the trio including the Roses, 'I guess it doesn't hurt cheering for someone else' Dixie said as she smiled and looked at Sonic.

They carried on the party to the streets of S.S.

The victory against Anesthesia was only temporary she'll be back.

'They have only delayed their demise, when my Lady X is ready, this city no THE WORLD WILL BE MINE' the evil nurse evilly laughed, can the Roses and the Dragons stop her plans for world domination? Let's hope they can…..

To Be Continued